Informing the Community to Strengthen the Crypto Industry with Kriptomoeda

Turkey is one of the main cryptocurrency markets in the world and also one of the most interesting ones to observe. This year, Deutsche Welle (DW) published a story about the growth of Bitcoin in the country from people amid economic instability. 

To better understand the scenery, the cybersecurity issue that is a problem all over the world and also how a media company should inform the crypto community, we talked with Hazal Orta, Kriptomoeda’s executive editor. Check out the interview for Cyberghost below. 

Q: Please present Kriptomeda and Coinkolik to our audience. 

A: Kriptomeda is a media company. There are many publications under the roof of Kriptomeda, which follows the current news in the blockchain and crypto money industry in Turkey and in the world. Coinkolik is one of the digital publications under the roof of Kriptomeda. Our other publications are, BTCHaber TV YouTube channel and Coinkolik is a news platform that independently informs its followers with content covering the future of money, such as cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and decentralized applications.   

Q: In May 2022, DW published an article with the title “Turkey witnesses bitcoin frenzy amid economic turmoil”. Do you believe that it’s only because of instability in the economy or there are other factors to explain the crypto “frenzy” in your country? 

A: Turkey is a very active country in alternative payment instruments. Our country, which is one of the most developed countries in digital banking, has also shown a rapid adoption when it comes to cryptos. Before crypto payments were banned, you could see crypto payments in many places. At this point, it should be taken into account that the quick adopter group in Turkey is quite high, although the share of economic effects is large.   

Q: Despite being in the news in the last decade, cryptocurrency still has a bad rep with large sections of the population basically all over the world. Is that also true in Turkey? 

A: The crypto money community in Turkey mostly uses crypto as an investment and transfer tool. At this point, although goodwill is abused in Turkey as in the world, the main point of view in cryptocurrencies is not bad. While regulatory studies are eagerly awaited in our country, we observe that the usage areas of cryptocurrencies are increasing rapidly. In addition, increasing projects and products are another indicator of the positive development of the sector in the country. However, of course, there are also some who approach cryptos with a bad point of view. The critical point here is that people are afraid of a subject that they are not fully aware of. It is possible to say that as the adoption of crypto increases in Turkey and in the world, the bad point of view will decrease.   

Q: If yes, how can that be changed? How can you convince more and more people about the potential and strength of the crypto world? 

A: As we mentioned above, the opinion that cryptocurrencies, which are in a limited segment, are bad, in our opinion, stems from misdirection and distance from the industry. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at its core significantly increase efficiency almost everywhere it is used. However, we are now starting to see hybrid systems. While important steps are being taken in the field of finance and banking, these technologies are being transferred to wider audiences. This either opens the door to a more positive perspective in the near future.   

Q: Cybersecurity is a major issue for companies all over the world and also for cryptocurrencies and organizations and platforms in that sector. How can you give the news of breaches and losses but also point that those problems are also a reality in the health sector, government, etc… 

A: With the increase in the popularity of the crypto industry, we started to see the news of attacks much more frequently. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons for these attacks and losses is sectoral ignorance. At this point, the most important thing we pay attention to when sharing such news with our readers is why the events happened and how they can be prevented. We are aware that personal security is the most important shield when it comes to NFT, metaverse and wallets. We aim to keep our users updated in this respect.   

Q: How can you improve consumer protection in the crypto sector in your country specifically? A: We believe that the strongest security measure in the crypto industry is information. From this point of view, we try to inform our readers about preventing attacks or losses in advance. However, we are of the opinion that this is a necessity not only for ourselves but also for everyone in the industry. We know that a more informed community means a stronger crypto industry. That’s why we act with this motto in all our projects and works.   

Q: Media companies all over the world have problems to monetize and grow their operations. How can you create quality content and be reliable with those challenges? 

A: The crypto industry is a fairly new and emerging industry. We witness new projects, new companies and investments in this field day by day. At this point, a big job falls on the media part of the business. It is one of the most important duties of the media to follow the developments up-to-date and convey them to the users. This percentage is essential for dominating the industry and developments, quality content. At this point, we think that we are in an industry where a quality content producer is free to grow and develop their operations.   

Q: What are Kriptomeda and Coinkolik plans for the near future? 

A: As Kriptomeda, we continue to grow. We want to strengthen our position in the blockchain and cryptocurrency publishing industry by working with strong companies globally. For this, it is extremely important for us to add new names to our team and bring them to the sector. Thus, we believe that we will increase both employment and the awareness of the sector. I can say that we will strengthen our global presence in the future.

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