Teaching Teens How to Be Safe and Private Online

CyberGhost specialists talked with kids and teenagers between 10-16 y.o. about safety on social media, cyberbullying, VPNs, encryption, passwords, security and online research.

The kids learned a lot of new and cool info during our 3 workshops:

  • How to create a cool and safe Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat profile
  • Safe online browsing habits
  • Research like a pro

Meet the Team

CyberGhost team has over 50 security and privacy enthusiasts located in Romania and Germany.

CyberGhost Academy

The kids were brilliant and curious and we also learned a lot from their experience. Awesome day! We will continue doing workshops in schools in 2016. Drop us a line if you are interested.

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Online privacy and security is for everybody!

CyberGhost Academy