Love Island UK Couples: Who’s Still Together? The Love Stories That Lasted — Or Didn’t

The newest season of Love Island UK 2023 is here. As usual, we’re sure it’ll be filled with tears, tantrums, wild summer love, and cringe-worthy tasks. Before we commit ourselves to another two months of Island life, let’s take a moment to look back on the couples that were. Who’s managed to stand the test of time? Who actually made it work in the outside world? And which couples crumbled?

We’ll run through the final few couples of all Love Island UK seasons to see whether they really found true love on the Island — plus some other notable mentions. Also, yes, we’ll cover both the Summer and Winter seasons of UK Love Island. Which Love Island couples are still together? Let’s find out. 

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Season 9 — 2023

Kai Faigan & Sanam Harrinanan — Winners

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Winter Love Island UK winners Kai Faigan and Sanam Harrinanan are very much still together. Sure, it’s only been a few months since they left the villa, but the couple has proven their love for one another and ferociously shut down any split rumors. 

The crowned winners even did a pretend proposal on BBC Asian Network radio in March 2023. Emphasis on the ‘pretend’ — don’t worry, it wasn’t real. Kai and Sanam aren’t afraid to pack on the PDA and declare their love for each other on their social media. If you’re not already following them, it’s worth a scroll. 

Lana Jenkins & Ron Hall — 2nd Place

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Runners-up Lana and Ron were one of Love Island 2023’s original couples, going from strength to strength inside the villa. Well, it appears they’re doing the same on the outside, even with 200 miles between them. 

Even though the couple admitted they were initially taking things slowly, they’ve openly expressed their plans for the future and splashed their lavish date nights all over Instagram. Now, they’re taking the huge step of moving in together, although they want to own their own property first. It seems Lana didn’t care too much about Ron’s inability to speak Spanish after all. 

Samie Elishi & Tom Clare — 3rd Place

Relationship status: Unconfirmed 🤷🏼‍♀️

Tom Clare and Samie Elishi quickly became one of Love Island 2023’s most popular couples, and we had high hopes for them. Unfortunately, the couple confirmed their split in April 2023, just weeks after leaving the villa. It appears they split on good terms, with both Samie and Tom posting that their break up ended amicably on their Instagram stories, but no one really knows why. 

Just weeks later, they were pictured together on a joint trip away with other contestants, leaving many of us wondering whether they’d reignited their flame. Nothing has been confirmed, so for now, we’ll have to wait and see. 

Shaq Muhammad & Tanya Manhenga — 4th Place

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

They’re still together! Some fans thought Shaq and Tanya would split as soon as they landed on home soil. Tanya and Shaq were the true definition of love at first sight in season 9 of Love Island, but they hit the rocks during the infamous Casa Amor test, which left their fellow contestants and fans wondering how they’d fair in the outside world. Others among us were more hopeful, and rightly so. 

Shaq and Tanya are open about how they feel about each other, with Tanya often claiming Shaq is not just her other half, but her best friend. In a Q+A Instagram story, fans asked Tanya about her plans with Shaq, where she revealed they’ve spoken about moving in and the possibility of them creating a new life together in either London or Liverpool. We’re excited to see what’s next.

Jessie Wynter & Will Young — 5th Place

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Although they didn’t make it to the final, Jessie Wynter and Will Young are yet another couple who have stayed committed to each other outside the villa. Even after those “fake” claims during Casa Amor, the pair remained stronger than ever. Initially, they spent much of their time at Will’s family home in the UK, though they recently shared on social media they’re off to the land Down Under. 

The thought of Jessie being in Australia without him was clearly too much for Will, who surprised her with his flight ticket to join her trip. However, their recent social media activity revealed there might be a slight delay. Either way, they’re completely head over heels in love, and we’re here for it. 

Olivia Hawkins & Maxwell Samunda — Popular Mention

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Olivia and Maxwell didn’t make it to the final few, yet they were one of the most talked about couples of season 9. Maxwell confirmed their breakup on Murad Merali’s show just weeks after leaving the villa, saying they’d ended on good terms. 

Their split doesn’t come as too much of a surprise — the strength of their relationship was regularly questioned by fellow contestants during their time on the show. Maxwell admitted his focus was elsewhere when they left Love Island, leaving the couple no choice but to split. Was it really a “showmance” as everyone said? Who knows.

