How to Watch Season 1 of It’s a Sin

It’s a Sin has quickly become a standout show, capturing hearts with its poignant exploration of friendship and love during the 1980s AIDS crisis in London. The series uses its powerful narrative to shine a light on this critical era in history. 

For fans eager to follow along on this moving journey, finding a platform streaming It’s a Sin doesn’t have to be an emotional rollercoaster. We’re here to help you out.

If you’re traveling abroad and can’t access your streaming service from back home, that’s where CyberGhost VPN comes into play, making it easy to access your preferred content from anywhere. 

How to Watch It’s a Sin with CyberGhost VPN

Experience the trials and triumphs of living in 1980s London with Ritchie, Roscoe, Colin, Jill, Ash, and CyberGhost VPN.

  1. Get CyberGhost VPN. It’s fast and easy!
  2. Install our app on your streaming device and connect to a server in your home country.
  3. Immerse yourself in the colourful world of It’s a Sin.

Can I Use a VPN to It’s a Sin from a Different Country? 

Some VPN users may connect to a server in the UK to watch It’s a Sin from outside the country, but this is against our terms of service and is not acceptable.

CyberGhost is a privacy-forward no-logs VPN, meaning we can’t view your online activity and we never share your browsing data. While we don’t know what you’re doing online, you should always comply with your streaming service’s terms of use, our terms of service, and any applicable law, including copyright.

What Is It’s a Sin About?

It’s a Sin is a British television series that transports viewers to London in the 1980s, amidst the rise of the AIDS crisis. The show navigates the joy, heartbreak, and challenges of this transformative era through the eyes of a group of young friends.

The series masterfully blends personal stories with historical events, shedding light on the impacts of HIV/AIDS on the gay community and society at large. Created by Russell T Davies, It’s a Sin is both a celebration of friendship and a poignant reminder of the struggles faced during the period.

With its compelling narrative, vibrant characters, and a soundtrack that captures the spirit of the ’80s, It’s a Sin has received critical acclaim and sparked important conversations about love, loss, and resilience.

Who Is in the Cast of It’s a Sin?

Each member of the ensemble cast adds a unique layer to the storyline of It’s a Sin. These are talented actors whose performances make the show equally as heartwarming as it is heart-wrenching: 

    • Olly Alexander as Ritchie Tozer: Ritchie is a budding actor with larger-than-life dreams, navigating his new-found freedom in London with a vibrant spirit and a yearning for discovery.
    • Omari Douglas as Roscoe Babatunde: A fearless and flamboyant soul, Roscoe flees a challenging family life to embrace his identity and the buzzing London scene with open arms.
    • Callum Scott Howells as Colin Morris-Jones: Sweet-natured Colin leaves Wales and to pursue life in the big city. His journey is one of innocence, growth, and resilience amidst adversity.
    • Lydia West as Jill Baxter: The glue that holds the group together, Jill is a steadfast and compassionate friend who supports the rest of the group through all of the trials they face.
    • Nathaniel Curtis as Ash Mukherjee: A kind-hearted and thoughtful teacher, Ash navigates love and friendship, offering a steady presence in the often chaotic group dynamics.

Where to Stream It’s a Sin for Free in the UK

In the UK, viewers can stream It’s a Sin for free via the Channel 4 on-demand streaming service. That’s not the only place you can catch this groundbreaking series, though. 

The show is also available on Disney+ (£7.99/month), Netflix (from £4.99/month), Sky (£46/month), and Britbox (£5.99/month). You can also watch it on Britbox via Amazon Prime Video ($9.99/month).

Whether you’re watching for free on Channel 4 or using a paid subscription service, you don’t have to worry about losing access to It’s a Sin when you’re traveling abroad. CyberGhost VPN keeps you connected to this London crew no matter where you are in the world.

Where to Stream It’s a Sin for Free in Germany

Fans in Germany can watch It’s a Sin for free using the ZDF streaming service. The platform gives viewers easy access to this compelling story without having to overcome any subscription hurdles.

