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Stay protected by a strict no-logs policy

At CyberGhost VPN, it’s all about your privacy. Here’s how we safeguard it.

We take your privacy seriously

The story of CyberGhost VPN officially begins in 2011. That’s when we gathered a team of dedicated professionals and started building a product to protect your right to digital anonymity.

While our VPN software has undergone many updates and user interface changes over time, our internet privacy credo stayed the same.

Our mission at CyberGhost VPN is to build the right tools for you, so your privacy can have a future. And every day, we turn more than 38 million people from all over the world digitally invisible. And it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

It’s now more important than ever to do our job very well.

Internet surveillance has been increasing rapidly over the past few years. To maximize profit, more and more companies turn to data mining. Data breaches are becoming alarmingly frequent. These can quickly turn into threats to your privacy, and they’re constantly mutating and evolving.

We’re based outside the jurisdiction of surveillance alliances

We got our start in Germany, but our headquarters are now in Bucharest, Romania.

The country isn’t famous just for being the land of vampires. Romania also made a name for itself within the European Union for upholding privacy-friendly values.

Back in 2006, the Romanian Constitutional Court refused to adopt the EU Data Retention Directive, calling it unconstitutional. In 2011, the Romanian Senate unanimously rejected the new draft law on the retention of data. According to Romanian law, we are under no obligation to keep tabs on our users. This enables us to strictly enforce our no-logs policy.

Also, Romania is not a member of any surveillance alliance, like the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, or 14 Eyes alliances. Because of this, we are under absolutely no obligation to collaborate with any foreign intelligence agencies.

We keep no logs of your online activity

As a team, we’re committed to protecting your privacy. That’s why we have a strict no-logs policy. Despite numerous legal requests over the years, we’ve never breached our users’ trust or compromised their anonymity.

In the words of our co-founder, Robert Knapp, “The only way to secure your data is not to store it.”

We do not collect or store:
●Your IP address
●Your DNS queries
●Your browsing history
●The web content you accessed
●Your connection timestamps
●Your disconnection timestamps
●Your session duration
●Your bandwidth usage
●The VPN servers you connect to

We have no idea what you do online after you connect to one of our servers, or how much bandwidth you’ve used. It’s none of our business.

We accept payment in the form of cryptocurrency

While we know that cryptocurrencies are not perfect when it comes to anonymity, we understand why our users would like an extra layer of protection when purchasing online.

Whether you don’t want your online purchases to be traced, or if you are from a place where VPN usage is frowned upon, we have your back. If you have a crypto wallet, you can use it to pay for your CyberGhost VPN subscription.

You can sign up for one of our plans with Bitcoin and not leave a trace of who you are. And despite other practices in the eCommerce world, we do not exclude purchases made with Bitcoin from our refund policy.

Our Transparency Report

Back in 2011, we were the first ones in the VPN industry to release a transparency report, openly declaring data related to requests by governments and law enforcement agencies for information. And our dedication to being open and honest with every single one of our users is just as strong now as it was then.

In 2018, we began including a lot more sections in our Transparency Report. Now you can read it to find out about:
●The number of DMCA complaints, malware activity flags, and police requests that we get
●The key statistics about our infrastructure
●More about us, the people behind CyberGhost VPN

Transparency is not just a tradition we’re very fond of. It’s a duty we feel compelled to fulfill.

We know just the absolute minimum about you

We do not collect any data that is not absolutely necessary for us to deliver you the VPN service. Here’s what we do know about you.

In order to create a CyberGhost VPN account, you need a valid email address. You can then use it in the password recovery process.

Also, when you contact our Customer Support team, your email address is required to facilitate communication.

Our payment providers will require your billing details to process your payments and refund.

However, we do not directly process this, and you can always choose to pay anonymously using Bitcoin.

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