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Why CyberGhost is the best YouTube Unblocker?

Access to websites such as YouTube is often blocked entirely in some countries such as Turkey, Syria, China, North Korea, Pakistan or Iran, due to their restrictive political regime. But this also happens in democratic countries, such as UK, at schools or corporate offices. It can also happen to you when traveling abroad and the country that you are visiting is blocking certain websites under censorship policies.

That’s where you need a reliable VPN such as CyberGhost VPN, which will help you safely bypass internet filters set by a country, a school or a corporate network administrator.

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Besides unblocking YouTube, you can use CyberGhost to unblock other websites including, but not restricted to, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Hulu, Pandora or gaming websites worldwide.

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CyberGhost is more than a website unblocker

You can also browse websites anonymously and privately, as CyberGhost is using a military-level encryption that renders the connection between your device and the Internet untraceable and 100% anonymous.

Since we don’t keep any logs, you can enjoy YouTube and browse the web anonymously, fully protected from web spies, hackers, data miners and mass surveillance companies.

When you are connected to CyberGhost and you want to use unencrypted public WiFi connections, your online sessions become secured and encrypted.

This means that your network data including online payment transactions, instant messages, passwords and downloads are only yours to know and use. Have you ever seen how easy it is to hack into a computer connected to a public WiFi?

So if you are using CyberGhost to unblock YouTube at school, at your office Wi-Fi or from a nondemocratic country, you are also completely protected and private.

Our software is free and available for use on PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android.