QUIZ: What’s Your Musical Age? Answer 10 Questions and Find Out!

Music transcends times and goes beyond eras, following you through life like your most loyal companion. Whether you’re the expert on the latest chart-toppers or still groove to the 70s classics, your go-to playlist may reveal more than just your music taste — your musical age! 

Don’t believe it? Try us! We’ve put together a quick quiz with 10 questions — all about your music taste. Answer them as truthfully as you can and we’ll try to guess what age bracket you fall into. No matter the result, remember – age is just a number, and music is timeless!

Quiz: What’s Your Musical Age?

Your Musical Age Shows How Timeless Your Symphony of Taste Is

Whether we hit the right note or were a little off-key with your results, we hope you enjoyed our quiz. Your musical preferences may align with your age, or you might be a timeless melody-maker, finding joy in tunes from every era. Regardless, all that matters is that music connects us in many different ways.

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