The Safe WiFi Project

If you manage a business which offers free WiFi to travelers, you can earn money and protect your clients online.

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How Do You Monetize Your Free WiFi?

Set up an ad on your free WiFi landing page, advising users to protect themselves with CyberGhost.

On mobile WiFi
On print

Place printed materials inside your location and transform any space into a potential revenue generator.

Who Can Enter the Project?

The Safe WiFi Project is the first risk-free system any brick-and-mortar business can use to drive revenue from a digital product.

Hospitality Industry


Hotels, hostels, B&Bs, guesthouses, lodges, apartments for rent and more.

Food Service and Entertainment

Food Service and

Restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, night clubs and more.

Tourist Attractions

Locations and
Tourist Attractions

Airports, railway stations, ferry lines, city buses, museums, theme parks, local attractions and more.



Any other brick-and-mortar business that offers free WiFi services.

Incredibly Easy to Implement

Each CyberGhost download made through your WiFi or by scanning the QR codes on printed materials will bring you revenue.

How much

How Much Can You Earn?

Up to (€0.5) €1 for each CyberGhost download. Negotiable for large companies.

Up to €50 for each purchase of CyberGhost Premium.

It’s time to monetize your free WiFi!

In hospitality, every detail counts. Go the extra mile and keep travelers safe online! In return, they will keep coming back and recommend your service to others, as well.

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