20 Best New Movies on Netflix: So Hot Right Now (Updated 2024)

Netflix movie nights aren’t as simple as they seem. For one, we’re spoiled for choice. Netflix has thousands of films in its library, so how do you pick one? For another, Netflix has regional catalogs, so some films are only available for streaming in select countries.

I’m here to make things easier for you. Netflix releases tons of new content every month, but trust me when I say a lot of it isn’t worth your time. I’ve narrowed down the best new movies on Netflix so you won’t be overwhelmed – or worse, disappointed.

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The 20 Best New Movies on Netflix Right Now

New doesn’t necessarily mean better, and I don’t want you to waste time on a mediocre movie. I used the following criteria to ensure only the best Netflix movies made the cut.

  • High ratings. Except for Netflix Originals*, each movie on this list earned a spot by scoring at least 70% on one of the top film aggregators.
  • Freshness. Only movies released to Netflix in the last month came out on top!
  • Something for everyone. I’m all for variety and representation! Choose from an array of genres, age ranges, plots, and styles.

* The Netflix Originals and Exclusives featured on this list are brand new and, therefore, haven’t had enough time to obtain accurate ratings.

20. Senior Year

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
5.6 24% 47%

Stephanie Conway was a high school “it girl” in 2002, but her reign ended when a nasty head injury placed her in a coma. She awakens in 2022 – 37 years old and out of the loop. Determined to pick up where she left off, she learns that growing old is hard, but high school is harder.

Hot off the shelves, Senior Year has all the makings of a cult classic. It’s got Rebel Wilson’s charm, noughties nostalgia, and a whole lot of laughs. What more do you need?

Directed by Alex Hardcastle
Starring Rebel Wilson, Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice
Genre Comedy, Coming of Age
Rated R (Profanity, sexual material, depictions of teen drug use)
Year 2022 🔥

You might also like: 13 Going On 30, Mean Girls, 17 Again

19. Along for the Ride

😎 Netflix Original

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
6 57% 55%

High school is over, and 18-year-old Auden West wants to reinvent herself before college. She takes a trip to Colby – a small beach town – to visit her dad and make the most of the summer.

There, she meets Eli, a mysterious insomniac who encourages her to do all the things she never got to. As their friendship blossoms, they teach each other to live life to the fullest.

Based on the popular YA book of the same name, Along for the Ride is a sincere story that might punch you in the gut.

Directed by Sofia Alvarez
Starring Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, Kate Bosworth
Genre Drama, Romance
Rated PG-13 (Profanity)
Year 2022 🔥

You might also like: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Midnight Sun, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

18. Silverton Siege

😎 Netflix Original

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
6.1 71% Unrated

It’s 1980, and three anti-apartheid activists fight the system with sabotage. When cops catch on to their next scheme – to disrupt an oil refinery – things snowball out of control. The trio escape into a bank, take hostages, and demand Nelson Mandela’s release in exchange for civilian lives.

This intense political rollercoaster is based on true events. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, and question who to root for.

Directed by Mandla Dube
Starring Arnold Vosloo, Thabo Rametsi
Genre Thriller, True Story
Rated TV-MA (Profanity, violence)
Year 2022 🔥

You might also like: Amandla, The Negotiator, Argo

17. Big Eyes

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7 72% 62%

At the dawn of the 1960s, Walter Keane is a revered painter with insurmountable success. No one knows that he’s a fraud. It’s his wife, Margaret, behind all “his” work. Margaret is too soft to stop him at first, but as their marriage falls apart, the truth makes its way to the surface.

Beautifully told and with stellar performances all around, Tim Burton adds a surreal touch to a serious and painful true story. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Directed by Tim Burton
Starring Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz,
Genre Drama, Biographical
Rated PG-13 (Mild profanity)
Year 2014

You might also like: The Founder, Hitchcock, The Danish Girl

16. The Gentlemen

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.8 75% 51%

Mickey Pearson was a prestigious Oxford student with the world as his oyster. Regardless, he dropped out and chose a life of crime, building an empire in the marijuana business. Pearson snubs the wrong person and finds an investigator on his tail.

Things get messy when word gets out that Pearson is about to cash out of the business. Suffice to say, he attracts unwanted attention, and preposterous shenanigans ensue.

This movie is absolutely ridiculous – get ready for rapping MMA fighters who post about their schemes on YouTube, for example. Add it to your list right now!

