CyberGhost Free Anonymous Proxy Browser

With this browser, you can surf completely anonymous through the Internet! It does not matter whether you use a wireless connection or a mobile Edge or 3G connection! With CyberGhost you are always anonymous.

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Free Proxy
Free Proxy
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Our free anonymous proxy is an immediate solution for easy anonymous web browsing. If you want to get complete anonymity, a fully encrypted Internet, full browser support, lightning fast video streaming and Torrent downloads we recommend installing our CyberGhost 5 VPN client.

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No Spying Eyes on you!

We encrypt your HTTP web traffic in just a second. So nobody knows what you’re browsing.

Anonymous Web search

Would you share your web search history with anybody? Hell, no! So use this and you’ll be anonymous.

Hide your IP: Get protection protect against hackers and mass surveillance

Our free proxy will change your IP with one of our anonymous IPs. Nobody can now know who you are.

A proxy server enables you to access blocked websites and keep your online activity private, so that not even your ISP can know what sites you visit, what searches you make on Google, or what type of content you view on the Internet.

It acts as an intermediary between your device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and the server hosting the content you are trying to access.

In order to better understand what a proxy does, think of it as your personal Internet assistant: you just tell it what you want to see on the web and it goes out and gets it for you. In a split second, no less. And nobody knows you’re the one who’s asked for it, because the Internet Service Provider, the content provider and anyone else only sees your „assistant” (i.e. proxy) and not you.

So if you’re wondering how to be anonymous online for free, our proxy is a very simple, very quick, and yes, very free online anonymity solution: It encrypts all your traffic, changes your IP and thus renders all your Internet browsing anonymous.