Season 8 — 2022

Davide Sanclimente & Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu — Winners

Image of Davide Sanclimente & Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu from Love Island UK 2022, season 8
Ekin-su and Davide have made love last outside of the villa

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Season 8 winners Davide and Ekin-Su certainly had their share of highs and lows in the villa. We all remember Davide’s famous “you’re a liar” moment. Yet, they managed to sort out their differences, fell in love, and went on to bag the £50k prize. 

The couple have regularly appeared on TV together and now have taken the step of moving in. They’re one of the few Love Island couples still together, even with Davide’s cheating rumors circulating in early 2023.

Gemma Owen & Luca Bish — 2nd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

The famous footballer’s daughter, Gemma Owen, was one of the youngest contestants in the villa. She found love with fishmonger Luca Bish, and they continued their romance very publicly after the season finale. Luca even filmed a proposal-style video of him asking Gemma to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Their three-month courtship ended in November 2022, after which, both Luca and Gemma shared the news on their Instagram stories. 

Fans thought the couple may have gotten back together when a TikTok user posted about their reunion. Gemma was quick to shut down rumors and clarified it was untrue. We hate fake news.

Dami Hope & Indiyah Polack — 3rd Place

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ll know Dami and Indiyah are 100% still each other’s type on paper. They regularly post hilarious videos and make guest appearances on a variety of TV shows. Not to mention the many Instagram posts of their envious date nights and outfits. 

The couple is loved up and living together, and it looks like a forever thing to us. Indiyah even landed herself a spot on the Love Island: Morning After podcast, so she’s still heavily involved in Island life during the newer seasons.

Tasha Ghouri &  Andrew Le Page — 4th Place

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Andrew put their relationship to the test when he explored other options during the trip to Casa Amor. But it seems no one was as good for him as Tasha, and the couple made it all the way to the final four. 

Today, they live together and share snippets of their life across their socials. Andrew even got a tattoo of “I love you” written in sign language to show his level of commitment to beau Tasha. He also gifted her with a promise ring for Christmas, so their relationship is quickly growing to the next level. Are wedding bells on the horizon? We hope so!

Paige Thorne & Adam Collard — 5th Place

image of Paige Thorne and Adam Collard from Love Island UK season 8, 2022
Adam’s suspected infidelity left Paige heartbroken

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Adam Collard headed back into the villa for a second chance at finding love (he previously entered in 2018 for season 4), and was the only contestant to enter Love Island twice. Things looked promising when he coupled up with Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne after her turbulent relationship with Jacques ended.

Their romance moved quickly, but it lasted all of two months in the outside world once images circulated of Adam’s suspected infidelity. He was pictured with his arms around various girls at different PA appearances. Paige also disclosed she’d seen many other shady videos, but the public never saw them. Needless to say, she quickly dumped him for good. 

Season 7 — 2021

Liam Reardon & Millie Court — Winners

image of Liam Reardon and Millie Court
They were on and off again, but now Millie and Liam are firmly back together

Relationship status: 100% still together ❤️(after a short break)

Summer Love Island 2021 was quite the ride. Winners Liam and Millie stole the nation’s hearts, even after Liam showed his head definitely could be turned (who remembers the Liam and Lillie saga?). The couple moved in together quickly after leaving the villa, posting their mega holidays, dates, and house updates all over social media. 

Sadly, it was pretty short-lived — the pair both confirmed their split after a year together. But, good news! Love is in the air again. The couple confirmed they’ve rekindled their relationship after thousands of fans thought they were on a cruise trip together. Liam’s also finally put those cheating rumors to bed, firmly stating they’re not true. That’s what we like to hear!

Chloe Burrows & Toby Aromolaran — 2nd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Chloe Burrows was the blonde bombshell who entered late on day one. Although Toby was coupled up with Kaz, he fell head over heels for Essex-born Chloe, which caused a major divide among the girls for a while. Toby and Chloe proved they were the right match and went all the way to the final, coming 2nd. 