Directed by Guy Ritchie
Starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrel, Hugh Grant
Genre Action, Comedy
Rated TV-MA (Profanity, violence, depictions of drug use and distribution)
Year 2019

You might also like: Snatch; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Rocknrolla

15. Summerland

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.7 78% 56%

Alice is a recluse. She’s researching mythology, writing a novel, and is believed to be a witch. It’s World War II, and her life is flipped upside down when, to her dismay, she’s forced to foster a young boy, Frank.

She soon begins to bond with Frank and memories of her life – and her star-crossed love – resurface. Frank is closer to her than she initially realized, and he reopens old wounds.

Summerland is a gripping story of war, heartbreak, and intolerance. You may want to keep your tissues beside you, just in case.

Directed by Jessica Swale
Starring Gemma Arterton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lucas Bond
Genre Drama, Historical, Romance
Rated PG-13 (Mature themes)
Year 2020

You might also like: Brokeback Mountain, The Notebook, The Book Thief

14. War of the Worlds

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
6.5 75% 73%

Ray Ferrier has to take care of his two estranged children while his ex-wife is out of town. It’s awkward, and a severe storm adds to the tension.

Upon investigating, Ray learns that the storm wasn’t what it seemed. Aliens are invading Earth, intent on destroying our world. Now, he must step up and stop at nothing to protect his family.

War of the Worlds is a thrilling adaptation of H. G. Wells’ legendary novel of the same name. It’s the perfect choice if you’d like a dose of adrenaline. Be sure to put the kids to bed first!

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Starring Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Miranda Otto
Genre Science Fiction, Action
Rated TV-MA (Violence, gore)
Year 2005

You might also like: Edge of Tomorrow, Independence Day, Ender’s Game, Avatar

13. Hello, My Name Is Doris

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
6.6 85% 63%

Meet Doris Miller, a reclusive and eccentric 60-something-year-old who recently lost her mother. Alone, and unaware of social norms, Doris meets and falls in love with her younger co-worker, John.

Doris chooses to pursue him, but what starts as a simple attempt at courting soon evolves into a blatant obsession. Doris interferes in John’s life in more ways than one but also learns about herself along the way.

Watch this movie if you’d like a romcom that strays from the mold – and doesn’t apologize for its dark undertones.

Directed by Michael Showalter
Starring Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Beth Berhs
Genre Coming of age, romantic comedy
Rated R (Nudity, sexual content, profanity, smoking and alcohol use)
Year 2015

You might also like: Mrs. Henderson Presents, The English Teacher, Prime

12. 42

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.5 81% 62%

This emotional biopic shows us the life of Jackie Robinson, the first African American Major League Baseball player. In 1945, Branch Rickey – owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers – is interested in recruiting a black player. Sportswriter Wendell Smith recommends Robinson.

Robinson joins the Dodgers and sparks discord in the team, sport, and nation. Though he faces adversity and discrimination, he perseveres – breaking down racial barriers as he goes.

42’s intense depictions of racism may be difficult to stomach at times, but it’s worth a watch. This movie will inspire you, and tug on your heartstrings.

Directed by Brian Helgeland
Starring Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie
Genre Sports, Biographical
Rated PG-13 (Violence, prejudice)
Year 2013

You might also like: Race, Ali, The Express, Hidden Figures

11. A River Runs Through It

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.2 80% 68%

Young brothers, Norman and Paul Maclean, grow up in rural Montana under the strict religious teachings of their minister father. They’re taught to appreciate fly fishing and are sheltered from the world.

Their paths diverge as they grow older, and Norman – returning from college – finds that Paul has gone astray. It’s only a matter of time before he destroys himself.

Beautifully written, and with masterful direction and performances, A River Runs Through It is an underrated gem.

Warning: You might weep.

Directed by Robert Redford
Starring Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt
Genre Drama, Classic
Rated PG-13 (Nudity, profanity, violence, smoking and alcohol use)
Year 1992

You might also like: Legends of the Fall, Now and Then, Across the Tracks

10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.1 83% 67%

Peter and Sarah are going five years strong – until she unceremoniously dumps him. He tries to forget her by letting loose, but to no avail.

As a last resort attempt to shake her off, Peter takes a spontaneous trip to Hawaii – but Sarah and her obnoxious new beau are staying at the same hotel. Perhaps his new friendship with a sweet hotel concierge is just what he needs to move on.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is painfully relatable, though a little absurd. It’s highly entertaining, and a great pick for a silly, lighthearted movie night.

Directed by Nicholas Stoller
Starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand
Genre Romantic Comedy
Rated R (Nudity, sexual content, profanity)
Year 2008

You might also like: The Five-Year Engagement, Bridesmaids, The Holiday

9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
6.6 83% 72%

Charlie Bucket lives in poverty, crammed into a tin-can home with all four of his grandparents, mother, and father. The town’s chocolate mega factory has been closed to the public for years, and Charlie’s grandpa, Joe, is bitter about it.

