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Up to 50%

Up to 50% commission rates for new and recurring orders.

Cleverbridge Affiliate Center

Easy to use and very intuitive Cleverbridge Affiliate Center interface.

Advertising materials.

A wide variety of up-to-date advertising materials you can choose from.

Landing pages

Customized landing pages and creative graphics.


Statistics about your affiliate activity displayed in real time.


Notifications of upcoming promotions.

Securte tracking system

100% secure tracking system so you can earn commission for every order.


Ongoing support from your affiliate manager in order to ensure profitability.

Performance based

Performance based incentives.

How the CyberGhost
Subscription Model Works

Recently CyberGhost changed the subscription system and improved the shopping cart design in order to make it easier for everybody to purchase CyberGhost and easier for you to advertise it. In order for a user to purchase CyberGhost, they first need to create an account or log in in case the account has already been created.

Users will not be able to make any purchase if they do not have an account with CyberGhost. A user will no longer need to activate a serial key every month as this will be done automatically. After logging in, they will be able to purchase either monthly or yearly CyberGhost Premium or Premium Plus subscriptions.

Make Money with CyberGhost VPN
in 3 Easy Steps

1. Sign up or log in if you already have an account with our Cleverbridge Affiliate Program.

2. Get Links and promote CyberGhost.

3. Get paid up to 50% commission.


How much does it cost to be an Affiliate?

Noting. It’s absolutely free. Just create an account here.

How do I start earning money?

Very easy: You will need to create an account with cleverbridge, log in to your affiliate center, copy the HMTL links from the product you wish to promote and place them on your web site, blog etc. As soon as your users purchase CyberGhost from your web site you will receive your affiliate commission.

How much commission will I receive?

Your initial commission is 20% for monthly subscriptions and 30% for yearly subscriptions. Depending on the sales volume you generate your commission can increase up to 50%.

How will I be paid?

Cleverbridge will transfer you your affiliate commission using either PayPal or wire transfer, depending which option you selected.

Which products can I sell?

You can sell CyberGhost Premium and CyberGhost Premium Plus, monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Do I need to have my own online shop?

No, because the purchase process will be done through Cleverbridge, our e-commerce partner.

What is the process for registering as an Affiliate?

All you need to do open an account here. In case you need further info about the information required for opening an account, please have a look at this video.

When can I start selling CyberGhost VPN products?

Once you opened an account, one of our colleagues will revise your application and you should receive a e-mail notification that you have been accepted into the affiliate system. This usually takes between 1-2 working days. After that you can immediately start to sell CyberGhost.

Can I promote CyberGhost VPN products via paid search?

We would appreciate if you would not promote via paid search the name "CyberGhost VPN". We advise you to promote your web site or generic key words like "Best VPN".

What happens if a potential customer goes to your site through my referral but buys at a later date by going directly back to your site?

You will still receive your affiliate commission, do not worry. Cookies will be stored and the sales will be tracked as coming from within 6 months time.

How can sales be tracked back to me?

For the tracking part, we use a very simple and secure affiliate mechanism based on cookies.