Stop the intrusions and keep yourself away from the prying eyes of Windows

Reclaim your right to confidentiality with CyberGhost Privacy Guard

Take full control over your settings

Tame your operating system and enjoy it on your own terms with CyberGhost Privacy Guard.

Stop tracking

End data collecting

Block geo-locating

Take control over your privacy

We created CyberGhost Privacy Guard because we believe you should be the one deciding how much of your data you want to share with Microsoft. And now we’re giving you this power with our app.

Our tool lets you disable the intrusive functionalities of your operating system and safeguard your privacy.

It’s time you take control over your Windows settings. Choose one of our suggested privacy profiles or customize everything yourself in the app.

Stop the privacy invasion

There are more than 70 ways in which Microsoft keep tabs on you.

They collect data on you, send you ads, give apps access to your email, contacts, calendar, and even to-do list. They geo-track you and decide when to perform tasks for you silently.

But with CyberGhost Privacy Guard, you can change all this.

Get lifetime access for $15

All your privacy settings in one place

Whether you want to keep all your Windows functionalities or you’re ready to disable some, we can help you increase your privacy. It’s not only about access to basic and advanced settings. We let you customize your privacy when it comes to:

  • Stop your operating system or other Microsoft apps from tracking you
  • Disable the camera on your device in lock screen
  • Restrict apps’ access to your user account info, tasks, messages, or call history
  • Stop data collection about your typing habits
  • Fully customize your Microsoft Edge privacy settings
  • Stop Microsoft from geolocating you
  • Manipulate your Windows update and sync settings
  • And much more...

Shield your private information and try out CyberGhost Privacy Guard.

Kompatibel med:

Windows Vista
(minst SP2)
Windows 7
(minst SP2)
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

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