How to Get an Israel IP Address in 3 Steps (Works in 2023)

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If you’re an Israeli citizen planning to fly abroad, an Israeli IP address should be at the top of your travel checklist.

Many Israeli websites are geo-restricted, meaning you can’t access them outside the country. The only way to access your bank account, favorite sports channels, or streaming services is to use a VPN to get an Israeli IP address.

Even if you’re not from Israel, an Israeli internet address can come in handy if you want to bypass local network restrictions, avoid ISP throttling, and protect your digital identity. Here’s how to get an Israel IP address quickly and easily.

How to Get an Israel IP in 3 Steps

  1. Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN — it’s fast & easy!
  2. Download and install the app on any device.
  3. Select a server in Israel and start surfing with improved privacy!

A VPN is a network of private servers spread across different countries. When you connect to a VPN, it reroutes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel that connects your device to one of its servers. This hides your online activity from spying eyes and assigns you an IP address from your chosen country.

Why Should You Use a VPN to Get a Israel IP?

Access Israeli Services from Abroad

Whether you’re traveling for work or going on a vacation, losing access to important websites and entertainment services is the last thing you want. If you find you can’t browse online banking, eCommerce services, sports channels, streaming sites, and news websites outside Israel, you need a VPN.

Use CyberGhost VPN to get an Israeli IP address and access Israeli websites wherever you are in the world. Simply download the CyberGhost app and connect to a server in Israel. That’s it!

You can browse any Israel-based website as easily as if you were sitting in Tel Aviv.

Bypass Local Network Restrictions

School, office, and public Wi-Fi networks often restrict access to certain websites to reduce bandwidth usage, keep you safe from malware and (allegedly) help you be more productive. We believe that everyone needs some downtime to maintain peak performance. Not to mention those occasions when watching YouTube videos is an essential part of your research assignment!

Bypass unfair restrictions with CyberGhost VPN. Connect to a CyberGhost server in Israel and get access to streaming apps, gaming sites, and more. Get CyberGhost VPN for complete online freedom!

Put an End to ISP Throttling

Does your internet slow down during the evening? Have you noticed it cutting out every time you stream Netflix or play a game online? If so, you may be experiencing ISP throttling.

Some internet service providers intentionally slow connection speeds if you’re downloading large files, streaming, or gaming online. They may do this during peak hours to reduce the load on their servers.

Put an end to content-based throttling with CyberGhost VPN. We encrypt your traffic so no one can see what you’re doing on the internet. Your ISP can’t throttle your connection based on activity as it’ll have no clue whether you’re torrenting or just using social media.

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi in Israel

Public Wi-Fi is convenient, but not always safe. Open networks are an open door for cybercriminals who can hack your device and steal your personal information.

Stay safe and use public Wi-Fi safely with Cyberghost VPN.

We secure your internet traffic with 256-bit military-grade encryption that’s impossible for cyberthugs to crack. Check your bank account as you wait for your ride at Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, or pay some bills from a coffee shop in Haifa. Do all this and more knowing that CyberGhost VPN is protecting your data.

What Do You Get When You Install CyberGhost?

💪 Thousands of Servers Worldwide

Many VPNs have a limited server network covering a handful of countries. Even if you can get an Israeli IP address, the VPN may only have a couple of servers which quickly get overcrowded.

CyberGhost VPN has 7400+ servers worldwide, including 20+ servers in Israel. You’ll never have to worry about server congestion slowing your speeds. Plus, you can get an IP address from 91 different countries to access anything you want on the internet.

💪 Access 35+ Streaming Services

Want to watch Maccabi Tel Aviv’s latest match while traveling abroad? Join the Ghostie club to access your favorite content wherever you are.

Simply open the CyberGhost VPN app, connect to a server in Israel, and relax and enjoy the game. Then switch over to catch up on the latest season of Fauda.

Our dedicated streaming servers give you fast access to BBC iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube, and 35+ other streaming services in just a couple of clicks.

💪 Superior Digital Privacy

Protecting your personal information isn’t easy. Many free VPNs promise to hide your online activity but sell your data behind your back.