They later moved in together in Chloe’s hometown but split after a year of dating when Toby reportedly called it quits. Chloe is currently living with bestie and Love Island 2021 winner Millie Court (if you don’t know about their TikToks, get to know them), while Toby has made quite the career for himself as a semi-pro footballer and podcast host.

Faye Winter & Teddy Soares — 3rd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Faye’s controversial tantrums and hilarious one-liners won the heart of Teddy Soares when he entered the villa on day 12. After nearly two weeks of ups and downs, Faye finally met her match with calm and committed Teddy. They quickly became one of the favorite couples, ending up in 3rd place.

It seemed like true love when the pair bought their dream house three months later and welcomed home a new puppy. But, after two years together, Feddy announced their official and “heartbreakingly difficult” split, according to Faye. Apparently, they just wanted different things and struggled to spend much time together due to work commitments. She even accused Teddy of playing the sympathy card after their split, so it looks like it’s slightly bitter between them. Eeek! 

Kaz Kamwi & Tyler Cruickshank — 4th Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

It seems like Love Island 2021 was more like heartbreak island. Fourth-place Kaz and Tyler also ended their relationship, though it was much sooner after leaving the villa than most of their Island peers. 

The pair confirmed they’d gone their separate ways in Christmas of 2021, after just a few months of dating. Although the couple looked stronger than ever at the finale, they’d been through more rough patches than most. Maybe it was all too much on the outside.

Season 6 — 2020

Finn Tapp & Paige Turley — Winners

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

We’re pretty sad about this one. Finn and Paige coupled up on day 4 and never looked back. They won the first-ever Winter Love Island, before leaving and setting up a new life together in their shared home in Manchester. For three years, fans watched the couple’s relationship blossom on social media, and we even saw Finn get a tattoo of Paige’s name. 

Unfortunately, the pair confirmed it “wasn’t forever in the end” in April 2023. Paige has already returned to her family home in Scotland, while Finn is repairing his heart by going traveling with his friends. Not all relationships are built to last, but I think many fans thought this one would.

Luke Trotman & Siȃnnise Fudge — 2nd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Luke and Siȃnnise enjoyed nearly two years together after landing 2nd place during season 6 of Love Island. Their TikTok dance routines gave us a glimpse of their amazing relationship together — or so we thought. Fans started to speculate about their split when Siȃnnise posted cryptic Instagram posts about ignoring red flags. Months later, they confirmed their split officially, and Siȃnnise revealed she was settling into a new apartment on her own. 

Luke T stayed in their rented apartment, but he certainly wasn’t locked away crying over a broken heart. Six months after their split, tabloids announced Luke T was engaged to his girlfriend of three months.

Demi Jones & Luke Mabbott — 3rd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

They might’ve only enjoyed a very brief relationship inside the villa, but we thought nation-sweetheart Demi had finally found her beau after being let down by Nas Majeed. But Demi and Luke’s romance was just as brief outside the villa. 

The pair split only a few months later, but it wasn’t the amicable ending we hear from most ex-Love Island couples. Demi posted about her energy not being reciprocated and even made some claims Luke’s eyes may have drifted elsewhere during their time together. Luke was accused of speaking to his now-fiancée Lucie Donlan (from season 5), during lockdown — while he and Demi were still a thing.

Ched Uzor & Jess Gale — 4th Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

The lockdown put a strain on many relationships, including those fresh out of the Love Island villa. Ched and Jess, who landed 4th place in season 6, were no exception. The pair called it quits after a four-month post-villa romance, with COVID-19 lockdowns being the primary reason behind their breakup. 

Although they sent voice notes every day, it wasn’t enough to sustain their relationship. The couple took to Instagram to post about their split, assuring fans they’d remain good friends. 

Callum Jones & Molly Smith — Need-to-Know Mention

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Finally, some good news! Manchester-based Callum Jones and Molly Smith are still coupled up three years later. We’re glad to see their relationship lasting, especially after Callum received so much backlash for dumping Shaughna Phillips for Molly after Casa Amor. 

The pair regularly share their love for each other on their socials, including their luxury holidays (not jealous at all). They currently live together in Manchester, UK, with their pug, Winnie. I think fans are just waiting for a ring now.