When Willy Wonka announces a contest in which five lucky children will win a tour of the factory, Charlie and Grandpa Joe are determined to get in. Willy Wonka has a hidden agenda – and Charlie gets roped in.

Tim Burton’s rendition of Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s story is whimsical, hilarious, and heartwarming. It’s fun for the whole family too!

Directed by Tim Burton
Starring Johnny Depp, David Kelly, Freddie Highmore
Genre Fantasy, Musical, Surreal
Rated PG (Potentially frightening scenes)
Year 2005

You might also like: Alice in Wonderland (2010), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Matilda

8. Operation Mincemeat

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
6.8 93% 63%

Based on the real-life Operation Mincemeat of World War II, this movie shows us the circumstances surrounding the 1943 invasion of Sicily.

The Allied Forces are determined to launch a full-scale attack on Europe but are held back by the impact it will have on civilian lives. Two soldiers hatch a plan to create a diversion so the Forces can strike. First, create an elaborate false identity for a body. Second, let it wash up on Nazi shores as a diversion.

Operation Mincemeat has it all: expert performances, a thrilling plot, and characters you can’t help but invest in. You won’t forget this one!

Directed by John Madden
Starring Colin Firth, Matthew Macfayden, Kelly Macdonald, Jason Isaacs
Genre War, Drama, Based on true events
Rated PG-13 (Violence, sexual content, profanity)
Year 2021

You might also like: Darkest Hour, Inglourious Basterds, Churchill

7. Rambo: First Blood

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.7 87% 61%

It’s happening. Rambo is now on Netflix to add to your action marathon. Where better to start than at the beginning, with First Blood – the film that sparked the franchise?

John Rambo enters a small town searching for a friend and comrade. Sheriff Teasle doesn’t like the look of him, and so finds any reason to arrest and abuse him. Big mistake. Rambo, driven by flashbacks of war, unleashes his fury and escapes.

As a manhunt begins, the question becomes: who is really in danger? Rambo, or those in his way?

If you haven’t watched this classic action blockbuster yet, you must. The universe demands it.

Directed by Ted Kotcheff
Starring Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Brian Dennehy
Genre Action, Classic
Rated R (Violence, language)
Year 1982

You might also like: Rocky, Demolition Man, The A-Team (2010)

6. Road to Perdition

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.7 81% 72%

Mike Sullivan works as an enforcer for mobster John Rooney. John’s son, Connor, doesn’t appreciate their bond, so when an opportunity arises, he murders Mike’s wife and young son.

Mike is forced to go on the run with the only family he has left. He and his oldest son escape to save themselves, but he wants revenge. The father and son duo learn about themselves as they embark on a journey of vengeance for their family.

Watch this if you’re a fan of crime thrillers, tragedy, and great depression-era mobsters.

Directed by Sam Mendes
Starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law, Daniel Craig
Genre Crime, Drama, Neo-Noir
Rated R (Violence, nudity and sexual content, profanity)
Year 2002

You might also like: Miller’s Crossing, Once Upon a Time In America, The Departed

5. Menace II Society

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.5 84% 76%

Caine Lawson is 18 and wants a life away from the gangs and criminal activity he grew up with. His friends are trapped in the only lifestyle they’ve ever known and keep him pinned down.

Through the help and support of a kind teacher and his girlfriend, Caine makes plans to leave and never return. Before he can get away, a string of unfortunate circumstances keeps him anchored in crime. Escape, he learns, is not so easy – if it’s even possible.

Menace II Society doesn’t sugarcoat topics like crime, drugs, and gang violence – but that’s what makes it unforgettable.

Directed by The Hughes Brothers
Starring Tyrin Turner, Jada Pinkett Smith, Bill Duke, Samuel L. Jackson
Genre Drama, Tragedy
Rated R (Violence, profanity, sexual content)
Year 1993

You might also like: Boyz n the Hood, Juice, 8 Mile, Straight Outta Compton

4. Corpse Bride

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.3 84% 83%

Even though Victor and Victoria’s marriage was arranged, the two fall in love at first sight. Victor – a bundle of nerves – fumbles and ruins their wedding rehearsal before fleeing into the forest. There, he unknowingly weds a woman named Emily.

The problem is that Emily is a corpse. Now bound to her, she pulls him into the Land of the Dead. Victor must make his way back to the living to continue his happily ever after with Victoria.

This gothic fantasy is a must-see if you’re in the mood for Disney-esque magic without the cheese.

