13 Best Streaming Services Worth Keeping in 2022

Is Netflix still the best or have Amazon, Disney, and the others caught up?

With so many streaming services available today, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth your money. Movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, anime, original content, classics – it’s all at your fingertips 24/7. If only you had more free time!

Want to know what streaming services are really worth your time, not to mention your money? I’ve checked out all the most popular platforms on the market to find the top streaming services for 2022, whether you’re after on-demand content, live TV, or both. 

So, which streaming services are worth keeping in 2022? Find out after this short commercial break…

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Is Netflix Still the Top Streaming Service in 2022? 

Woman points a remote at a TV with Netflix on the screen
Netflix has been the
leader in on-demand streaming for 15 years. It changed the way people consume content and paved the path for all other streaming services available today. So, how did Netflix get to the top, and is it still the best streaming service in 2022?

Netflix’s Rise to Streaming Stardom

Netflix reshaped the landscape of home entertainment in 1999 with its DVD-mailer program. In 2007, it added streaming video to its menu. By 2011, the end credits were rolling for the likes of Blockbuster and local video stores. That’s when Netflix pivoted away from mailers to focus on streaming and creating original content. 

With the 2013 release of its critically-acclaimed House of Cards, Netflix’s stock price rose by nearly 300%. This changed the entertainment industry forever. It led to more streaming services, fewer butts in movie theater seats, and a max exodus of subscribers from cable and satellite. Since then, Netflix has been a streaming star, but its shine has dimmed some in 2022.

A Change Coming to Netflix in 2022

There are 200+ streaming services in the US alone. More choice means more competition for Netflix. The streaming giant lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 alone and projects that another 2 million will wave bye-bye by the end of June. That said, competition isn’t the only thing to blame for Netflix’s shrinking subscriber base. 

Netflix raised its prices by more than 10% in January 2022. Its most-popular two-stream HD plan is now $15.49 per month. If you want 4k streaming, it’ll set you back $19.99. 

Netflix is also cracking down on password sharing. That doesn’t mean it will outlaw it – it just might cost you more. Netflix is running tests in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru to let users share passwords with people outside their homes for $2.99 a month. 

So, what does Netflix plan to do to keep you from leaving? Co-CEO Reed Hastings said it may add a lower-cost, ad-supported plan to its service by the end of the year. It intends to create more high-quality original shows and films. It also introduced mobile gaming in 2021 and will continue to add more games to its library.

Netflix Around the World

Subscription prices for Netflix vary greatly by country. As do the number of titles you’ll find in each country’s Netflix library. The US has over 5,800 titles in its Netflix library, but according to Statista, Slovakia and Bulgaria have over 7,000 titles! Also, while you have to pay $9.99 for a basic plan in the States, it’s less than $5.00 in countries like Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, and Colombia.

You can use CyberGhost VPN to change your region to wherever is most convenient.

While it’s perfectly legal to use a VPN to stream Netflix, unblocking content or creating an account outside countries where it’s licensed may violate copyright. CyberGhost doesn’t recommend breaking any agreements or laws, with or without a VPN.

8 Best On-Demand Streaming Services

Every on-demand streaming service offers something a little different. Here’s what I looked for in the best on-demand streaming services for 2022:

    • 📺 Size of streaming library – If a streaming service doesn’t offer enough of the content you want, it’s not worth keeping.
    • 📺 Quality of content – “Are you not entertained?!” Maximus posed this question in the Ridley Scott classic Gladiator, and I pose it to you. Having a lot to choose from is great, but not when there’s nothing you actually want to watch. The best streaming services should have enough high-quality content to keep you engaged.
    • 📺 Variety of content – Some on-demand streaming services specialize in niche content, like anime, horror, or cult cinema. I’ve focused on services that give more variety and cater to the most diverse audience. The best streaming service for you will depend on what you want to view.
    • 📺 Value for money – This is the last item on my list, but it’s arguably the most important. A streaming service worth keeping will offer you the content you want at a price that fits your budget.