Season 5 — 2019

Amber Gill & Greg O’Shea — Winners

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Was this the shortest relationship in Love Island winner history? We think so. They came 1st place in Season 5, but Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea latest all of five weeks in the outside world. Supposedly, Greg dumped Amber via text message, but Greg later denied those claims. Just two years later, Greg openly admitted he regretted dumping Amber so soon after finishing the show, putting it down to his commitment to training for the Olympics. 

It all worked out in the end, though. Amber is now happily coupled up with female Arsenal football star Jen Beattie. She openly (albeit accidentally) “came out” online in 2022, and is now an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Go Amber!

Molly-Mae Hague & Tommy Fury — 2nd Place

image of Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague from Love Island UK season 5, 2019
Molly-Mae and Tommy’s relationship has gone from strength to strength outside of the villa

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

For many die-hard Love Island fans, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury were the real winners of Love Island 2019. Are they couple goals? Absolutely. Molly and Tommy’s very public relationship has seen them (and their social media followers) grow massively over the last four years. So much so, they welcomed their little baby girl, Bambi, in Spring 2023. 

Together, they share a huge home in Cheshire, UK. Molly has launched new businesses and even landed herself a role as Creative Director for the global fashion brand Pretty Little Thing. Tommy’s still pursuing his career as a professional boxer. One thing we do know is they’re completely in love. See, dating shows do work!

India Reynolds & Ovie Soko — 3rd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Love Island fans still talk about the heartthrob that was Ovie Soko, even now, five seasons later. When he finally found a match with India Reynolds and came 3rd, the UK nation couldn’t be happier. 

Their relationship was short-lived, only lasting four months before a public split. India was also accused of cheating on Ovie with Arsenal player Kieran Gibbs, but she denied any infidelity. Regardless, the pair said they’d split amicably. 

Curtis Pritchard & Maura Higgins — 4th Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Curtis Pritchard broke Amy Hart’s heart (excuse the pun), forcing her to leave the Island for good. He then found love with Irish-born Maura Higgins and went all the way to 4th place. But it appears things were less than rosy on the outside. Still, they lasted a good few months before they split in Spring 2020. Apparently, Maura no longer saw a future with Curtis. By that, we think she meant he wasn’t husband-material. Ouch!

Season 4 — 2018

Dani Dyer & Jack Fincham — Winners

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

They coupled up on day 1 and stayed together all the way to the final. Minus a Casa Amor postcard hiccup in the middle, Dani and Jack pretty much proved love at first sight really does exist. Unfortunately, they also showed that it might’ve been too good to be true. 

Outside of the villa and into the real world, the couple only lasted nine months before breaking up. Both of their statements to the public explained how they had a lot of love for one another, but quite simply wanted different things. Soon after, Dani Dyer rekindled her romance with ex-boyfriend Sammie Kimmence, with whom she shares a child. She’s also just given birth to two twin girls with her new boyfriend, so it seems there’s no going back for Dani and Jack. What a shame.

Laura Anderson & Paul Knops — 2nd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Runners-up Laura and Paul faced heavy media attention after their split just two months later. Rumors suggested their romance was fake and purely for the show, not the real world. However, Laura was quick to defend their short relationship, saying they split because they simply didn’t spend enough time together. Coming out of the villa brought many work and travel opportunities for the pair, which left them with little time to work on their relationship. 

Josh Denzel & Kazimir Crossley — 3rd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

The drama between Josh and Georgia was one of the most talked about feuds of Love Island season 4, especially because he dumped Georgia for Kaz after Casa Amor. After a couple of days, the public managed to see the true connection between them, and they soon won over our hearts. Outside of the villa, things changed and the couple split after six months of dating. They put it down to external influences and people “interfering.”

Although their split ended on a good note initially, Josh was left heartbroken after Kaz moved on with Season 3 Islander Theo Campbell just three weeks later. They both took digs at one another with a couple of cryptic comments on social media, so it appears the ending wasn’t as amicable as we thought.

Megan Barton Hanson & Wes Nelson — 4th Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Wes and Meg were certainly not shy of flaunting their relationship and romance while on Love Island. As one of the most popular coupes in season 4, they were inundated with appearances and work opportunities once they left. According to Megan, that is one of the reasons for their split. 

