The Team

Robert Knapp


Do you know those people who really stand out of the crowd for no particular reason? You just notice them first when you enter a crowded room or on the street during your morning rush to the office.

Such a person is Robert, CyberGhost Co-founder, one of those who manage being imposing and self-confident without being arrogant.

As a leader, Robert always practices what he preaches: growing a great privacy company, a driven and passionate team, and products that help and delight millions of Internet users around the world.

He started his own company when he was 18, and since then he was self-employed, first in music and event - business, later in IT and internet.Since then, he learned everything from his own mistakes and managed to cultivate a love - hate relationship with attorneys and accountants.

For Robert there is no need to separate work from personal life, since he loves what he's doing. In his vision they are one and the same.

He's a sucker for excel sheets with numbers, conversion rates, St. Pauli soccer team, tattoos and Italian coffee.

While he's not in his office, you're most likely to bump into him in a theater or Opera House, or accidentally spill his beer during a concert from 80's punk rock heroes like Social Distortion or Marky Ramone.

Timo Beyel


Timo is responsible for conceptual design, strategy planning, PHP back-end, databases, iOS related things, and product and project management.

He coordinates the development team, and sets the deadlines when necessary.

Among his weaknesses, you can count good food, ice cream, Apple gadgets and skilled, motivated, reliable people like his team.

Timo hardly has any spare time, but when that happens, he'd rather spend it with his wife and his son and daughter. He strongly dislikes these two phrases: "I can't" and "This is not possible!"

Patrick Arns

Head of Software Development

Meet the strong, silent type! Patient and always calm, he seems surrounded by an impenetrable shield. Working with Moritz and Timo, he always plays the role of the conciliator.

It appears that nothing can unsettle him, but just wait until the sunrise, or sunset, and you'll see him pulling out his camera, and taking the most moving and fascinating photos you are ever to see.

Patrick is in charge with CyberGhost client development, CyberGhost back-end development, Computerbild-Cloud client, and database stuff.

When he's not working, he is playing poker with his friends and taking snapshots during the Blue-Hour of the Day.

When asked about his personal bugbears, he mentions unfindable bugs.

Silvia Andrei

Cleaning Lady

One of the most hard-working people in the CyberGhost team, Silvia manages to stay positive at all times.

When she's not cleaning after us (we can be real litterbugs sometimes), she spends time with her 15-year old son, and reads a lot, mostly detective novels written by Agatha Christie.


Video Producer

Ciprian is in charge with Photo and Video materials. The newest CyberGhost videos, photos and tutorials are a result of his outstanding creativity and good taste.

His pastime activities include: riding his bike and relaxing through music.

When it comes to learning, he always prefers the first hand experiences, putting quite an effort into traveling and interacting with people he considers to be of interest.

Ciprian's motto is Simple is the new complicated and it perfectly reflects in his work, along with his passion for minimal and clean things.

He hates cops, had quite awful experiences with taxi drivers and is not particular keen on rainy days.

Silviu Gurlea

Head of Customer Support

A dedicated Technical Support Representative, Silviu enjoys a job well done. Each case is a challenge to him, to which he always comes up with a great solution.

Poor customer service is his worst enemy and just the thought of it makes him cringe.

However, when Silviu wants to take it easy, blonde beer is his fuel, but black will do too in case of emergency.

Daniel Sava

BI Manager

Daniel is Team Ghostie’s data ninja, bridging the gap between business and IT. His role is quite complex as Daniel has to translate business desires into technical solutions and vice versa.

Most of us don’t have the slightest idea how he manages to analyze big chunks of data and extract useful info.

But we can sure count on Daniel to support all departments in understanding the business all the while fighting for users' privacy and not collecting their data.

When it comes to leisure activities, he’s very much into gaming and traveling. Daniel also spends a lot of time overthinking about various aspects of life. He’s not the kind who worries about unnecessary things; he just keeps his mind healthy as he engages in deep thought. After all, they say the unexamined life is not worth living.

George Alexandru

Product Manager

If you’ve ever used the CyberGhost Mac, iPhone or the Android apps, you’re already familiar with George’s work. As their Product Manager, his goal is to keep your laptop and mobile always safe.

Determined to offer our Ghosties the best VPN experience, he puts his analytical skills to work every day. He’s a master of coupling vision with strategy and making plans based on data. When he first joined us, George was on the QA side, and you can still feel all that attention to detail in how he manages his projects.

Aside from making sure that the CyberGhost products don't go off the rails, George also has a passion for everything running on tracks. As a graduate of the Rail Transport Vehicles section of the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, he takes a particular liking to trains.

And if you ever have to spot George in the office, it will be very easy. Just look for the guy with the most smart and creative T-shirt design and your job will be done.

Tobias Schüler

UI/UX Designer

After a long day of handling Android-development tasks or designing app interfaces, Tobias unwinds by practicing his cooking skills.

When he is not doing any of those or attending University classes, Tobias tunes down by swimming, travelling and watching his favorite TV shows. Just don't make him fill any questionnaires about himself.

Maximilian Frings

Full-Stack Developer

With a background in software development, Maximilian is the go-to guy for our API back-end and administration.

However, when he is not dealing with the tech-side of CyberGhost, Maximilian is all about getting in touch with nature, by taking long, relaxing trips. If you want to invite him over for dinner, be generous with the soy sauce, but refrain from opening bottles of sparkling water in his vicinity.

Christian Wiesenäcker

Android Software Developer

Christian is the calm and quite guy. He is working on libraries and developing the back-end services of our mobile apps.

In his free-time and during the weekend his most favorite activity is watching netflix or cooking meals.

Andreas Paland

Windows Software Developer

With a background in game design, Andreas now aims to become an expert at programming and UX design.

At CyberGhost VPN, he's focused on continually developing his skills and keeping our Windows app in tip-top shape. In his spare time, his passion for video games takes center stage.

Andreas is involved in several projects, and sometimes it can feel like a second job. To relax, he loves playing tabletop games and watching plenty of TV series.

Nils Crefeld

macOS Developer

Nils works his magic on all things macOS and iOS. His fingerprints and code are all over the CyberGhost apps for your Apple gadgets.

In his spare time, he's all about sports. Nils cycles and runs, but it's surfing he loves the most.

Judging by the amount of time he spends in the water during holidays, you might suspect he's a fish doubling as a human being. We can neither confirm nor deny this.

Mihaela Olivia Mondoc


They say an accountant is someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. You could say they’re magicians.

Well, at CyberGhost, Mihaela is responsible for all the magic tricks regarding accounting activities: invoicing, analyzing and preparing accounting records, as well as bank reconciliations.

When she’s not checking the numbers, she likes to spend time with her family and each year, she dedicates a special period for an unforgettable holiday.