1. Netflix – Still at the Top

Netflix home page
The service that started it all is still #1 in my books. Despite being the most expensive streaming service on the list,
Netflix provides good value for your money

Netflix offers more film and TV titles than any other streaming service, aside from Amazon Prime Video. It has a good content variety, and its original shows and movies have won numerous Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmy awards. The addition of mobile gaming is also unique – no other streaming service on this list has mobile gaming at the moment. 

If Netflix adds an ad-supported plan or offers password sharing at a small fee, it could be the solution if you’re a budget-conscious streamer. That means you won’t have to pay so much to watch the next season of Stranger Things, Bridgerton, or Netflix’s next Oscar contender.

2. Amazon Prime Video – Biggest Film & TV Library

Amazon Prime Video home page
Amazon Prime Video is unique because it’s free with Amazon Prime accounts. If you don’t want the other Prime services, you can get Amazon Prime Video on its own for $8.99 a month. That gives you access to more than 26,000 film and TV titles – by far the most of any streaming service. Its current TV originals include The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Bosch, The Underground Railroad, and the upcoming Lord of the Rings series.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has a huge variety of content and its originals have won a number of major awards. That includes Oscars for films such as Manchester by the Sea and Sound of Metal. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Video also offers live sports streaming, including exclusive rights to NFL Thursday Night Football. You can also pay to add on channels like Starz, Showtime, and AMC+

3. Disney+ – The Only Place for Marvel & Star Wars

Disney+ home page
The size of the
Disney+ library can’t match most of the services on this list. That said, it’s the only place to get streaming access to the Disney vault, Pixar, National Geographic, and the Marvel and Star Wars universes. Disney+ offers everything from classics to new releases, documentaries, shorts, and original shows, including The Mandalorian, WandaVision, Hawkeye, and Monsters at Work

There’s only one Disney+ plan: ad-free for $7.99 a month. However, Disney+ intends to offer an ad-supported plan by the end of 2022. You can also bundle it with Hulu and ESPN+ for access to 4,000+ TV and film titles, next-day airing of current TV, and live sports programming.

4. HBO Max – Highest-Quality Shows & Hollywood Hits  

HBO Max home page
HBO Max lets you stream all HBO content as well as TV and film hits from Warner Media. That includes shows like Friends and Game of Thrones, DC Comics and Harry Potter universe films, and many more popular and award-winning titles – 3,300+ in all. It even offers same-day streaming for some films released in theaters. Yes, you’ll find non-Warner content on HBO Max, too, but more and more titles are staying home with their own studio’s streaming services.

An ad-free plan with HBO Max will cost you $14.99 per month. It also offers a less expensive plan that has ads, but at $9.99 it costs more than some ad-free streaming services. If you already subscribe to HBO, you can get HBO Max for free.

5. Apple TV+ – All About Original Content

AppleTV+ home page
The focus of Apple TV+ is to provide high-quality, original content. Its library is much smaller than all other streamers on this list, with just
125+ titles. That’s because it’s only been around since November 2019 and it offers Apple originals exclusively

Apple TV+ is one of the cheapest streamers on our list at just $4.99 a month for ad-free viewing. You can get a 7-day free trial, or get 3 months for free when you buy an Apple device.

Apple TV+’s star-studded and Emmy-award-winning shows include Ted Lasso (starring Jason Sudeikis) and The Morning Show (with Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Reese Witherspoon). Its 2021 film CODA was the first streaming-service original to win a Best Picture Oscar, and The Tragedy of MacBeth, starring Denzel Washington, got three Oscar nominations. 

Apple TV+ has also found documentary success with Beastie Boys Story and Emmy-Award-winning Boys State. You can also stream live Major League Baseball games every Friday night. Overall, not bad.

6. Hulu – Best for Cutting the Cord

Hulu home page
A few short years ago,
Hulu was the only place to go for next-day access to currently-airing TV shows. Now, with networks and studios creating their own streaming services (e.g. Peacock and Paramount+), Hulu is losing access to many top shows. That said, it’s the only place to stream current FX hits like The Mayans, Atlanta, Breeders, and Under the Banner of Heaven. It also has more film and TV titles than the likes of Peacock and Paramount+, with over 4,000 in its library. 