Their six-month relationship couldn’t withstand Wes’ ambitious career, including his appearance on Dancing On Ice with Vanessa Bauer. Megan explained how Wes was more focused on putting fame and money above their relationship, so ultimately, they called it quits. We’re not sure who won the custody battle of their shared hamster, though.

Season 3 — 2017

Amber Davies & Kem Cetinay — Winners

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

The chemistry between Amber and Kem was undeniable from the moment they entered the villa. Sure, they ran into some serious highs and lows — we all remember when Kem’s head was turned to newcomer Tyler after their short split. Yet they pulled it back, reunited, and took the £50k at the final.

Unfortunately, their relationship only lasted through the Autumn. The pair split in December 2017, when they both blamed their busy work schedules for the breakdown of their romance.

Camilla Thurlow & Jamie Jewitt — 2nd Place

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

For a while, it seemed like Camilla would never find her Mr. Right. Remember the awful feminism row with her first couple match Jonny Mitchell? That was a first for Love Island. Then, in walked Jamie Jewitt. The pair instantly hit it off and we watched their love blossom all the way to 2nd place in the finale. 

Camilla and Jamie truly did get their happily ever after. They’re now married and have two children together, plus two dogs. They’ve even opened a company together, so maybe you can mix business with pleasure.

Chris Hughes & Oliva Attwood — 3rd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Chris and Olivia’s split might just be one of the most public and talked about breakups in Love Island history. Their time in the villa was turbulent, to say the least, and it certainly carried on in the real world. We saw their ups and downs in all their glory on their ITV show Chris and Olivia: Crackin’ On, which left many fans wondering how they were still together. 

After seven months together, they decided they couldn’t take any more arguments and finally called it quits. 

Gabby Allen & Marcel Somerville —  4th Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Gabby and Marcel gave their relationship a good go, lasting around a year together. It seems Gabby’s insecurities inside the villa carried into life outside, too, after cheating rumors emerged. Worst of all, Marcel was accused of cheating on Gabby while they were on holiday together in Mexico. Sadly, the rumors were true. I think fans were in as much shock as Gabby.

Dom Lever & Jessica Shears —  Need-to-Know Mention

image of Dom Lever and Jessica Shears
Dom and Jess proved true love really does exist, even after 17 days in the villa

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Jess set her sights on Dom from the moment she laid eyes on him. The pair enjoyed a very short romance in the villa, before Jess was dumped by the boys on day 17. Dom stuck around but was also dumped two weeks later. Thankfully, their love was built to last and the couple rekindled their relationship on the outside. Now, they’re married and have two baby boys together. This is a love story we can get behind.

Season 2 — 2016

Cara De La Hoyde & Nathan Massey — Winners

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Cara and Nathan are actually one of the only winning couples still together. They coupled up on day 1 and stayed together throughout the entire Love Island journey. Although they briefly split a little after a year together, they managed to get through their troubles and found their way back to one another. Their relationship proved strong enough to last, and now they’re married with two kids.

Alex Bowen & Olivia Buckland — 2nd Place

Relationship status: 100% still together ♥️

Aside from Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae, Alex and Oliva Bowen (yes, they’re married), might be one of the most famous Love Island couples still together. Thankfully, Olivia managed to get past Alex’s fling with Zara in the hideaway, and their relationship grew stronger day by day. 

After leaving the villa, Olivia and Alex took almost every business opportunity that came their way. Now, they’ve built an empire together. They’re a true Love Island success story, with marriage, dogs, and a baby in tow.

Kady McDermott & Scott Thomas — 3rd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

It was written in the stars for Kady and Scott all along. Or, perhaps, written in the towels — how could we forget that iconic “Be my GF” moment? After coming in 3rd place, Kady and Scott enjoyed a year-long romance before splitting after an incredibly explosive argument when he brought back his friends for a party at their home in Manchester. It seems the rows continued outside of the villa too.

Rumor has it Kady is set to return to the villa in the latest season of Love Island, so it seems she’s getting a second chance at finding love.

