Living in the Fake News Era

Nobody likes being deceived. Finding out that you misplaced trust in something, or someone, can make you feel foolish. Or perhaps like you’ve been taken advantage of.

This applies to relationships, friendships, business deals, purchases, and basically every other interaction we experience.

That’s why you’d probably to do some due diligence before jumping right in.

You want to make sure the new man in your life isn’t some obsessive stalker. You want to know that a company isn’t going to scam you. And you’ll do some digging to establish the facts.

But what about the news we read? What about stories we hear?

Do we commit to the same level of research? Are our reactions the same when we’re duped by a hoax story, or an entirely made up report?

The rise of fake news in recent years suggests that’s simply not the case.

But what does fake news look like? How can you identify it? And what can you do about it?

Here’s a few tips to help you navigate what can be a deceptive digital landscape.

27 MIN READ | Last updated: May 17, 2019
How Important is Press Freedom?

A free press is an essential ingredient for a free society. Speaking the truth to power and holding authorities to account means the general public does not fall victim to endless streams of fake news and propaganda.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on freedom of the press.

Here’s a look at the state of press freedom in a few countries that could be doing far more to protect this important part of society.

18 MIN READ | Last updated: May 17, 2019
How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook

A lot of people want to delete Facebook these days. Maybe it was the Cambridge Analytica scandal that initially made you think about it.

Perhaps it was when you found out that Facebook passwords were kept in plain text.

There are countless reasons why you might consider deleting Facebook. Whatever yours is, we’ve got you covered.

6 MIN READ | Last updated: May 22, 2019

Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

Edward Snowden

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