Cristina Jderu

Graphic & UI/UX Designer

One of Cristina’s favorite sayings is: Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some are made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine…

Referring to herself maybe? You’ll have to find out on your own. What is sure though is that she loves long hiking trips, but also enjoys the seaside and if it were possible, she would travel the whole world.

Cristina studied Computer Science but fell in love with graphic design, so she decided to take this path. Currently, she is responsible for creating fun and user-friendly graphics, thus helping all departments communicate ideas through visual design and concepts. Cristina also makes sure users have the best possible experience when using the CyberGhost apps.

Dana Vioreanu

Content Specialist

Dana is in charge of all kinds of tasks related to content, such as writing articles, taking care of landing pages or getting involved in all sort of promotional activities.

Basically, just spreading good words about CyberGhost in the online world.

Even though her degree is in Sociology, which technically has nothing to do with writing, all her previous jobs implied working for websites, taking care of content and writing articles. By the way, if you’re interested in studying abroad, feel free to ask her for a few pointers, because for about two years and a half, she learned almost everything there is to know about international studies.

When she’s not spending time with her daughter (which is 90% of her free time), she enjoys reading a good book, seeing a play or watching a movie. And of course, she never misses a Disney or Pixar animation movie.

What really annoys her is The-Know-It-Alls people. Surely, you’ve met at least one, the type of people you’ve only just met and already start giving you advice about anything, although you never asked for it.

Filip Apostol

Infrastructure Development Specialist

Since he is a politics lover, Filip is great at communicating with people.

However, unlike many of the world’s politicians, our colleague spends most of his time finding solutions for absolutely anyone who requires his (technical) assistance, so that everyone gets to enjoy and use CyberGhost at its true potential.

With an eye for photography and a taste for Czech beer, Filip is a self-proclaimed full-time introvert, passionate about extremes as it seems, since he loves both very shiny as well as very matte objects.

It’s this appetency for the visual arts that makes him blend perfectly into the rest of the CyberGhost team, since there are a lot of undercover photographers among us (you know who you are, guys!).

Erez Tamir

Head of Finance

At CyberGhost, Erez handles a tricky business: he manages the finances of the company, operates the overall cash flow and makes all important financial decisions.

More commonly, the CyberGhost team knows him as the man you have to talk to when you need money for any business project.

Outside work, Erez is a true family guy; he likes to spend quality time with his 2 sons. And, although she is not a pastry chef, we all know his wife makes some excellent cookies. We appreciate them whenever he brings some for us at the office (no pressure).

He also enjoys practicing sports and travelling to a beach destination each summer.

If you want to hear his life story and how he decided to move from Cyprus to Romania, he will gladly tell you all about it over a glass of whisky.

Anca Barbu

HR Specialist

Anca’s biggest fantasy is to travel and discover all the wonders of the world (particularly sunny beach islands).

Since she completed her studies in tourism management, she’ll likely going to live her dream in the future.

Besides going on trips and visiting new places, Anca attends music festivals every time she can.

At CyberGhost, she is taking care of all sorts of administrative tasks, but not before she pours herself a big cup of coffee. The most interesting and challenging part of her job is the fact that no day is the same. And she pays a great deal of attention to organize perfect Happy Fridays and to provide us some of the finest desserts.

Yum! Thank you Anca!

Bianca Darie

CRO Coordinator

Bianca puts her many analytical skills into practice every day at CyberGhost. With incredible attention to detail, she’s always improving our flows.

Also, one of her specialties is finding new ways of making visits on our website as enjoyable as possible.

She started as a Conversion Optimization Specialist with us and quickly climbed the ranks. But what she still likes best about her job is the opportunity to discover what Ghosties want and what makes them tick.

From time to time, Bianca likes to reveal her adventurous side by going snowboarding, hiking or playing basketball. But that’s not all. If you’re ever looking for restaurant recommendations, she should be your go-to foodie. Always up-to-date with what’s new in town, she also great at suggesting recipes to try at home. Her love for good meals is undeniable, she even named her cats Couscous and Sushi.

Octavian Martinică

QA Lead

Although he likes to day-dream once in a while, Octavian is always wide awake when he’s looking out for bugs.

He is also politically correct at his job, as he believes: ‘all code is guilty until proven innocent’. Like any QA engineer, he is passionate about video games, but reading a good book is also a nice way for Octavian to pass his time.

If you want to have fun with a little Spanish conversation, Octavian is always up for this challenge since he studied Spanish in college.

Octavian goes on a road trip every time he gets a chance and he always chooses scenic routes to admire nature and all its beauty. He is a tolerant and calm person, but FYI: loud people and those who cut in line really tick him off.

Adina Ailoaiei

Content Writer

After learning all the VPN nooks and crannies as a Tech Support Engineer, Adina switched lanes and took on new challenges in the Marketing team.

Now she's in charge of creating compelling content that can educate our Ghosties on online privacy and security. As a graduate of the Faculty of Letters, she learned foreign languages and linguistics. This now helps her understand and communicate with Ghosties all over the world.

Adina’s hobbies include playing videogames and listening to a lot of music. She also enjoys reading, especially Sci-Fi books. Quite a complex personality! Fair warning: try not to mispronounce her family name because she hates that. However, you might be forgiven if you offer her some chocolate. That’s something she never refuses!

Răzvan Ungureanu

Tech Support Engineer

Razvan is the perfect man for his job at CyberGhost. Before joining our team, he worked as a tech support engineer for various security software companies.

However, in his spare time, he rather enjoys exploring his artistic side. He likes to paint, make movies or exercise his photography skills. Razvan tried to pursue several college degrees including foreign languages, politics, psychology and journalism. But he never graduated from any of them. Well, highly creative people get easily bored and change their mind a lot.

Some of the most successful people in the world never finished college either. Maybe CyberGhost will be Razvan’s launching platform and who knows where this will lead him?

Sorina Dragne

Localisation Specialist

After taking her daily drug, which is always something sweet that includes chocolate, Sorina is ready to start her daily work tasks.

Sorina’s job implies making sure localized products have excellent translation quality and are culturally appropriate for each CyberGhost global market. She’s looking for language experts from different countries, various privacy-related reports and does any kind of research the content team might use.

She didn’t land this job by chance as she really likes Romance languages and she’s particularly passionate about French. In fact, she likes anything that is related to France people and travelling. When she is not studying French, she enjoys a nice cup of coffee, while reading police novels, after a long run.

Alex Cristescu

Senior Business Analyst

Alex has a strong analytical side, and even a background in Economics to back it up. With cost / benefit analyses always on his mind, he’s here to help us turn raw data into insights and seize business opportunities.