Adam Maxted & Katie Salmon — 4th Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

They weren’t exactly one of the strongest couples of season 2, but Adam and Katie still made it to the final four. Their time together on the outside was almost as short as their romance in the villa, as they split just three weeks after leaving. It wasn’t an amicable split, either. Adam publicly Tweeted about Katie, comparing her to a kebab (we’re unsure why). Katie took a dig back, referring to Adam as a pair of socks (again, no clue).

image of Scott Thomas, Kady McDermott, Cara De La Hoyde, Nathan Massey, Olivia Bowen and Alex Bowen from Love Island UK season 2, 2016
Which season 2 couples made it last?

Season 1 — 2015

Jess Hayes & Max Morley — Winners

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Jess and Max were the first-ever crowned champions of Love Island. Even with interference from fellow contestant Naomi, Jess stuck by her man and they landed the £50k prize. Shortly after leaving the villa, though, the couple split. Jess Tweeted about how some things aren’t meant to be, but other than that, we don’t know much more. 

Hannah Elizabeth & Jon Clark — 2nd Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Hannah and Jon were actually the favorites to win, but they took the runners-up spot. Still, the future looked bright for the couple when they got engaged during one of the episodes before the final (yes, really). But apparently, they weren’t as compatible as they thought on the outside and Jon quickly broke off the engagement. Supposedly, it was argument after argument.

Josh Ritchie & Lauren Richardson — 3rd Place

Relationship status: It never started 🫢

Josh and Lauren came 3rd in the first season of Love Island, but it certainly wasn’t love. Josh had failed to find a romantic connection with anyone he coupled up with, so simply settled for a friendship pairing with Lauren instead. They made it all the way to the final, regardless. The pair remained friends on the outside, but since they never started a romantic relationship, we can’t really count this one.

Cally Jane Beech & Luis Morrison —  4th Place

Relationship status: It’s over 💔

Cally and Luis were one of the strongest couples in the Love Island villa. Things started off well outside of Love Island too — they bought a pad together and even had a baby daughter in 2017. However, after Luis’ cheating claims while Cally was pregnant, they broke up in 2018 after three years together.

Where Can I Watch Love Island UK 2023?

Now we’ve caught up on the past couples, it’s time to focus on the new drama. Love Island UK 2023 is back! Will there be love at first sight? How many dumpings by the firepit can we expect? Who will be first into the hideout? We’re sure you have many questions, including how to watch it. 

Love Island UK 2023 starts on Monday, June, 5, and it’s on every night at 9 pm for 2 months (OK, minus Sundays). It’s exclusive to ITV, so if you’re traveling outside of the UK, you might miss a few episodes. 

Thankfully, you can use CyberGhost VPN to connect to a UK server and get a British IP address. Then, simply head over to your ITVX account and press play. Our streaming-optimized servers make sure you can watch every coupling in HD, free from buffering.


What couples are still together from Love Island 2023?

It’s only been a few months since Winter Love Island 2023 ended. Thankfully, many of the final couples are still 100% together. Winners Kai and Sanam are still an item, as are Lana and Ron, Shaq and Tanya, and Jessie and Will. Both Olivia and Maxwell called it quits, while it’s up in the air for Samie and Tom. If you didn’t watch series 9, you can still stream every episode on ITVX. Download CyberGhost VPN to connect to a UK server and take Love Island with you wherever you go.

Are any couples from Love Island UK together?

Yes! It is Love Island, after all. Many couples leave the villa and split within a few months, but some go all the way to kids and marriage. Oliva and Alex Bowen from season 2 are still together, and so are Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt. Dom Lever and Jessica Shears are married with two boys, and Cara and Nathan are very much still in love. Remember, Love Island UK is only available within British borders, so you’ll need CyberGhost VPN if you want to stream it from your UK ITVX account while overseas.

Are any couples from Love Island still together?

Yes, some of the Love Island couples are still together. Olivia and Alex Bowen, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, Dom Lever and Jessica Shears, and Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey all walked down the aisle and now have children. Let’s not forget Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury, too! If you want to catch up on the old seasons, you can stream series 1-10 on ITVX

Are Olivia and Max still together?

Unfortunately, no. Oliva and Maxwell from Winter Love Island UK 2023 split a few weeks after leaving the villa. Maxwell was supposedly more focused on his career than his relationship, so they chose to break up. Missed out on Oliva and Max’s villa drama? Don’t worry! Hop onto CyberGhost VPN’s streaming-optimized servers to watch the drama unfold in HD.

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