Get Netflix on Kodi & Access Your Profiles

Do you love your Netflix shows, but can’t forego the convenience of your Kodi system? What if I told you, you can stream Netflix directly on your Kodi? You just need a Kodi add-on.

Just keep in mind that Netflix didn’t develop an add-on for Kodi, so there’s no official plug-in for Netflix. You’ll still find several Netflix plug-ins available for Kodi though. Some are no longer available, some don’t give you access to all the shows, and some contain sneaky malware. Which one should you choose?

Continue reading and you’ll find out how to install Netflix on Kodi safely and effectively.

How to Install Netflix on Kodi

Netflix doesn’t have a dedicated app for Kodi. Luckily, there’s a Netflix plugin available. It’s open-source which means anyone can verify and inspect the code to make sure there’s no funny business going around. The CastagnalIT plugin doesn’t expose your data, and doesn’t have any malware attached to it.

  1. Install or update Kodi (You need at least version 18)
  2. Download the Netflix repository file from GitHub
  3. Open the Kodi home page
  4. Click on Add-ons
  5. Select Install from zip file
  1. Choose the same file path where you downloaded the repository file
  1. Search for CastagnaIT and select it
  2. Click on kodi-repos
  3. Select english
  1. Select
  2. Wait for the installation process to finish
  3. You’ll be redirected to a previous menu
  4. Now select Install from repository
  1. Select CastagnaIT
  2. Click on Video add-ons
  3. Click on Netflix and select Install in the bottom right
  4. Choose the newest version from the top and click on OK
  5. Wait for the installation process to finish

Now you’re free to watch as many Netflix shows as you want on Kodi. 

What Is Kodi?

Whether this is your first time giving Kodi a try or you just need a refresher, let’s see what Kodi is all about.

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software. Formerly known as Xbox’s XBMC Media Center, Kodi became one of the most popular entertainment hubs out there. In the early 2000s, Kodi was the go-to app for all your media needs, since streaming services hadn’t yet developed their own apps. 

Nowadays, Kodi is the best way to manage media, like movies, shows, videos, photos, and even music. It’s also a great way to keep all your streaming subscriptions in one place. Netflix, YouTube, Crackle, BBC, and even your local TV stations are compatible with Kodi.

If you’re new to Kodi, and you’re not sure whether it’s the right choice for you, check out how and why you should use Kodi.

The only downside to Kodi is its lack of robust security settings. Luckily, you can improve your security with CyberGhost VPN. It’s fully compatible with Kodi.

You Need a VPN for Kodi

Kodi is a great tool for streaming, but it’s unfortunately not as secure as the native Netflix app. Streaming companies don’t make Kodi plug-ins, third-party developers do. Besides the fact that these developers may not be trustworthy, this leaves room for cybercriminals to slip through and sneak malware into these add-ons.

Most plug-ins also leave your IP address exposed. This makes you vulnerable to cyber attacks, like DDoS attacks or Man-in-the-Middle attacks. It means cybercriminals can target you to steal your personal and financial data, which spells disaster for your privacy. You could face identity theft, where cybercriminals impersonate you, or doxxing where malicious actors leak your sensitive information.  

You shouldn’t have to risk your online security to satisfy your movie connoisseur needs.This is where CyberGhost VPN comes into play. CyberGhost VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your traffic with impenetrable 256-bit AES encryption. That means cybercriminals won’t be able to target you anymore while you stream classics like The Walking Dead or Peaky Blinders.

It’s perfectly legal to stream with a VPN on Kodi. That said, downloading or streaming movies and shows outside licensed regions may violate copyright laws. CyberGhost VPN doesn’t condone breaking any legal agreements or laws with or without a VPN.

Why CyberGhost VPN Is the Best VPN for Kodi Netflix

Streaming on Kodi isn’t safe, so you need a secure and fast VPN to enjoy a seamless and worry-free experience. CyberGhost VPN is the best choice for Netflix on Kodi.

A Multiplatform VPN

CyberGhost VPN is great for Kodi, no matter your operating system of choice. We have VPN apps for Windows, macOS, Android, Android TVs, iOS & iPadOS, Amazon Fire TVs, and Linux distros, so you watch The 100 on the screen you prefer.

We also provide a Smart DNS solution for devices that don’t natively support VPN apps, like Smart TVs and gaming consoles. You can also install CyberGhost VPN on your router and cover your whole home. A single subscription will let you secure Kodi on up to 7 devices at the same time, so you can always keep up with trending shows!

A Worldwide Server Network

If you want to secure your Kodi and stream smoothly with a VPN, you need great network coverage. With 116 server locations across 91 countries, you’ll always have a server near you. Our world-class server fleet ensures you’ll never have to deal with overcrowding, slow speeds, or buffering, even if you watch in UHD. You’ll have a flawless streaming experience, no matter how many episodes of Disenchantment you binge.