Numbers take up most of Alex’s day, but if you think something could get past him, think again. He used to work in Online Fraud Detection, so his attention to detail is impressive.

When he’s not thinking of metrics or business cases, Alex loves to take day trips to the mountains. Climbing, especially during winter, always makes his heart skip a beat. This nature lover also enjoys his long walks.

Oh, and in case you know of a new restaurant opening, do tell him. He’s always eager to try different cuisines and likes to change things up.

Ana Călugărescu

Affiliate Manager

Ana should hold an award for being such a go-getter. With lots of experience in online marketing & media buying, she has an eye for business planning, data analysis and ROI optimization.

Now her daily tasks involve managing the CyberGhost affiliates. Whether it’s strengthening the current partnerships or recruiting new partners, she’s up for it.

When she’s not making the best of her soft skills in the office, Ana loves all things South Korean. She could spend all her free time listening to K-pop or watching K-dramas. But books are also big in her life. Skipping a meal because she’s so caught up in them is nothing new for our Affiliate Manager.

One more important thing about Ana: she’s a huge animal lover. Up until now, she’s rescued six cats and one dog. And it doesn’t take much to start a conversation with her; just mention ducks and she’ll surely take over. Quack!

Cristina Gama

BI Reporting Specialist

Cristina is one of the magicians of our Business Intelligence team. She loves taking deep dives into big data and bringing out to the surface actionable insights.

Numbers are her allies, and she weaves them into visual stories.

She has a master’s degree in International Business Management, and it served her right in her previous positions as Online Marketing Specialist and Product Manager.

But Cristina has many tricks up her sleeve, and it’s not just her analytical side that can sweep you off your feet. Start talking to her, and you’ll soon discover she’s also very creative. Painting and dancing are two of her favorite ways of getting the creative juices flowing. And she’d never pass up an invitation for bike riding or swimming.

Double-decker buses? Crowded must-visit places? These are definitely not for her. Whenever in a new city, she wants to blend in and truly discover the place. So stop by her desk and find out what trip she has planned next.

Alex Mincu

QA Engineer

Competitive by nature, Alex likes to fight bugs at their core, isolating and eliminating them to ensure a safe environment for CyberGhost's apps.

Despite holding a degree in Computer Science, he never pictured himself a programmer. But the love began with his first code for the automated test scenarios. And since video games were his thing, he became a Game Tester, leveling up ever since.

As you probably guessed it, Alex enjoys playing video games competitively and aims for the top of the ladder. When he’s away from a keyboard, superhero movies are his go-to. Finding people with similar interests always inspires him, so look him up for talks about sports, e-sports or films.

More details detail about Alex? He’s not a morning person, and his greatest days start with a flat white. Just make sure you don’t put him in the spotlight or interrupt him while he’s trying to get stuff done. He hates ending up with unfinished tasks.

Tudor Fulga

Head of Infrastructure

If you think of infrastructure as CyberGhost’s backbone, Tudor would be our treasured chiropractor. And he's here to take great care of it.

Yell Take me to your hardware leader! in the office, and we might as well point you to him. This Politehnica graduate lives by Agile principles and, as one expects, has great deals of team management experience.

When he’s not performing risk analyses, leading changes or ensuring transition procedures, he loves getting physical. Squash is his go-to sport, and winters are for ski and putting his organizing skills to great use. On his last trip, 30 people joined and were taken under his wing.

And let’s not forget, he’s also very handy. He has a whole collection of model airplanes he put together to prove it.

Gheorghe Ungureanu

Senior Infrastructure Design Specialist

A creative problem solver, Gheorghe is one of the pillars of our Infrastructure team. He's in charge of designing our architecture so that we can best provide our Ghosties with all our services.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Security, Gheorghe has a strong background both as a dev and as an admin. Now his career is centered around networking, computing and storage using Linux. He’s always looking for viable solutions, not just workarounds.

Some of the technologies that make Gheorghe’s heart skip a beat are Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, and GitLab. Automation and performance improvements are always his priorities. And after all this, it's not hard to guess that Windows is an absolute no-no in his life.

Looking for a tech tip? Stop by Gheorghe’s desk. He has plenty of experience with knowledge sharing too. He used to create onboarding procedures, train newcomers, and give presentations. So he's pretty great at that.

Cristiana Gheorghe

Design and Development Specialist

Improvements are always on our mind, and Cristiana is here to help us upgrade our infrastructure. You hear that? It's the sound of more scalability and performance coming our way thanks to her.

Because of her impressive skills, Cristiana can plan, develop, deliver, and support systems to meet the needs of our Ghosties. All this while always making sure they have thousands of servers available. With a background in telecommunications services, studies in Electronics, and a love for open source technologies, it’s like she was made for a job like this.

Her life outside the office is pretty busy too. Cristiana is a certified First Aid trainer, teaching life-saving techniques to kids in schools. As a Red Cross volunteer, she’s involved in a lot of humanitarian activities.

When her hands are away from a keyboard, Cristiana also likes to build metal figurines, so you can always ask her about her collection of small planes and cars.

One more thing about her: she’s one of the few around here liking pineapple pizza. She finds your lack of faith disturbing.

Ștefan Nedelcu

Lead Web Developer

Love our www? You can thank Ștefan for it, since he’s mostly in charge of taking care of its unseen parts. His goal is to provide our Ghosties with a rich and wonderful experience.

His love for programming began in high school, when he started playing around with several languages. That’s how he managed to earn his first paycheck. So by getting his Computer Science degree, he turned his passion into his profession.

A versatile developer, Ștefan can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, or clients. And for the past years he’s worked for some Romanian retailers, learning how to craft the perfect user experience. Winning combo.

In his spare time, Ștefan loves to be active. He’s always up for a basketball game or riding his bike. Hiking and traveling are also high on his list of priorities. When he wants to unwind, watching TV shows and reading detective novels are go-to.

Since giving back is very important to him, Ștefan has been a Red Cross volunteer for the past 6 years.

Mihai Călincea

Tech Support Engineer

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Because Mihai does. He’s part of our Tech support team, helping ze Ghosties make the most of our apps.

But this is not his first time at the rodeo. Our tech-savvy engineer has previous support experience. He also used to dabble in web development. Safe to say, IT has always been his passion.

Mihai describes himself as a very patient guy, and the label totally suits him. He loves a good challenge, and his keen eye for details always helps him get the job done.

If you’re also into games like Neverwinter Nights, StarCraft or Heroes of Might and Magic, stop by his desk. Start by casually mentioning that your favorite Dungeons and Dragons author is R. A. Salvatore. Then just let the conversation flow towards Alien, the Bartimaeus Trilogy or the Warhammer 40,000 novels. You’ll have a blast.

