CyberGhost VPN’s Quarterly Transparency Report

July, August, and September 2021

We’re in the business of protecting your privacy while maintaining your security. Here at CyberGhost VPN, we keep 38 million Ghosties safe on the internet. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.

One of the ways we protect your online anonymity is through our quarterly Transparency Reports. These indicate the types of legal requests – and how many – we’ve received over past months. Despite it all, we don’t have any data to share.

Read on to see how many requests we received in July, August, and September 2021.

Legal Requests – Our Q3 Numbers


This marks the number of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints, malicious activity flags, and police requests we received in July, August, and September 2021.

CyberGhost VPN's quarterly transparency report for Q3 2021

We notice a whopping 140% increase in total requests compared to our Q2 report. Thanks to our robust No-Logs policy, we have no data to share.

We don’t monitor, store, or record any of your data for any reason. We never store your IP address, DNS requests, browsing history, or online activity. We’re based in Romania and outside any international surveillance alliance, so no government can force us to keep tabs on you or share your information.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

DMCA Complaints


This refers to copyright infringement claims. Copyright holders and various entertainment companies can file a DMCA claim if their content has been shared online through one of our IP addresses.


DMCA complaints represent 96% of all the requests we received over the past three months. Compared to last quarter’s 61%, DMCA complaints sky-rocketed.

These numbers may correlate with lockdowns and COVID restrictions around the world. More people cooped up at home would mean higher demand for entertainment. This would then translate to more streaming activity and movie downloads.

CyberGhost VPN's report comparing DMCA requests from Q2 to Q3 2021

Malicious Activity Flags


Malicious activity flags pop up when cybercriminals have used our IP addresses in an attack. These cyberattacks include DDoS attacks, botnet attacks, malware, suspicious login attempts, and various types of scams.


This time around, they represented about 3% of the requests we received. That figure is a significant drop compared to Q2’s 38%.

CyberGhost VPN's report comparing malicious activity flags from Q2 to Q3 2021

We’ve also made efforts to block ports and IP addresses associated with scammers and malware; and so far, we’ve been successful in mitigating abusive behavior.

Police Requests


We get periodic police requests from various global law enforcement agencies and police departments. If a criminal investigation leads to one of our IP addresses or datacenters, officials ask for user logs, IP addresses, and any other details they need.


Police requests made up less than 1% of all the inquiries we received. The percentage was similar in our Q2 report with nine police requests.

CyberGhost VPN's report comparing police requests from Q2 to Q3 2021

CyberGhost VPN Protects Your Online Privacy

Things aren’t looking rosy. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has us putting more and more of our data into the digital world. Two-thirds of the global workforce is now employed remotely. This means data you’ll need to prioritize your privacy online.

In the past three months alone, law enforcement agencies reported 446 data breaches. Around 160 million people had their private information stolen. According to investigations, unsecured databases and networks were to blame for the breaches, not cyberattacks.

Get CyberGhost VPN today to encrypt your internet traffic and secure your online data. CyberGhost VPN redirects your traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. This gives you an extra security layer, making your connection impenetrable and your data indecipherable.

We have a long history of advocating for online privacy and pushing for more transparency in the VPN industry. We published our first Transparency Report back in 2011, and it’s become a tradition for us. In 2019 we decided to do a quarterly edition here on the Privacy Hub, so you can always see what we do to protect your online privacy.

In case you missed them, check out our Q1 and Q2 2021 editions.

You can also check our website to view our annual Transparency Reports. Have any questions? Leave them below!

Stay safe and secure!

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