Choose CyberGhost VPN for enhanced digital privacy. Our No Logs policy guarantees we won’t invade your privacy. We never track, store, or share any of your data, which means only you know what you do on the internet.

We’re headquartered in Romania where the law supports digital privacy. This means no one can compel us to share any information. Use CyberGhost VPN and claim your right to privacy.

💪 VPN Protection on Every Device

VPN protection on one device is not enough. Modern life demands that we multitask, which means you need to protect multiple devices at once.

CyberGhost VPN lets you connect up to 7 devices with a single subscription. You can work on your home PC, stream movies on your Smart TV, and check Instagram on your smartphone all at the same time.

We have dedicated apps for desktops and phones, and you can use the Smart DNS feature on TVs and gaming consoles. You can even install CyberGhost VPN on your Wi-Fi router to protect your entire network at once!

💪 Fast and Stable Internet Connection

An Israeli IP address isn’t the only thing you need to stream or game from abroad. You also need a fast, stable connection.

CyberGhost has the fastest VPN servers, so you can stream without buffering, even during peak hours. Optimize your connection for speed, stability, or security with the best VPN protocols including IKEv2 and WireGuard®. Take advantage of our dedicated servers for streaming, torrenting, and gaming to get a smooth, uninterrupted online experience.

You don’t have to worry about bandwidth limits, either. CyberGhost VPN gives you unlimited bandwidth so you can stream as much as you want.

💪 Unbreakable Encryption

Your ISP, the government, marketers, and cybercriminals — all of them are after your data. Protect your personal information and browse with enhanced privacy and a secure, encrypted internet connection.

CyberGhost VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption to hide your online traffic from prying eyes. That’s the same standard used by governments around the world. Even the most advanced computer systems can’t crack the encryption algorithm.

Install CyberGhost VPN on your device and protect your data with the strongest encryption there is!


Can I use an Israeli IP address on my phone?

Yes, you can. To get an Israeli IP address on your phone, download the CyberGhost VPN app for iOS or Android. Open the app and connect to a server in Israel. That’s it—you have an Israeli IP address!

Can I get an IP address from a specific city in Israel?

CyberGhost VPN’s servers in Israel are in Jerusalem. This means you can get an IP address from Jerusalem.
See our full list of servers to discover which other countries you can get an IP address from.

Will an Israel IP address hide my internet activity from my ISP?

You can hide your internet activity from your ISP using CyberGhost VPN. When you use the CyberGhost app to connect to a server in Israel, we reroute your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. Nobody, not even your ISP will be able to decipher what you’re doing online.
Buy CyberGhost VPN to hide your internet activity now.

Is it okay to use a free VPN to get an Israeli IP address?

It’s not a good idea to use a free VPN. Free VPNs restrict you to a limited number of servers and it’s unlikely you’ll find one in Israel to connect to. Even if you do, you’re likely to experience server congestion.
Free VPNs do not offer the same level of protection as premium VPNs. They may contain malware or track your data. Some free VPNs even sell your data to third parties.
CyberGhost VPN is a much better option for guaranteed access to Israeli websites. Try us out risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Can I use a proxy to get an Israeli IP address?

Yes, you can, but you don’t get the same benefits. A proxy simply changes your IP address—it doesn’t encrypt your internet traffic. It won’t protect you from cyberattacks or help you avoid ISP throttling.
Free proxies have many of the same issues as free VPNs. Connection speeds are slow and they may log your data and sell it to advertisers.
Proxies rarely have customer support, so you’re on your own if you run into any trouble. Use CyberGhost VPN to get an Israeli IP address and you can speak to our 24/7 Customer Support team if you have any issues.

Can I watch Netflix with an Israeli IP address?

Yes, you can watch Netflix Israel with an Israeli IP address. If your school or office network restricts your access, CyberGhost VPN can also help you unblock Netflix.
You can also use CyberGhost VPN to access larger Netflix libraries, such as those in the US or Canada. It’s the best streaming VPN to access services such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime!

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