Dragoș Baciu

Conversion Copywriter

Part of our Marketing team, Dragoș is a perpetual learner and an experienced copywriter.

He deals with creating content for our Ghosties, always focusing on achieving great results. As the copy guy behind million-dollar projects, he has all the right credentials for a job with us.

At work, Dragoș is all about getting a crystal-clear understanding of the market, implementing best practices, and keeping an eye out for fresh ideas. Truth be told, we’re really close to giving him the award for Biggest A/B Split-Tests Fan.

If you want to strike up a conversion conversation with him, you can’t go wrong with sports. He played football for 12 years, but he’s also into (brace yourself): tennis, rugby, cycling, ski jumping, AND triathlons. Also, he hits our gym pretty often. Hey, those triathlons aren’t going to complete themselves.

And just FYI: he’s the proud owner of two bicycles, looking into buying his third. That’s dedication right there.

Cosmin Stoian

L2 Support Engineer

An avid interest in technology combined with a devotion to solving technical problems led Cosmin away from a successful career in sales.

He followed his dream. He made a change. Now he’s a hotshot at handling the CyberGhost infrastructure.

It’s not often that you hear a song lyric that seems like it’s been written just for you. But we imagine that’s exactly how Cosmin felt when he first heard Freddie Mercury belt out “I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my biiiike.”

That’s because he racks up an impressive 2000km per year on his two-wheeler; the equivalent of riding from New York to Dallas. Wow.

He also enjoys hiking into the mountains to immerse himself in nature for a while. Getting away from city life now and then is a big plus for Cosmin. And it makes total sense to us. He probably needs to recharge those batteries after all that cycling!

Ionuț Brînzan

Infrastructure Trainee

Meet Ionuţ, the trainee member of our Infrastructure team.

If your favorite programming language is C and you also think Linux is the best OS, you’ll get along just fine.

He’s on track to graduate from Politehnica this summer with a degree in Computer Science. He’s also super keen on virtualization; especially containers.

Drinking beer and playing board games is Ionut’s idea of a good time. His favorites include Backgammon and Settlers of Catan, because it makes him feel like an entrepreneur.

We can definitely see how combining the two could result in plenty of laughs!

As far as food is concerned, a Japanese menu is bound to put a smile on his face. Ionut really hates public speaking, though, and his dislike for PowerPoint presentations goes hand in hand.

Would he find it a better or more distracting if his lovely Bichon Frise, called Puffy, was in the audience?

Andrei Purnichescu

QA Engineer

Patience is not Andrei’s virtue. Whenever you have a favor to ask him, make sure to be short and specific!

Yet, he seems to endure the challenges of QA testing.

Having around 10 years in the quality assurance industry, Andrei knows his way around examining software bugs. Before CyberGhost, Andrei performed all QA duties for different business sectors including video games and telecommunications.

Whenever he leaves the computer screen aside, he enjoys reading, and he is also a travel buff. Andrei likes to add many new and interesting destinations to his travel checklist.

Maura Dima

Vendor Manager

Maura is working closely with our infrastructure suppliers. Her role involves making important purchasing decisions and forging great relationships through collaboration.

Her experience in client management positions over the last 11 years means Maura is a hotshot when it comes to quality assurance, product management, sales and partnerships. She also recently majored in psychology.

A true foodie and an avid film buff, Maura loves trying new dishes while out to catch the latest movie in town. Traveling to new places is also something that she finds fascinating. And it allows her to sink her teeth into even more exotic cuisines.

Akasha! No, that’s not the sound Maura makes when she sneezes. It’s the name she calls her cat. We’re not quite sure where Maura came up with it, but Akasha agrees to answer to it.

The one thing in the world that Maura dislikes is the snooze button, for waking her up every 10 minutes each morning.

Iustin Monea

Full-Stack Developer

Young Monea in the house! Everybody raise the roof for Iustin, our passionate full stack PHP developer and resident problem solver.

Iustin is a hip-hop fan who really enjoys hanging out with friends and attending the occasional party. He graduated straight outta the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest with a degree in Automatics and Applied Informatics.

His role on #TeamGhostie is to work wonders in the development of new features, and improve existing ones too.

As well as his love for music, Iustin likes to lose himself in a good book and tries his best to keep up with the latest movies.

He is also a keen gamer. Defence of the Ancients is his favorite, where you can usually find him working on his Pudge builds.

Gabriel Toma

Full-Stack Developer

Gabriel is a full stack developer with a full stack of books at home.

He just can’t get enough of the written word! Stephen King is his favorite author these days, although his first love was Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

His role is to take care of all our internal applications. Making sure they keep running well and helping to add new great features.

Gabriel graduated from the Technical University of Civil Engineering, right here in Bucharest, where he majored in systems engineering. Before joining #TeamGhostie, he spent the last few years honing his craft as an IT auditor, IT consultant, and web developer.

As well as being a bit of a bookworm and a code lover, he is also passionate about music, football, and TV shows. He usually spends his lazy Sundays listening to chill playlists, browsing Netflix or watching his favorite team play, Real Madrid.

Asking any questions before Gabriel finishes his morning coffee is a big mistake unless you want to be on the receiving end of his death stare (it’s seriously scary). In fact, the only one with permission to bother Gabriel when he wakes up is Mozart, his black and white cat.

Alin Duplea

Graphic UI/UX Designer

It might just be that the best products excel at two things: features and details. And Alin always has his eyes on both.

As our UX/UI designer, Alin puts his strong research skills to good use, creating wireframes for the best user experience. And it’s no wonder he has in-depth knowledge when it comes to analyzing our Ghosties’ wants and needs. Ever the curious, he dabbled in marketing and business administration when he was in college.

Alin likes to stay active, especially in his spare time. He enjoys traveling and exploring new countries, but he best burns off his energy playing sports. Football, tennis, you name it, he plays it. And as if this wasn’t enough, he’s also into aviation.

When he’s not running around, he relaxes by trying out new recipes and listening to music. So, stop by his desk for some cool tunes.

Bogdan Netejoru

BI Trainee

Give it up for Bogdan, the newest database enthusiast in our team! As a trainee in the Business Intelligence department, he’s learning the ropes of marketing, retail, and finance.

But don’t let yourself be fooled. Despite his young age, Bogdan is far from being green. He’s a student at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, but programming is already one of his strong suits.

Even in his spare time, he enjoys programming and experimenting with code. He’s also into video games, but what really gets him going is tennis. Even ping pong can make his heart skip a beat. Make sure to challenge him to a game in our basement.

Cristina Pandelea

BI Trainee

Cristina, our trainee, is quickly turning into our go-to Ghostie when it comes to numbers.

