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Internet Surfing

Ads are annoying — that’s a fact. They clutter websites, slow down internet connection, and eat up mobile data.

Some ads love tracking you across the internet. Ever searched for a new smartphone and got tons of related ads over the next few weeks? Even worse, cybercriminals use ads to deliver malware, such as phishing links, spyware, or adware.

Imagine your life without ads: no cyberthreats, no distractions, no slowdowns, no extra costs on mobile data. Get CyberGhost’s ad blocker to protect your digital privacy and online security. When ‘Block content’ is on, ads are off.

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Internet Surfing
Internet Surfing

6 Benefits of Blocking Ads with CyberGhost

Block Ads

Block Ads & Pop-Ups

Surf the web with no distracting ads. Block them all: pop-ups, banners, sound and video ads.


Protect Against IP Trackers

Safeguard your online privacy and stop advertisers from following your online activities.

Prevent Malware

Prevent Malware & Phishing

Browse securely with DNS-level blocking of sites infected with phishing and malware scams.

Mobile Data

Save Your Mobile Data

Stop annoying ads being downloaded onto your smartphone and save money on mobile data.

 Battery Life

Extend Battery Life

Improve battery life by preventing ads and trackers from using up valuable computing resources.

Faster Browsing

Enable Faster Browsing

Boost browsing speeds without ads stealing your bandwidth and slowing your connection down.


Start Blocking Ads in 3 Steps

Get the plan that works for you and then follow these simple steps!

step 1
step 1

Step 1

Open CyberGhost VPN

step 2
step 2

Step 2

Activate the “Block content” setting

step 3
step 3

Step 3

Enjoy better, faster, and safer browsing



Got questions? Check out our FAQ section dedicated for streaming. Or contact us via email or live-chat.

    Yes, you can block YouTube ads with our built-in ad blocker. Ads don’t even get a chance to load thanks to our DNS-level detection. You can also make ads disappear on Facebook, BuzzFeed, torrent sites, and others to make your browsing smoother, faster, and cleaner.

    Try our ad blocker risk-free with our generous 45-day money-back guarantee. You have plenty of time to test every feature included in our VPN at your own pace. If you change your mind, you’ll get a full refund. No hassle, no questions asked.

    An ad blocker removes annoying ads from your web pages, videos, and apps. This way, you can enjoy a simple, ad-free browsing experience.

    Activate CyberGhost’s ad blocker to eliminate all ads, including dangerous ones that may compromise your online security. One wrong click and your financial data, bank accounts, passwords, and other sensitive details could be compromised.

    Browse worry-free with our DNS-level protection that is extremely efficient at detecting and blocking dangerous links. If you’re new to ad blockers, we have a 24/7 Customer Support team to walk you through any questions.

    Ads constantly interrupt you, drop your internet connection, and consume your valuable Mbs when you’re not on Wi-Fi. You’re also vulnerable to cyberthreats when you click on ads containing phishing links, spyware, or adware.

    Trackers are shameless. They follow you around the internet, spying on your browsing habits, and selling your data to advertisers.

    Say goodbye to ads with CyberGhost’s ad blocker designed to give you a clean and secure browsing experience. Speed up loading time on pages, stop trackers from invading your online privacy, and save money on your mobile data!

    No! Ad blocking is completely legal for personal use. You have the freedom to make ads disappear on any website.

    That said, these rules don’t apply to ISPs. They are prohibited by law from allowing network-wide ad blockers because this doesn’t align with copyright laws.

    Malicious ads contain malware: phishing links, spyware, or adware. Cybercriminals use malicious ads to spread malware and compromise systems. This way, they can steal your passwords, financial data, and other sensitive details.

    Turn on CyberGhost’s ad blocker to stay safe and protected against risky links every time you go online. CyberGhost uses DNS-level detection to stop malware and phishing scams even reaching your device.

    Ever felt like ads are after you? You’re not imagining things! Marketing agencies use online trackers, such as cookies and tracking pixels, to create an advertising profile of your online identity.

    Online trackers know a lot about you. They record your browsing habits including visited sites and purchases; your IP address to estimate your geographical location; and personal information like name, gender, and address. Sounds scary? It should be because some websites sell your sensitive data to advertising agencies.

    Stop trackers from spying on you with CyberGhost’s ad blocker. Simply activate the ‘Block content’ mode to stay private online.

    Say you’re searching for a laptop on Google. Later that day, you can’t enjoy music on YouTube because you’re too busy skipping video ads about laptops. If you open Facebook, Instagram, or other websites, the same ads are grinning at you.

    It’s not magic! This is a sign that online trackers are following your online activities around the internet. That said, most of the time you don’t know trackers are after you. You don’t know the name of the trackers, what details are stored about you, and how long they keep your data.

    Online trackers are only illegal if websites use them without your consent. Most countries have privacy laws that prohibit the collection of personal data without your knowledge.

    Go for CyberGhost’s built-in ad blocker to get rid of online trackers anywhere in the world. You’ll also benefit from best-in-class VPN protection. Hide your IP address so websites can’t pinpoint your real geographical location. Scramble your internet traffic with leading-edge encryption so no one, not even your ISP, tracking agencies, or cybercriminals, can decode your online activities.