CyberGhost VPN makes a donation to WireGuard®

We’re honored to be able to support the open-source protocol 

The fight for privacy is an ongoing battle.

In this digital age, dominated by data-mining and invasive surveillance, our goal at CyberGhost VPN is to provide you with the best tools for protecting your anonymity online.

But, to do so, we’re always looking for access to emerging technologies.

That’s why we’ve decided to donate to WireGuard® and continue supporting their development.

We’re honored to be doing our part

Our connection to WireGuard® runs deep.

We’ve integrated WireGuard® into our Linux app, and we’re working on adding the protocol to our other apps as well. If you want to see it in action, check out our beta iOS app. 😉

We have high hopes for WireGuard®, as our top priority right now is integrating the protocol into all CyberGhost VPN apps. Our tests are already confirming the excellent performance capabilities of WireGuard®, and we can’t wait to get your feedback.
Timo Beyel, Chief Technology Officer, CyberGhost

Your anonymity is our priority

Rapid tech advancements are now paving the way for even more intrusions into our privacy. Governments, authorities, and corporations are trying to get their hands on even more of your data.

At one point in time, VPNs were the bane of censorship and digital restrictions. Now, anti-VPN systems are getting better by the day.

The reality is that lots of VPN IP addresses are being targeted and blocked every single day. But we’re standing our ground and working on giving you the tools to be anonymous online.

WireGuard® is a step in the right direction

WireGuard® is a fast and modern protocol taking the world of VPN connections by storm. Its state-of-the-art cryptography makes it the best alternative for OpenVPN.

OpenVPN has become the standard protocol for security and privacy. Sadly, it’s now also a target for anti-VPN systems.

Because throttling OpenVPN connections is now the norm for restrictive networks, WireGuard® comes as a breath of fresh air.

Balancing high-speed connections and robust security systems has long been a challenge for VPN providers. But now, WireGuard® seems to have tipped the scale in our favor.

We’re beyond excited to be using WireGuard® and to have you with us on this journey of building the best VPN. Thank you!


More good things are about to come, Ghosties! Make sure to keep an eye on us.

Until next time, stay safe and secure!


“WireGuard” is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

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We have now 2022. Any news on WireGuard® certificates for manual configurations?
I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t answer with the same phrase again and if you would be honest if this does not have priority for Cyberghost.


Hi Buddel,

Rest assured that your feedback reached the appropriate team. However, we don’t currently have a time-frame when WireGuard® certificates will be available with our service.

About 2 months ago your wrote the following update “Our team is currently working on implementing WireGuard® certificates for manual configurations. Stay tuned for updates”. Have you got a date when we can expect this?


Hi Bob! 👋 At the moment, we don’t have an exact time frame for these updates.

Hello there
Any updates on wireguard manual configs development?


Hi Al,

Our team is currently working on implementing WireGuard® certificates for manual configurations. Stay tuned for updates!

still waiting for manual config wireguard and l2tp for SEA server


Rest assured that we’re working on it, Trihar.

Yes, i’m waiting for manual wireguard config now over 6 month.
I think 2021 is the time for manual wireguard.
I need no apps but manual wireguard for my opnsense installation.

Regards and best start for 2021 🙂


Hi, Ghostie! We’re still working on making WireGuard® available for manual configuration. Stay tuned for future updates!

im waiting too

What’s the status of the support for manual wireguard config? I don’t want your software, just your VPN.


Hi, John! We’re still working on making WireGuard® available for manual configuration. Stay tuned for future updates!


will it also be possible to configure VPN routers with Wireguard (config file etc.)?

Stay healthy.


Hey there! Our dev team is working on adding WireGuard® support for configuration files. Stay tuned for updates!

Love this app I would request it to be used


Hi, Dawn! That’s great to hear. You can check out more about our Linux app here.

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