After workings for two years in strategic marketing, she set her heart on business growth. And as a graduate of the Polytechnic University, it fits her just right. Prescriptive analytics might be just a complicated calculus for us, but Cristina is the master of her trade.

If we made it sound like she loves all the numbers, you should know what’s not really the case. Cristina can’t stand 8. It’s the number of legs spiders have, and she hates them.

When she’s not busy checking out graphs and delving into the statistics, Cristina enjoys traveling. Whether it’s closer to home in Europe or some new, exotic place in South East Asia, she’s on board.

In her spare time, Cristina is very passionate about dancing, especially Latino styles. After all, maybe the steps are just another number’s game for her.

Ada Ivan

Malware Analyst

With a mind keen on solving puzzles and connecting the dots, Ada is our malware-untangling Sherlock Holmes.

And she puts her skills to great use as she analyzes malware samples and makes sure our antivirus software catches and blocks all of them.

Ada has a great passion for the digital world and a background in email security. That is fascinating, considering she has signed up for college classes like public relations, journalism, and literature.

However, it's not all malware and threats, as Ada likes to write horror stories. Fingers crossed she publishes them someday because we'd love to read them!

Ada treasures her rest hours, but you can indulge her with a cup of coffee whenever she seems sleepy. Or challenge her to a video game – a leisure activity she can sometimes squeeze into her busy schedule. That is, whenever she's not spending quality time with her daughter.

Alex Bitu Tudoran

Content Writer

Alex’s fascination with storytelling led him to pursue a career in marketing.

He has a keen interest in consumer’s behavior. That’s why he likes to focus on creating compelling content, beating controls, and trying to figure out what makes people tick.

Thanks to his background in online advertising and sales, he’s comfortable thinking about the big picture with a conversion-driven mindset.

Before starting his career in digital marketing, he majored in European Studies at The Hague University.

As a teenager, he used to play guitar in a few underground bands in Bucharest. His hobbies still include discovering obscure bands. He’s also into weird comics and silly movies.

Growing up, he wanted to be a time-traveler. Around the age of 6, he realized it would most likely never happen to him. Oh well… maybe in a future lifetime.

Antonia Still

iOS / macOS Developer Trainee

Developing Apple products might be a skill hard to master, but Antonia is up to the challenge.

Her passion for making sure everything runs smoothly on a device goes way back for Antonia. It might be related to the fact that she’s always been troubleshooting her mom’s computer problems.

Now, this Ghostie knows how to bring about the best user experience.

When she’s away from her gadgets, nature helps her relax. Antonia enjoys scouting in the wilderness and camping. But during days with bad weather, you’ll find her indoors, leveling up in video games or working on her painting skills.

One final trivia bit about Antonia? She hates olives, so keep them away from her, and no one gets hurt.

Jan Staffel

Back-End Developer

Jan is here to make sure everything at CyberGhost VPN runs server-side smoothly.

His previous experience in process development makes him our go-to guy when it comes to payment implementation and API components. And since he’s really into crafting and tinkering, his attention to details is out of this world. He doesn’t like to brag about it though. He hates arrogance.

In his spare time, Jan is a laid-back guy. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also takes pride in his garden, which he tends to frequently. Isn’t that just the recipe for a very welcoming home?

Simina Stancu

Fraud Specialist

Simina joined our team after spending six years working in the payment industry. Now mitigating fraud risks and optimizing flows come naturally to her.

We’re sure her background as a Faculty of Economics graduate also helps identifying and tackling fraudsters.

By now, we’re sure Simina’s dislike for baddies in thriller series is what makes her so good at keeping fraudsters away from our systems.

Her investigative nature also makes her an explorer at heart. Simina takes every opportunity to explore new cities and discover new music artists. You can never get enough of this world, right? She’s also down to groove at a concert if the music is good.

Just don’t be late or you will make her mad. But she might forgive you if you get her a good book. Or two. ;)

Mihaela Crețulescu

HR Manager

For her, it’s all about and for the people. Aiming for a better social environment, Mihaela has decided to study sociology and social work.

She has now transferred her mission to the world wide web. Mihaela supports CyberGhost’s team effort to make the internet private, free, and open to everyone.

Before entering the VPN business, she developed HR skills within several industries and grew into a mature professional.

In her free time, Mihaela tries to do as many things as possible. So, she spends time with family and friends, engages in sport activities, and never misses a chance to dance.

Mihaela believes in people that create value “with heart” and she hates social labels.

Robert Gargalâc

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Robert is our data wizard, working behind the scenes to improve Ghosties’ user experience. His focus is building stable machine learning models.

Combining software engineering and data science, he carefully checks statistics, identifies patterns, and comes up with ideas to improve our products.

As he believes sharing is caring, in his free time, Robert initiates tech newbies into the secrets of machine learning.

When he’s leaving data and numbers aside, he enjoys playing tennis or ping pong. Robert is also full of wanderlust and likes to visit new and interesting places.

Striving to become the best version of himself, Robert resents the feeling of not progressing enough in his life. But looking on the bright side, he will never have an inflated ego!

Silviu Istrate

Activity Owner

Silviu became passionate about the marketing field and started focusing on it from the second year of college, while studying Engineering.

Until now, he has gathered over 15 years of experience in online marketing, working in agencies for several famous brands and growing start-ups globally.

On our team, Silviu is involved in all activities of the marketing ecosystem, properly merging users’ needs with the latest business trends. He’s involved in product management, email marketing, SEO as well as marketing automation.

Silviu can handle many things, but he doesn’t enjoy it when people break their promises. Maybe you should take this into account when you vow to complete a task.

When he takes a break from marketing, Silviu likes to spend quality time with his family. He is especially fond of playing fun games with his lovely daughter.

Alexandru Hu

QA Engineer

What do you get when you mix music aficionados with sharp software tester? Alex Hu, one of our QA engineers!

He works closely with our Product Managers and makes sure every app release meets our high standards.

Alex loves his job, as he gets to learn something new every day. It looks like what they say about software testing is true: you repeatedly do the same thing but always expect a different result!

Curious by nature, Alex also puts his testing abilities to work when it comes to music. He likes to produce beats, and we're big fans of his tunes.

Andreea Kovacs

Tech Support Engineer

Her college degree prepared her to become a criminal law professional. Along her career path though, Andreea figured working at tech companies would suit her best.

She enjoys her job at CyberGhost, as she says it helps her stay focused.

Indeed, managing the support ticket queue is an elaborate effort. But she succeeds to give our Ghosties quick answers to simple as well as complex IT issues.

When she’s taking a break from support tasks, Andreea is into sporting activities. She enjoys swimming, and fitness exercises are also a regular part of her workout routine.

Andreea also likes to hit the road. We’re talking about leaving her footprints across various new destinations she likes to discover.