With CyberGhost VPN, you can also get around streaming roadblocks you might run into at school or work. Our VPN encrypts your connection, so you can stream It’s a Sin and other content freely on any network.

Where to Stream It’s a Sin in the US

Viewers in the US can watch It’s a Sin on Max (from $9.99/month) or via Max on Amazon Prime Video ($14.99/month). These platforms give fans an easy way to access this series and a bunch of other content.

Streaming on public Wi-Fi while you’re on the move? CyberGhost VPN ensures your connection is secure with robust encryption, so you can safely enjoy It’s a Sin anywhere with the peace of mind that your digital tracks will be covered.

Where to Stream It’s a Sin in Canada

Canadians eager to watch It’s a Sin can access the series plus more than 25,000 other titles through Amazon Prime Video for $9.99 a month. 

Whatever you’re streaming, CyberGhost VPN will let you binge-watch to your heart’s content. Our VPN encryption hides your online activity, helping you avoid content-based throttling so that you can stream It’s a Sin and other shows without having to sit through long load times or buffering.

Where to Stream It’s a Sin in Australia

It’s a Sin is available on the popular Stan streaming service in Australia. For just $10 a month, fans Down Under can keep up with this and other acclaimed dramas.

Where to Stream It’s a Sin in the Netherlands

Dutch viewers wanting to immerse themselves in the vibrant scene of 1980s London with It’s a Sin can get an NLZIET subscription from just €9.95 a month.

Why CyberGhost Is the Best VPN for Streaming

CyberGhost VPN is the ultimate streaming partner if you want to access your favorite content when you’re traveling abroad. You can easily change your IP address so that you can stream It’s a Sin and other hit shows just like you would back home.

Our VPN keeps your online activity private, letting you hide your activity from prying eyes. Network administrators and ISPs trying to limit your streaming session are no match for our strong encryption protocols. 

What’s more, our global network of servers offers lightning-fast speeds and reliable connections, minimizing buffering and enhancing your viewing experience. Whether you’re catching up on It’s a Sin or exploring new content, CyberGhost VPN makes streaming seamless.


Why is a VPN good for streaming?

A VPN ensures your viewing is kept private and secure to enhance your streaming experience. It can help you bypass content and network restrictions, and avoid ISP throttling. This means smoother playback and access to your favorite content when you’re traveling abroad.

What’s the best VPN for streaming TV shows?

CyberGhost is the best VPN for streaming TV shows thanks to its global network of high-speed servers, strong encryption, and ability to change your IP address to ensure you can always access your favorite shows, even when you’re traveling abroad.

Is the series It’s a Sin on Netflix?

It’s a Sin is available on Netflix in the UK, offering fans a convenient way to watch this compelling drama.
You can get a subscription to the streaming service from £4.99/month.

What streaming platform is It’s a Sin on?

It’s a Sin is streaming on various platforms around the world. You can access it for free on Channel 4 in the UK and ZDF in Germany. It’s also available on Max in the US, Amazon Prime Video in Canada, Stan in Australia, and NLZIET in the Netherlands.

Is It’s a Sin on Prime Video?

Yes, It’s a Sin is available on Amazon Prime Video in certain regions. You can access it directly on Amazon Prime Video in Canada as well as on Max via Prime in the US and Britbox via Prime Video in the UK.

How many episodes of It’s a Sin are there?

There are just 5 episodes in the It’s a Sin series. Each one delves into the lives, joys, and challenges of its vibrant characters as they navigate the 1980s AIDS crisis in London.

How many seasons does It’s a Sin have?

It’s a Sin is a miniseries with one season, comprising five powerful and emotional episodes that explore the impact of the AIDS crisis on a group of friends in London.

Is It’s a Sin based on a true story?

While It’s a Sin isn’t based on a single true story, it is inspired by the real-life experiences of people during the 1980s AIDS crisis. Creator Russell T. Davies drew from personal experiences and stories from within the LGBTQ+ community, adding authenticity and depth to the narrative.

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