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No-Spy Proxy

CyberGhost anonymizes you

CyberGhost VPN anonymizes you and helps you to surf the Net more secure, more private and more free than you used to. And it does it FAST. With CyberGhost VPN you come to know an Internet, as it has been once – and can be again, at least for you.

More privacy by hiding your IP address

Would you send your shopping list or banking account data on a post card? Of course you wouldn't. Nevertheless, people do it all the time on the Internet - despite the fact that a great bunch of curious people just wait for it, among them individuals with bad attitudes as well as companies and, of course, governmental investigators of all kinds. They all watch and analyze your moves on the Internet, whereas personalized offers are the least that can happen to you - they may be annoying, but at least they're no threat.

With CyberGhost VPN you surf anonymously among a lot of other users, who share the same address with you at the same time, which makes it hard to create a specific profile for eavesdroppers. And even if somebody succeeded, there is no identity to label a profile to, because your original IP address is missing. Thanks to CyberGhost VPN, where the cost free client tunnels you privacy-proofed and encrypted with 256 bit AES to the CyberGhost VPN net and changes your IP address to a different one, which can't expose your real identity.

More security in public WLANs and Hotspots

In public WLANs you can never be sure, which ways your data will take. You might think you are all alone on this planet, while doing some transactions on your banking account, but you're not. Whoever wants to, can easily spy on your traffic. All a hacker or even the tiniest script kid needs, is an easy to find and fast to get tool, that takes care of the dirty part. In public Hotspots you are always exposed.

With CyberGhost VPN you instantly encrypt all your traffic directly on your PC, before any data even leaves your hardware, so nothing can leak into the public. When CyberGhost VPN is installed and activated on your PC or Laptop, you can surf anonymously and secure practically everywhere - and especially on public WLANs, protecting your passwords and other personal data. Good to know, right?

Additional security features:

  • Auto Guard for sudden connection losses: If your connection breaks down while surfing with CyberGhost, an automatic security function will make sure, all active data connection will be hidden and shut down immediately. Subscribers will also be reconnected automatically.
  • Firewall: As a bonus, CyberGhost VPN works as a Firewall and keeps you safe in another way: Because you are not seen, you can't be attacked easily. The VPN server functions like a magic hood then, which reduces attacks from the Net. Furthermore a server's Firewall blocks all ingoing traffic and therefore provides additional security while you surf the Net anonymously.

Abrogate geo restrictions

Many Internet services like video platforms, block their content for surfers outside their respective region (IP blocking). Even worldwide available platforms distinguish between the main location of their service and the visitors' localizations in different countries and block content at will. This content will then be available only where the carrier wants it to be available, and that's the reason why many videos on YouTube can only be accessed with an US-IP address, while other regions will just get a message box, informing that the wanted content is not available "at the moment" or "in this region".

CyberGhost VPN instead gives you the opportunity, to access the Internet from many different servers in many different countries worldwide and camouflages you as a citizen of the respective country, even if you actually are far away from the region you want to gain access to. This works because you are assigned an IP address that "fits" to the respective region and in the end it's that IP address, that allows you to watch content you otherwise would have been blocked away from.

Circumvent Internet restrictions and censorship

Acquisition of knowledge is a basic need of all human beings throughout the world, which should be reason enough to assure access to information everywhere and for all. Camouflaging your IP address by CyberGhost helps you to circumvent barriers and set information free, which otherwise wouldn't be accessible. Furthermore CyberGhost VPN makes VoIP services like Skype functional, if they are blocked by a provider.

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Just download the cost free client and connect to a server. And then ... well, then you can surf merrily and anonymously, play, chat and discover an Internet you thought had gone extinct: secure, free and private.

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