Andrei Capota

Trainee ML Engineer

Some would think Andrei is daily swimming into an ocean of data.

But his job rather entails putting big data tools to work and optimizing machine learning algorithms. In the end, he comes up with accurate business models. All in the name of bringing our Ghosties the best privacy app out there!

Always striving to excel in his work, he believes no day should go by without learning something new.

When Andrei puts data science out of his mind, he likes to hang out with his friends, play football, or read an enticing fantasy novel.

Cătălina Matei

QA Engineer

Catalina studied philosophy, but she doesn’t stop to ponder, nor does she have any regrets when it comes to killing bugs. Virtual code bugs, not the household pests.

You could say Catalina is super-passionate about her job, as she clearly stated that finding bugs is what she does best. After all, she has a lot of experience in the field; she previously did all the ‘bug work’ in gaming and telecommunications field.

Despite being a techie, Catalina doesn’t like the fact that we are living in the most advanced-tech era so far. And she hates the thought that she won’t get to actually see how technology will change our world in hundreds of years. Now, that is a modern philosophical dilemma!

Apart from staying in front of the computer and self-reflecting, Catalina enjoys board games, watching movies or taking long walks and playing outside with her adorable pug.

Dragoș Neagu

Technical Ops. Engineer

Dragoș is a problem solver and a relentless learner.

He describes himself as a tech enthusiast who loves to learn new things and to put them into practice. At CyberGhost, he gets to do just that every day!

Dragoș works closely with developers, engineers and infrastructure specialists ensuring platform, network and servers’ reliability and resiliency are aligned with our users’ needs.

When he takes a break from guarding any tech operation, he cools down by playing an online game, going on off-road trips or snowboarding.

Dragoș is also a huge animal lover. He is the proud ‘father’ of 2 cats and 3 lovely dogs.

Abdelaziz Njah

French Support Specialist

Since he describes himself as an eternally happy and optimistic guy, Abdelaziz is the perfect guy for a technical support job.

And that's what he does at CyberGhost; he helps Ghosties make the most of our apps.

Backed by vast customer support experience in different business areas, including vehicle manufacturing and hospitality, Abdelaziz knows how to deal even with the most complicated user requests.

When he wants to get his mind off work, Abdelaziz enjoys watching football games. He never misses a Liverpool FC match, his favorite team. He's a big sports fan so, don't hesitate to invite him to any event you may want to attend.

Alex Lucaci

Senior DevOps Engineer

Playing an essential role in our infrastructure team, Alex is a mix of a coder, automation developer, and release engineer.

His remarkable Go programming skills helped him land a job here, and now he makes sure our back-end is 100% stable and everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Alex is responsible for building, maintaining, testing, and debugging our back-end features, and his wits and strong analytical skills help with all that. And since he doesn't like repetitive tasks, Alex always gets creative and finds new ways to create custom automation rules.

When he's not keeping an eye on our code, Alex likes to travel and discover new places, try out different types of cuisines, and watch football matches or Formula 1 races.

Alex Tutea

DevOps Engineer

Alex is one of our Infrastructure team members, and he works on keeping our back-end running smoothly.

It's a great place where he can practice one of his life philosophies: focus less on what annoys us and more on how to make things better.

His background is fascinating. After studying abroad and getting a degree in artificial intelligence, Alex worked as a teaching assistant at a university in the Netherlands. Quite the achievement! He then switched lanes to web development, took the freelance route, and later joined us.

An incredibly creative and versatile person; his hobbies include writing, drawing cartoons, and making music. If you ever put together a game night, make sure to invite Alex. He is always up for a challenge, whether it's chess, board games, or video games!

Alexandru Neaga

Vendor Manager

Always negotiating a win-win agreement, Alexandru is in charge of selecting the best suppliers for our servers’ fleet.

Ensuring fair prices while maintaining quality can be tricky at times. But, with the help of our Tech Operation Engineers, he always finds a way for both parties to be happy.

Outside the office tasks, Alexandru tries to keep an even balance between family time and sports activities. And boy, he is no stranger to sports! He has fun with tennis, squash, football, cycling, snowboarding and the list goes on.

Extremely organized and multitasking, Alexandru has one pet peeve: missing deadlines at work. Yet, this keeps him motivated and eager to overcome any obstacle.

Amalia Baier

Trainee Windows App

Coffee is her must-have morning ritual. After sipping a cup, Amalia is ready to have a fresh start on her daily job tasks.

As a trainee on app development for Windows, her work involves writing code, running tests, and managing troubleshoot issues.

With high attention to detail, Amalia puts her creative ideas and concepts into practice and carries out a thorough app performance optimization.

Her creativity goes beyond online applications. She discovered she has a hidden talent for drawing anime characters. And her talent turned into a passion for any Manga readings. She also likes to play different video games and is thrilled with the feeling of control and freedom she gets when she rides her motorbike.

Andre Flemming

PHP Backend Developer

Computer programming is his middle name. Andre likes to play with programming languages, even in his spare time, and he is a savvy self-taught DevOps coder.

At CyberGhost, he takes care of building and maintaining, testing, and debugging back end operations. One of his focuses is ‘CI/CD processes’ – an innovative solution to automatically integrate new code while our beloved VPN app is developed.

While Andre can deal with tons of tech issues, lack of an open and transparent communication is one of the things that bother him. Luckily, he hasn’t experienced it at CyberGhost.

In the rare moments when he decides to take a break from codes and computers, Andre likes to travel. He is in fact a fan of activity trips with scouts.

Andrei Călin Madescu

QA Engineer

At CyberGhost, Călin first started working as a Technical Support Engineer. But he quickly got promoted to a position within the QA team.

So, he is using his special magnifying glass to find bugs. Once he does find them, he employs the best spring-cleaning technique!

When it comes to leisure time, Călin enjoys both quiet as well as rather hyper activities. He likes to wind down either by reading a good book with a cup of coffee by his side, or by playing video games.

Călin is a really calm fellow. But be aware that he doesn’t like to be interrupted, and he gets easily annoyed by people who cut in line.

Andrei Enea

Senior iOS / macOS Developer

They say you need a unique set of skills and knowledge to be an iOS/MacOS developer.

Well, Andrei has what it takes to build, innovate, and improve the level of quality of the CyberGhost app. After all, his studies trained him to become a rocket scientist.

Constantly developing his coding talent and the ability to think in 3-D, he’s ensuring our VPN is perfectly optimized for Apple users.

While he can understand complicated tech issues, Andrei doesn’t get self-entitled people. He’s one of those who believes idealism goes hand in hand with humility.

Andrei likes to fill in his spare time with plenty of fun activities. He enjoys gaming (no surprises here!), swimming, and he is also a fan of audio books.