Hulu is also in the business of high-quality original content. In 2017, it became the first streaming service to win an Emmy for the most outstanding drama series for The Handmaid’s Tale. It also received a Golden Globe nomination for its original film Palm Springs.

You can get ad-free Hulu for $12.99 a month or pay $6.99 for a plan with commercials. You can bundle live TV and Disney+ with Hulu, as well as pay extra for add-ons like live sports, HBO Max, Cinemax, and Showtime.

Hulu is one of the only streaming services you can really try before you buy – if offers a 30-day free trial. It’s only available in the US, Puerto Rico, and Japan, though. If you travel outside those locations, you can use CyberGhost VPN to appear as though you are home.

7. Peacock – Well-Rounded Option for TV and Film Favorites

Peacock home page
Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service. It’s primarily an on-demand offering that gives you access to
3,000+ titles from the NBC and Universal TV and film libraries. In addition to back-catalog content, you get next-day viewing of shows currently-airing on the NBC-family of channels (NBC, Bravo, USA, SyFy, etc.). You can also watch films that are still in the theater. 

Peacock’s original content includes critically-acclaimed Dr. Death, Saved by the Bell, and Girls5Eva. You can also watch NBC’s live sports and events, such as NFL Sunday Night Football, Premier League soccer, and WWE. If you’re a fan of The Office, Parks and Rec, or Saturday Night Live, you may want Peacock. It’s the only way to stream these favorites in the US, unless you use a VPN like CyberGhost to access them on other services in another region.

You have three Peacock plans to pick from: Free, Premium (for $4.99), or Plus (for $9.99). The free plan gives you limited access to NBCUniversal’s shows and movies – sorry Office fans, you only get to watch seasons 1 and 2. You also have to sit through a lot of commercials and don’t get live sports and events. 

The Premium package gives you full streaming access with limited commercials, but you can’t download titles to your device. Lastly, plus gives you everything Peacock offers, pretty much ad-free, with the caveat that streaming rights require some of its content to still have ads.

8. Paramount+ – Good Content Library and the Most Live Sports

Paramount+ home page
If you want streaming access to
3,000+ movies and TV titles from the Paramount library, you need Paramount+. It’s home to some of Hollywood’s greatest films, hit TV shows, and exciting originals like Star Trek: Picard, Halo, 1883, and Mayor of Kingstown.

Paramount+ has two plans: Essential and Premium. They’re $4.99 and $9.99/month, respectively, or you can get a discount if you pay for a full year. Both plans let you stream every Paramount+ title, give you next-day access to CBS, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon shows, and let you watch the NFL on CBS and other live sports. 

The main differences between the plans is that Essential doesn’t give you access to local CBS stations or let you download content. Premium does and is also ad-free. You have to sit through some ads with Essential. That said, one thing to note is that, like Peacock, you may have to watch an ad now and then, even on Premium.


On-Demand Platform

Monthly Price

Library Size


Simultaneous Streams

Free Trial


$9.99 – $19.99



1 – 4

Amazon Prime Video




30 days







$9.99 – $14.99




Apple TV+




7 days


$6.99 – $12.99




30 days


Free – $9.99





$4.99 – $9.99




7 days

* Netflix and Disney+ have both said they may offer ad-supported plans by the end of 2022

5 Best Live Streaming Services

Live streaming services are a great option if you want live TV but don’t want to pay for an expensive cable or satellite contract. Here’s what I looked for in the top live streaming services:

    • 📺 Number of channels – Let’s be honest: none of us watches every channel our cable or satellite provider offers. That said, if you’re going to cut the cord and move to a live streaming service, you probably want one with some variety.
    • 📺 Premium offerings – No matter how many channels a streaming service offers, if it doesn’t offer quality channels, you don’t want it. Make sure you choose a service that gives you the channels you need.
    • 📺 DVR – Live TV is great and all, but being able to record your favorite content to watch later is important. Some streaming services offer more DVR space than others.
    • 📺 Value for money – Just like with on-demand services, finding a live streaming service that gives you what you want, at a price that fits your budget, is the number one priority.