Directed by Mike Johnson, Tim Burton
Starring Johnny Depp (voice), Helena Bonham Carter (voice), Emily Watson (voice)
Genre Dark Fantasy, Musical
Rated PG (Potentially frightening scenes)
Year 2005

You might also like: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Dark Shadows

3. Forrest Gump

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
8.8 70% 82%

Forrest was born with an intellectual disability, but never let it get in the way of living his life. People admire him for his optimism and care, and his life is an adventure.

He recounts his role in a range of significant historical events, from inspiring the hit song Imagine, to exposing Watergate. Still, all Forrest wants is to reunite with his childhood love, Jenny – and his positivity may not be enough to save her.

Forrest Gump is a legendary film that will remind you to live life to the fullest. It’s sweet, funny, and romantic – a winning formula!

Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Sally Field
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rated PG-13 (Mature themes, depictions of drug use, sexual content)
Year 1994

You might also like: The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, I Am Sam, Big Fish

2. When Harry Met Sally

😎 Netflix Exclusive

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
7.7 91% 76%

In 1977, fresh college graduates Harry and Sally share a car ride to New York City. Along the way, they debate the possibility of men and women remaining platonic friends.

Over the years, Harry and Sally have chance encounters at various, random points in their life. More than a decade after their first meeting, the two begin to realize feelings for each other. Will they act on it, or choose to stay friends?

When Harry Met Sally is considered one of the greatest romcoms of all time. You’ll chat about it for days!

Directed by Rob Reiner
Starring Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, Carrie Fisher
Genre Romance, Comedy
Rated R (Sexual content, mature themes, profanity)
Year 1989

You might also like: You’ve Got Mail, The Ugly Truth, How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days

1. Once Upon A Time In America

IMDb Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
8.3 87% 75%

David “Noodles” Aaronson is a slumdog turned mafia boss. Noodles starts off committing petty crimes as a child. He learns to climb the mafia ranks when he gets the idea to bootleg alcohol.

Told through flashbacks, we see the life and times of an unlikely godfather – and all the deception, betrayal, crime, and tragedy that complicated his life.

The highest-rated film on this list, Once Upon a Time In America is sorely underrated and has all the makings of a true classic. This movie means business.

Directed by Sergio Leone
Starring Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Joe Pesci
Genre Drama, Crime, Classic
Rated R (Violence, sexual content, mature themes)
Year 1984

You might also like: The Godfather, Goodfellas, Road to Perdition

Honorable Mentions

While compiling this list, I noticed a few movies that didn’t make the cut but are still worth checking out. If the Top 20 doesn’t suit your style, these movies are new on Netflix too:

  • 🏅 The Bucket List. A wholesome look at two best friends enjoying old age.
  • 🏅 Bubble. Anime fans will enjoy this movie about kids alone in Tokyo after an apocalyptic event cuts them off from the world.
  • 🏅 The Cat in the Hat. Critics despise this Roald Dahl adaptation, but it’s so bad, it’s good!
  • 🏅 You’ve Got Mail. Are you a fan of cheesy romcoms? You’ll love this story of two competing business owners who fall in love online.
  • 🏅 The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes. This documentary offers a fascinating look at the life and death of Hollywood’s ultimate blonde bombshell.

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Why are territories limited in the first place? Blame copyright law. Every country has different laws for how intellectual properties are regulated. Netflix has no choice but to comply, so it works around these limitations by making use of regional libraries.

That’s why a movie might be available on Netflix US, but not Netflix Canada. Netflix imposes its restrictions on you by identifying your IP address and serving you content based on your location. If you were to cross the border between the US and Canada, you’d automatically lose access to the US content library.

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What is the best new movie?

It’s difficult to determine which movie is the best since a variety of factors – namely sales, streams, ratings, reviews, and subjectivity – could all place a movie on top.
That said, so far for 2022, The Batman takes the number one spot at the domestic box office, grossing $369,051,095. Spider-Man: No Way Home and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 rank second and third respectively.
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What is the number 1 new movie on Netflix released in 2022?

Currently, the most-watched new release on Netflix is 365 Days: On This Day, but bear in mind, its reviews are very negative. Once Upon a Time in America has the highest average rating of all the new movies recently added to Netflix.
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What are the current top 10 movies on Netflix?

The current top 10 movies on Netflix are:

      • Once Upon a Time in America
      • When Harry Met Sally
      • Forrest Gump
      • Corpse Bride
      • Menace II Society
      • Road to Perdition
      • Rambo: First Blood
      • Operation Mincemeat
      • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
      • Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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