Bogdan Pităroiu

Full Stack Developer

Ambitious and team-player – these are two words that can fairly describe Bogdan’s personality.

Ever since he was a student, Bogdan seized any job opportunity that could have helped him acquire essential technical skills including programming languages. During his career path, he learned that team effort is the key to deal with coworkers’ mistakes.

Having a significant experience in JavaScript development, Bogdan’s job at CyberGhost is to nail down both back-end and front-end features of privacy apps. As Bogdan likes to say, he fixes problems and improves our Ghosties’ experience.

Reading Sci-Fi and psychological novels, as well as going out with his friends are on his extensive list of free time activities. He also likes to run and is fond of taking road trips that entail admiring natural sights.

Călin Obrocea

Machine Learning Engineer

His fascination for computers started out while he was playing video games as a kid. Soon enough, Călin learned more about hardware and how computers work.

At CyberGhost, Călin is our mastermind data-savvy, making sure users’ journey with our app is as smooth and as pleasant as possible. He works his magic using machine learning algorithms mixed with data mining techniques.

Describing himself as an ambitious person, one of Călin’s favorite quotes is Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they’re twenty or eighty.

Whenever he sets apart from the computer screen, he likes to go out for a drive or to watch a football game

Cosmin Conceatu

Front-End Developer

He tried out different jobs, including salesman and journalist. But along his career path, a twist of fate led him to discover front-end code.

For Cosmin, it was love at first sight. And he hasn’t given up on web development ever since.

Cosmin is now turning beautiful visual elements into beautiful blocks of code. While front-end coding has its challenges, you won’t see him get mad or yelling at the computer screen.

Cosmin manages to stay Zen most of the time. That is even when he’s nearly setting his house on fire while experimenting with different home-cooked meals. Besides cooking, he reads science-fiction, is eager to advance his German language skills, and likes to put his DJ abilities to test.

Cristina Bizoi

Front-End Developer

While her college education trained her to become a medical engineer, she chose to treat and cure websites, and prescribe the suitable front-end code.

Cristina implements visual elements, making sure the user interface and experience design are both attractive and optimized.

Combining artistic and programming skills, her mission is to make Ghosties find our privacy app to their liking.

Cristina spends most of her free time binge watching Netflix series, reading, or traveling. As she loves to capture special and unique sights, a photo camera is a must item in her travel bag.

One important detail you should know about Cristina is, fruity desserts are not her thing. The perfect sweet treats are made of chocolate.

Filip Panaite

Technical Support Engineer

His college years taught him how to preach the word of God. However, instead of often praising the Lord, Filip took an oath of loyalty to software engineering.

Before coming to CyberGhost, Filip handled technical support jobs for various software companies. Now, he is our dedicated guy responsible for troubleshooting critical production issues across our precious servers. Filip identifies operational problems and studies servers’ performance, ensuring they are optimized for Ghosties’ different needs.

When he’s not keeping tabs on servers, Filip goes on a motorcycle ride or watches a good movie. Although he’s not a gadget fan, he admits he is a little addicted to mobile games.

Helge Becker

Senior Apple Developer

You could easily say Helge is one wise and open-minded man. His life philosophy is, the world should be formed of one single, unified mankind, not divided by religion, borders, ideologies or anything else.

I guess this motto can also precisely apply to the way we all wish the world of the internet would be.

Speaking of the internet, Helge is one person who knows his way around the world wide web and cyberspace. His passion for web development and programming languages goes way back to his teen years.

At CyberGhost, Helge is in charge of building iOS and macOS code brick by brick. As laborious as these operating systems may be, he always finds a quick fix to any code issue.

In his free time, Helge sticks to computers and plays WoW (World of Warcraft). Yet, he also takes pleasure in visiting archaeological sites and museums.

Ionuț David

German Support Specialist

He previously tried out jobs like sales agent or financial consultant. But being a German tech support engineer at CyberGhost probably suits Ionut best.

His experience of living two years in Germany certainly comes in handy.

So, Ionut is our dedicated guy helping our German Ghosties with any technical difficulties and helping them learn more about how the app works. And although they say German is the language of angry poetry, Ionut always finds a way to reply in a polite and concise manner.

Calm and organized during office hours, in his spare time, Ionut likes the adrenaline rush of downhill mountain biking or freeride snowboarding. Yet, he cools down whenever he engages in fun activities with his daughter.

Iulia Motoiu

CRO Specialist

The ultimate foodie, this saying probably describes Iulia best: The only thing I like better than taking about food is eating.

If you ever think she’s daydreaming, don’t interrupt her! She’s probably fantasizing about traveling the world and tasting the local cuisine from each country.

Still, she is wide awake and fully responsible when it comes to her daily job tasks. Part of the CRO team, she constantly monitors data on users’ journey, makes reports and suggests improvements. In a nutshell, she optimizes the overall conversion rate while considering users’ needs.

With a curious mind and keen sense of detail, Iulia believes the best part of her job is that no two days are the same.

Need we say what she likes to do in her free time? Well, as long as there’s food involved, she would enjoy almost any fun activity. Going out or playing board games with friends are her cup of tea.

Niklas Kokoschka

Junior Back-End Developer

After learning the ins and outs of ERP software systems, Niklas came to CyberGhost eager to face new and interesting challenges.

He makes sure that every part of our back-end system runs smoothly and implements the basic elements of most features our VPN app needs to work at its best.

When it comes to Niklas’s hobbies, we wouldn’t know where to start. He enjoys cooking, hiking, binge-watching, playing video games as well as pen and paper games. I guess he has a lot of time on his hands.

Niklas says he never gets annoyed. You can test it out and see if it’s true, and let us know about it.

Ștefan Călin

IT Manager

Ștefan is a strategic thinker who works well under pressure. Every day he schedules and supervises IT projects, develops, and oversees technical and security measures for the company.

And considering he has started to do all of these during the pandemic, his work is quite a challenge!

Luckily, he is backed up by years of experience as an IT expert in different areas from financial audit to food services, and software development.

Convinced that amazing things never come from comfort zones, he’s a fan of extreme sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding.

Stipe Grbic

Windows Developer

At CyberGhost, Stipe is our expert guy working to improve our VPN app for Windows.

Using code and programming languages, he works his magic and assembles all the pieces together ensuring our Ghosties enjoy the most user-friendly VPN.

When Stipe is not in front of the screen, he spends most of his spare time with his baby girl. And if there is any time left, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, or simply relaxing with a cup of coffee, or a beer.

As a very calculated person, Stipe hates being stuck in a traffic jam, or arriving late for a meeting. No worries, Stipe! You know what they say: being on time never killed anyone, so why take a chance?

