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The Best VPN for Colombia in 2022

Steer clear of mass surveillance, browse anonymously, and access worldwide content.

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CyberGhost Best VPN for Colombia

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Achieve Total Privacy in the Colombia in 3 Simple Steps:

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Colombia is No Stranger to Mass Surveillance and Monitoring

Colombia has a long history of intercepting private communications - an activity supported by laws with vague terms and explanations.

In 2012, the Colombian Ministry of Justice issued a decree forcing telecom companies, including internet service providers (ISPs), to create backdoors as a ‘public security mechanism’ for a faster and easier way to investigate crimes.

The decree expanded Colombia’s ability to monitor citizens, threatening privacy, anonymity, and freedom of expression. Colombian authorities can now access your mobile and fixed-line call data and content to locate evidence in criminal investigations. Telecom operators have to cooperate with law enforcement agencies requesting your data. They also have to keep user data for five years.

Colombia’s surveillance programs don’t stop here. The Integrated Recording System (IRS) and Single Monitoring and Analysis Platform (PUMA) intercept all Colombian citizens’ communications directly through ISP network infrastructure. Law enforcement agencies then use these systems for national security.

To escape Columbia’s intrusive surveillance programs and regain your online privacy, install CyberGhost VPN on all your devices!

The Best VPN for Complete Internet Freedom in Colombia

Looking for a way to dodge online government censorship and surveillance in Columbia? Get CyberGhost VPN to browse safely and anonymously!

We’ll hide your IP address, encrypt your data, and send all your traffic through a secure tunnel so no one can see who you are or what you’re up to!

We’ve got 7000+ servers, including 12 in Colombia, optimized for streaming, gaming, and safe downloading.

No matter what you’re doing, you’ll get top performance and perfect quality. We don’t impose any bandwidth limits or data restrictions.

Download, stream, or just browse whatever you want - as much as you want - securely and privately with CyberGhost VPN!

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Watch on Any Device

You're using your smartphone to check social media, but you’re using your PC for work. CyberGhost VPN protects up to 7 devices simultaneously with 1 subscription.

Our VPN app is simple enough for anyone to use, and is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems, including Smart TVs, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux, and routers.

Access and stream the content you want, including your favorite shows from Claro Video, RCN Television, or Mi Gente TV.

Want to learn more about CyberGhost VPN features? Contact our friendly support team via email or live chat 24/7.

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CyberGhost VPN unlocks websites

Access Your Favorite Colombian Websites

Online services use your IP address to identify your location. Regional limitations prevent you from watching Colombian TV shows or reading your favorite Colombian magazine when you travel. Change your IP address to a Colombian one to restore access to your preferred content!

We have +7000 servers worldwide, including 12 in Colombia. You’ll always be connected to the best server based on your location, so you’ll benefit from a great connection.

Get unlimited access to Colombian websites, movies, and live events on popular streaming channels like Netflix, HBO Go, or Disney+.

Try out CyberGhost VPN with our 45-day money-back guarantee!

Web cookies, IP geolocation, and app permissions all track you and your digital habits. CyberGhost VPN ensures you don’t leave any web breadcrumbs behind. We’ve implemented a rock solid No-Logs policy that mandates we never monitor or keep any details about you while you’re connected to our servers.

We’re headquartered in Romania, a country that isn’t part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. This means no government authority can make us hand over your data. Even if they did, we wouldn’t have anything to provide. See here in our quarterly Transparency Report.

Keep all your digital whereabouts secret with CyberGhost VPN!

Get online protection with CyberGhost VPN

An Indisputable No-Logs Policy

Get online protection with CyberGhost VPN

The Most Secure Data Encryption

The more apps and online services you use, the more your personal information is shared and sold to third parties. Use CyberGhost VPN to keep all your personal data for yourself.

We combine world class security protocols with AES 256-bit encryption, rendering your data indecipherable. We hide your IP address and send your online traffic through an encrypted virtual tunnel. If someone intercepts your communications, they won’t know who you are and will only see a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Browse safely and with complete peace of mind with CyberGhost VPN!

Cybercriminals use public Wi-Fi as a go-to stomping ground. Once you’re connected, cybercrooks and snoops can siphon off data from your web activities to steal your identity.

Connect to CyberGhost VPN before you join a Wi-Fi network in a cafe or during your commute in Bogota’s Transmilenio or Pereira’s Megabus to secure your connection.

With our military-grade encryption, cyber thieves won’t be able to steal your personal info. Our kill switch automatically blocks all internet traffic if CyberGhost VPN ever disconnects.

Stay private and protect your digital identity every time you connect to public Wi-Fi networks in Colombia!

Connect securely to Wi-Fi with CyberGhost VPN

Close the Wi-Fi Security Gap

Connect to CyberGhost VPN in just one click

The End of Bandwidth Limits

Put an end to internet throttling and buffering with CyberGhost VPN!

We hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic data, so your ISP can’t throttle no matter what you’re doing online. Our lightning fast protocols send all your web traffic securely to our speed-optimized VPN servers.

We never place any limits on your bandwidth or data sharing capacity. Browse, stream, game, and download fast and securely!


A VPN helps you avoid government surveillance, online data tracking, and improve your online privacy in Colombia. A VPN also helps you access Colombian online content, including your favorite TV channels when you travel. Connect to one of our 7000+ global servers to read, listen to, and watch content from all the corners of the world. Stream your favorite shows on Netflix, HBO Go, or Disney+. Contact our friendly customer support 24/7 to learn more. Reach them via our live chat feature or email.

Yes. As in most countries, VPNs are legal in Colombia. To avoid government surveillance, a No-Logs VPN like CyberGhost VPN is the best solution. We’re headquartered in Romania, a country with privacy-friendly laws. Data retention policies have been declared unconstitutional in Romania,and we’re not a member of any international data-sharing alliances. That means no one can force us to store or share your data.

Free VPNs are never a good choice. Most free VPN services don’t regularly upgrade their privacy and security features. They also provide slow connection speed since they usually don’t have a wide server network. Most free providers keep user logs and sell your data to third parties. Choosing a paid VPN like CyberGhost is the best way to go. Try us out risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can get a refund - no questions asked.

Yes! We have 12 servers in Colombia, allowing you to change your IP address and browse the web completely anonymously. With over ten years in the business, we have always carefully chosen our server vendors. Our servers are firewall-protected, configured in-house, and ensure full you’ve always got end-to-end protection. This means no one can access online traffic traveling through them, so your online data is completely hidden and untraceable.

Don't Take Our Word for It! See What Our Customers Have to Say:

With over 7980 servers in 91+ countries, we give you blazing fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. No more buffering, throttling from your Internet Service Provider or proxy errors with our VPN connection!

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