1. Youtube TV – Most for Your Money

YouTube TV home page
YouTube TV has the
best channel lineup for entertainment and sports fans alike. Its 85+ channels include all major networks, AMC, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery, FX, and the list goes on. If you’re a sports fan, this is the streaming service for you. YouTube TV features ESPN, FS1, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, and more. It also gives you access to live local networks.

At $64.99 per month, YouTube TV costs less than both fuboTV and the combo of Hulu + Live TV. It gives you 6 accounts to share within your household, and allows up to three simultaneous streams. That means everyone can watch what they want, when they want. You also get unlimited DVR space

YouTube TV offers a number of add-ons. These include HBO Max, Showtime, NFL RedZone, and a variety of Spanish channels. You can also pay for 4k streaming and unlimited streams

2. Fubo TV – Most Live TV Channels

Fubo TV home page
FuboTV comes in 3 packages: Pro, Elite, and Latino: 

          • The Latino plan has 40+ channels of Latino content for $32.99 a month, including TUDN, Univision, and ESPN Deportes. 
          • Pro gives you over 120+ channels for $69.99, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, AMC, FX, ESPN, NFL Network, and many more. 
          • Elite has 170+ channels for $79.99. It includes everything you get with Pro, as well as extras like NBA TV, MLB Network, additional news channels, and 4k events.

FuboTV lets you have two simultaneous streams, though you can pay for a third. While its DVR isn’t unlimited, you get 1,000 hours of DVR, which is quite generous.

3. Hulu + Live TV – Best Bundle Value

Hulu + Live TV home page
The thing that makes Hulu + Live TV different is that
in addition to 75+ top live channels, you get access to Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+. You can’t pay less than the $69.99 a month price tag to just get live TV, which is a bit of a bummer. That said, Disney+ is usually $7.99 a month on its own, so toss in ESPN+ and it works out to be a pretty good deal. 

You don’t get access to AMC, NBA TV, or the MLB Network with Hulu + Live TV, but you’ll find most other popular channels. It also offers add-on packages for additional entertainment channels, Spanish channels, and more sports, including NFL RedZone

One thing that holds Hulu + Live TV back is that you can only have two simultaneous live streams. If you want more, you have to pay extra. 

4. Sling TV – Tiered Service to Fit Your Needs

Sling TV home page
Sling TV differentiates itself from other streaming services by offering two tiers of channels to appeal to different interests. You can pay $35 per month for the Orange tier to get 30+ channels including Orange-tier exclusives Disney, ESPN, and Freeform. The Blue tier is also $35 for 40+ channels. 

You need to subscribe to Blue to get the likes of Bravo, Discovery, FX, and NFL Network, but you can get all Sling channels for $50 a month. The low price point is a definite benefit of Sling TV. It also lets you watch live local channels (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC), which you can’t with many live streaming services. 

However, Sling TV gives you only 50 hours of DVR storage unless you pay for more. You’re also quite limited with the number of streams – you only get 1 with the Orange package, though you get 3 with Blue or the bundle deal.

5. Philo – Cheapest Live TV Streaming Option

Philo home page
If you want to cut both the cord and your TV bill, Philo is the live streaming service for you. It costs
just $25 a month, but only offers 60+ channels – by far the fewest of any live streaming service on my list. 

Philo is for people who want just TV shows and movies. If you want sports, you’re in the wrong place – Philo doesn’t do sports. It also doesn’t give you access to basic networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC).

In addition to live streaming, Philo has an on-demand library with over 60,000 movies, shows, and specials. That’s more than double Amazon Prime Video, making it by far the biggest on-demand library on our list! Throw in unlimited DVR and a number of add-on channels, including Starz, and Philo is a service to watch! 


