CyberGhost VPN Mitigates Security Risks Caused by Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Here’s the news, Ghosties. You might have heard about the Log4j vulnerability recently. It made headlines in cybersecurity news and trended on Twitter.


Here, at CyberGhost VPN we’ve taken measures to protect our VPN servers of Log4j exploits. No user data or server data has been compromised.


Here’s what you need to know.

3 MIN READ | Last updated: Dec 15, 2021
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Scams – How to Watch out from Popular Holiday Frauds

You should pay extra attention to online scams during the holiday season.


During this time of the year when people are more giving, scammers get more creative too.


Check the most popular winter holiday scams and learn how to avoid them!

3 MIN READ | Last updated: Dec 21, 2021
The Biggest Data Breaches in 2021

2021 seems to be a record-breaking year for data breaches.


Security incidents and data exposure have become common place.


LinkedIn, Facebook, or T-Mobile are just some examples of targeted companies.


While sometimes impossible to prevent, there are still a few safety practices that keep you away from data breaches.

7 MIN READ | Last updated: Jan 05, 2022

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