Waleed Mahmood

iOS / macOS Software Developer

His Master’s degree in software engineering fully prepared him for his chosen career path.

Waleed’s previous jobs involved iOS development in domains like Telehealth, Machine Learning and AI.

Now, Waleed is one of the creative minds behind our macOS and iOS versions for CyberGhost. He mostly writes Swift code, but also helps with continuous integration, drafting new business requirements and work on others; for the whole development cycle to run smoothly. And just about anything else is needed to be sure that Apple users have the most pleasant experience possible.

He spends his free time with his family or takes long walks around Aachen. He is also continuously developing his German language skills. So, maybe you should challenge him to a conversation in German. That would be a fun and helpful exercise for Waleed.

Alex Foit

Data Engineering Tech Lead

His fierce responsibility is to optimize our customers’ experience while taking into account the overall business growth.

As our expert in creating detailed business analysis, Alex is a tech-savvy professional with a keen eye for details.

Investigating data sets and crunching the numbers are his daily grind. Yet, Alex is thoughtfully considering the outcomes before coming up with game-changing business ideas.

When he takes a break from data and numbers, Alex keeps exercising his magic tricks. This time it’s in the kitchen, preparing tasty meals for family and friends. But he also likes to stay in shape so, he plays football with every chance he gets.

Alexandru Nita

French Support Specialist

They say a customer agent’s favorite word is ‘unfortunately...’ Not in Alex’s vocabulary!

He can always find a fix to any problem our users may report. And he’s daily committing himself to reply to all emails sitting in the inbox quickly and not to let Ghosties wait for an answer in our live chat for too long.

Since most of his previous jobs involved communicating with customers, Alex is an empathic and chilled person.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence he’s dreaming about moving to Canada one day. After all, it is said to be the most polite country in the world. Visiting this country for a few months with his family would be just as good.

Alex would also love to explore less-visited countries such as Serbia or Ukraine.

Andrei Dracenco

Software Engineer

Andrei is our skillful coder for both the front-end and the back-end. A creative thinker and a problem solver, he is well-versed in databases, server configuration, and user interface.

As he is a highly organized guy, one of Andrei’s life mottos is: ‘better one hour too soon than 5 minutes too late.’ And he appreciates people who follow the same principle. Apart from punctuality, Andrei is a big fan of honesty, even if that could mean constructive criticism on his work.

He doesn’t really know the meaning of free time. Andrei is involved in all sorts of web developing projects outside work. One can safely say he’s dreaming of computer codes in his sleep.

Andrei Nemeș

QA Engineer

Software Tester is Andrei’s middle name. As he describes his daily routine, Andrei makes sure every new release of our app ‘comes out bug-free’.

His cruel mission is to officially notify departments when something doesn’t work as planned with our software. But thanks to him, our Ghosties can enjoy a privacy app that works as smooth as butter.

Whether it’s a video game or an enticing board game, Andrei is always up for any quest or challenge with his friends. FYI, he’s also a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons.

Although Andrei can easily manage technical issues, he doesn’t deal very well with lack of punctuality, even when he’s the one who’s late for a meeting. Well, on a funny note: sometimes, running late can count as exercise.

Carmen Martin de la Cal

Email Marketing Manager

Carmen has been fascinated by advertising since she can remember. So, naturally, she completed a degree in Advertising and Audiovisual Communication.

All Carmen’s previous jobs entailed customer management and email marketing. She has developed a relentless drive to always putting the customer first and has a fantastic grip on marketing automation tools.

At CyberGhost, Carmen monitors email marketing campaigns and creates impactful engagement at each customer journey stage.

When she’s doesn’t have Ghosties on her mind, she likes to travel and discover Spain’s hidden gems. Reading a good book is also a nice leisure activity for Carmen - as long as her cat, Platón, doesn’t pop in asking for attention or playtime.

Carmen Oghinciuc

Tracking Analyst

Carmen is our data and analytics visionary. She is equipped with the knowledge and tools to tell insightful and impactful data stories.

Undoubtedly, her Economics degree prepared her to juggle daily tasks related to research, data evaluation, and trend forecasting. In a few words, Carmen ensures company data is 100% accurate and that all departments get to use the right information to improve the user journey and overall experience.

Outside work, doing puzzles, and origami are her relaxing activities. Carmen also believes life is too short not to enjoy a good book and a tasty wine.

George Stancioiu

System Administrator

George is team Ghosties’ guy, always keeping an eye out for any red flags. He is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of CyberGhost’s IT systems.

George’s daily tasks include monitoring the system’s health and identifying any suspicious behavior such as unauthorized network access or data transfer.

As a former professional handball player, he’s got a natural love affair with sports. He enjoys practicing as well as keeping up to date with everything related to basketball, football, cycling, and other sporting activities. But he wouldn’t say no to an online gaming session either.

Raluca Tudor

French Support Specialist

Raluca’s role at CyberGhost is to provide our French Ghosties all the helpful details about how our privacy app works.

Although a positive person by nature, rainy days are not exactly giving her good vibes. On the bright side, these days serve as the perfect opportunity for her to exercise her guitar playing skills.

Although a positive person by nature, rainy days are not exactly giving her good vibes. On the bright side, these days serve as the perfect opportunity for her to exercise her guitar playing skills.

When the sun is shining, Raluca enjoys being outdoors. So, she won’t say no to a nature escape after a busy work week. Playing backgammon, ping pong, and (amazingly!) football are also on her list of hobbies.

Teodor Tau

Incident Manager

Teo is our incidents whizz who knows his business and workaround point of failures and potential app issues. Aside from the life-threatening risks, he likes to compare his job with the one of a firefighter.

Any time something interrupts our smooth VPN service, Teo comes to restore things back to normal. Diagnostic tests, technical escalations, and enabling processes to minimize future impacts would describe his typical workday.

Teo’s excitement for risky business goes even beyond office hours; he’s keen on trying out almost any extreme sport, including paragliding, mountain biking, or martial arts. Yet, Teo also has a more chilling hobby, such as watching movies.

Tudor Zamfir

Junior Software Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Alina Bulugioiu

Partnership Manager

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Armin Otvos

Director Infrastructure Data & Analytics

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Radu Catarambol

Software Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Konstantinos Kofidis

BI Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Horia Enciu

Cloud Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Daniel Cristea

Software Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Liviu Cătana

French Support Specialist

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Tetiana Okhrimets

Product Manager

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Raluca Catarama


No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Cosmin Cretu

French Support Specialist

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Mihai Popescu

Senior Cloud Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Madalina Dan

Office Manager

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Alina Matei

Infrastructure Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Catalin Miereanu

Program Manager - Applications

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Radu Adam

Software Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Alina Viktaliuk

Product Manager

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

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