Live TV Platform

Monthly Price


Simultaneous Streams

DVR Hours

Free Trial

YouTube TV





7 days

Fubo TV

$69.99 – $79.99



1,000 hours

7 days

Hulu + Live TV





7 days

Sling TV

$35 – $50



50 hours






7 days

How a VPN Improves Streaming Services

A VPN can certainly improve your streaming experience. However, not all VPNs give you what we do. Install CyberGhost VPN today and: 

    • 📺 Get fast speeds and a great picture – CyberGhost has the fastest VPN servers on the market, so you’ll never get a slow connection or buffering video and will always have a crystal-clear picture. We have UHD-quality, streaming-optimized servers designed specifically for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and YouTube TV.
    • 📺 Prevent ISP throttling – ISPs can throttle your bandwidth when you stream live TV or 4k, but CyberGhost VPN encrypts your data and reroutes it through a secure tunnel so your ISP can’t see what you watch and throttle you.
    • 📺 Unblock local content – CyberGhost VPN gets you around content-based blocks at school or work so you can stream sports, shows, or movies as you please.
    • 📺 Stream from abroad – If you’re traveling, you can use CyberGhost VPN to mask your IP address and change your location to appear as though you are home.
    • 📺 Stay anonymous and private – We use cutting-edge VPN protocols and military-grade encryption to keep your data secure and you anonymous online. We also have a strict No Logs policy to never track, store, or share anything about you or your activity.
    • 📺 Protection on public Wi-Fi – Public Wi-Fi networks are unsecure, which leaves you at risk when you use them. CyberGhost VPN keeps you completely safe on public Wi-Fi and our automatic Kill Switch blocks activity if your VPN connection drops for any reason.

The Streaming Service for Your Budget and Needs

Whether you’re looking for an on-demand streaming service or you want to stream live TV, there’s no one-size-fits-all option.

Netflix and YouTube TV offer the most for your money. Netflix offers more titles and award-winning originals than most on-demand streaming services. YouTube TV gives you the best channel lineup at a lower price than its top competitors. It’s also tops for sports.

If you want the most choice for your money, Amazon Prime Video has over 26,000 titles in its library and fuboTV gives you over 120 channels of live TV.

If you’re after low-cost options, Philo is the cheapest live streaming service, but you won’t get any sports access. While Peacock has a free plan, AppleTV+ gives you the cheapest ad-free service and offers only high-quality, original content.

No matter which service you pick, download CyberGhost VPN to protect your digital identity and enjoy the best streaming experience possible. 


Is there an absolute best live streaming service? 

YouTube TV is the top live streaming service. It gives you the best combination of entertainment, news, and sports on the market at a competitive price. 

Use CyberGhost VPN to stream YouTube TV in crystal-clear HD with no ISP throttling or buffering, any time of day.

What streaming service offers the most value (most channels for price)? 

For the most channels for your money, look no further than fuboTV. It’s the most expensive streaming service, but you get 120+ channels for $69.99 or 170+ for $79.99. If you want an on-demand streaming service with the most titles in its library, try Amazon Prime Video. It has over 26,000 titles. 

CyberGhost VPN has Prime Video streaming-optimized servers to give you the best streaming experience possible.

Which is better, Netflix or Hulu? 

There’s much to like about Hulu, but Netflix is the better on-demand streaming option. Netflix gives you 1,800+ more titles than Hulu and has more popular and award-winning content

You can use CyberGhost VPN to access your Netflix account securely abroad and to unblock streaming platforms at work or school. If you can’t access Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming site you’re after, contact Customer Support 24/7 by live chat or email.

Is Netflix adding ads? 

Netflix’s co-CEO Reed Hastings said that the streaming service may offer an ad-supported plan by the end of 2022. This is in response to the company raising its prices in January, which led to 200,000 subscribers leaving by March and 2 million more expected to leave by June. 

One thing Netflix isn’t planning to add is a money-back guarantee. CyberGhost VPN, on the other hand, offers an airtight 45-day money-back guarantee. That means you can try our service risk-free for over a month! That’s a lot of free, unrestricted streaming! 

Can you remove ads on streaming services? 

You can remove ads on on-demand streaming services by paying a higher subscription fee. However, you can’t remove ads from live TV, so you’re stuck with them on live streaming services. That said, live streaming services offer DVR, so you can at least hit the fast forward button. 

While CyberGhost VPN can’t help you remove all the ads on streaming platforms, we can remove risk when you use streaming services. We use world-class encryption and VPN protocols to secure your online identity and keep your data safe.

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