No Bandwidth Limits or Caps

You wouldn’t want to cut your action movie marathon short. This is why you need a VPN without any bandwidth restrictions. Our servers have no bandwidth limits and no data caps. We won’t ever monitor your usage due to our strict No Logs policy. This means we can’t ever see what you’re doing online, and can’t cap your traffic. Watch as many shows as you want with no interruptions and no restrictions!

Lightning-Fast Speeds & UHD Quality

Do you hate it when The Queen’s Gambit blurs and pixelates? Then you need a reliable and fast VPN like CyberGhost. Our Netflix-optimized 10Gbps servers are perfect for a smooth and reliable streaming experience. We optimized them to handle heavy traffic, so you’ll never skip a scene again. Stream Netflix securely on Kodi with CyberGhost VPN!

How to Install CyberGhost VPN on Kodi

You don’t have to be a tech guru to secure your Kodi. CyberGhost VPN makes it easy for you. Here’s how.

How to Watch Netflix with CyberGhost VPN on Fire Stick 

  1. Install CyberGhost VPN from the Amazon Store 
  2. Select For streaming 
  3. Connect to a Netflix-optimized server 
  4. Open the Kodi app 
  5. Start streaming! 

Tip: If you need more detailed tips on how to use CyberGhost VPN with Kodi on Fire Stick, check out our full guide on how to install Kodi on your Amazon TV Fire Stick.

How to Watch Netflix with CyberGhost VPN on Android TV 

  1. Install CyberGhost VPN from the Google Play Store 
  2. Select For streaming 
  3. Connect to a Netflix-optimized server  
  4. Open the Kodi app 
  5. Start streaming! 

How to Watch Netflix with CyberGhost VPN on Windows 

  1. Download and install CyberGhost VPN 
  2. Expand the app  
  3. Select For streaming
  4. Select a Netflix-optimized server 
  5. Open the Kodi app 
  6. Start streaming! 

How to Watch Netflix with CyberGhost VPN on macOS 

  1. Download and install CyberGhost VPN 
  2. Expand the app  
  3. Select For streaming
  4. Select a Netflix-optimized server 
  5. Open the Kodi app 
  6. Start streaming! 

How to Watch Netflix with CyberGhost VPN on Linux 

  1. Download CyberGhost VPN (See compatible Linux distros
  2. Open a Terminal window 
  3. Type in cyberghostvpn –streaming –country-code 
  4. Connect to a Netflix-optimized server 
  5. Open the Kodi app 
  6. Start streaming! 

Stream Netflix Securely with CyberGhost VPN

Kodi makes it easy to keep your subscriptions in one place, and Netflix is no exception. It’s a breeze streaming great shows like Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black. Sadly, Kodi add-ons aren’t secure.This means that watching Netflix leaves your IP address publicly visible and exposes you to cyber threats. 

Get CyberGhost VPN and secure your streaming sessions. We use 256-bit AES encryption to protect your traffic from cybercriminals and snoopers. We also mask your IP address, so no one can target you in cyber attacks. Best of all, CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers that won’t impede on your movie marathon.


Does Netflix have a Kodi app? 

Netflix doesn’t have an official app or add-on for Kodi. That said, you can find third-party Netflix plug-ins that work just as well. It’s fairly easy to install and use, just follow our handy guide. Before jumping into The Witcher or other Netflix Originals, though, remember Kodi doesn’t protect your traffic from snoopers and exposes your IP address. Connect to CyberGhost VPN’s Netflix-optimized servers and watch your favorite shows with a peace of mind.

Can I access Netflix on Kodi?

You can watch Netflix shows and movies on Kodi, but you’ll need to install a third-party  Netflix plug-in first. Afterwards you can easily watch your Netflix favorites. Keep in mind the plug-in doesn’t have the same security settings as the Netflix app has. This leaves you exposed to cyber threats like malware and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Use CyberGhost VPN to secure your Kodi and stream the best shows without fear of snoopers. You can test it completely risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee!

Do you need a VPN for Kodi?

You need a VPN to secure your connection while you use Kodi to stream shows without risking cyber attacks. Kodi plug-ins are developed by third-party actors, not by the streaming companies themselves. 
This means most of them lack the security settings the native Disney+ or Hulu apps would have. A lot of them also leave your IP exposed which makes you a target for cyber attacks. Use CyberGhost VPN to encrypt your traffic and mask your IP from cyber thugs. 

Can you watch Netflix on Kodi in full HD? 

It depends on what add-ons you use and your configuration. Some add-ons like the HBO Max one can go up to UHD quality, but you might not get full HD quality for all Netflix shows. It’s recommended to stream on Kodi with a VPN to stave off cyber threats and enhance your security. 

To get the best streaming quality, you need the best streaming VPN. CyberGhost VPN is fully compatible with Kodi and even has dedicated streaming servers for 35+ international streaming services. Get in touch with our 24/7 Customer Support if you need help to safely watch Netflix on Kodi.

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