How to Install the Best VPN for Kodi (Works in 2022)

Watching TV shows was made easier through streaming. Streaming is made easier through media centers. It’s no wonder we’re falling in love with Kodi. Watch out, though – if you’re using Kodi without a VPN, you might get burned.

Kodi may be your one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, but you should know you’re risking your online privacy and anonymity. Kodi add-ons expose your IP address, which leaves you prone to malware and cyber attacks. If that’s not scary enough, Kodi is notorious for letting copyrighted material slip through the cracks, which leaves copyright holders in search of IPs that violate distribution laws. Your IP could easily get caught in the crossfire. 

You can make all the cons go away and only get the best Kodi has to offer. You just need to use CyberGhost VPN with Kodi. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Here’s all you need to know.

Quick Guide – How to Install a VPN for Kodi in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Sign Up for CyberGhost VPN. CyberGhost has apps for a wide range of devices, so install the one you need.
  2. Connect to a streaming server. Some streaming channels are only available in a specific region, so choose one that enables access.
  3. Start watching your favorite shows!

What Is Kodi?

Think of Kodi as a free and open-source software for all your home entertainment needs. It’s a multi-platform home-theater PC (HTPC) app that Microsoft originally developed so Xbox consoles could access streaming media. This was before every streaming service developed its own app.

Kodi is fully customizable, from its appearance to its plug-ins. You need plug-ins to enable access to different services and types of content, like Netflix, YouTube, and even your local TV stations. 

As Kodi’s popularity grew, so did criticism of its role in sabotaging copyright restrictions. Some of its add-ons have allowed people to stream copyrighted content, which is obviously a problem for the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, this led to companies strictly monitoring Kodi and its add-ons, with little-to-no regard for user privacy.

Don’t trade your anonymity for entertainment. Use CyberGhost VPN with your Kodi to protect your IP address and your online activities from snoopers. No matter what Kodi plug-ins you use, no one will be able to monitor what you stream. 

Why You Need a VPN for Kodi

Kodi might be your go-to for enjoying entertainment at home, but those nifty add-ons come with a massive security trade-off. Since third parties develop these add-ons, no streaming service officially monitors and approves any of them. That means Kodi add-ons are susceptible to malware. 

Streaming services like Netflix or Hulu will spend a great deal of time and money to develop efficient apps that are free of bugs and malware. Kodi add-ons publicly show your IP address, which leaves you exposed to cyber attacks, nasty strains of malware, and even to snooping. In some countries, you can also face a fine if you download an add-on that can access copyrighted content, even if you just use it to stream your regional shows. 

Use CyberGhost VPN to hide your IP address and keep cybercriminals at bay. We use military-grade encryption to secure your connection and your data. Connect to our server network and we’ll reroute your data in a secure tunnel. It’s easy, convenient, and safe.

It’s perfectly legal to use a VPN with the Kodi media center, but keep in mind that viewing or downloading a movie or show outside countries where it’s licensed may violate copyright laws. CyberGhost VPN doesn’t recommend breaking any agreements or laws with or without a VPN.

How to Use a VPN with Kodi

Kodi feels a bit different from other media players, so you might worry it’ll be complicated to pair with a VPN. In reality, it’s as easy as using a regular streaming app, like Netflix or BBC iPlayer. You just need to open CyberGhost VPN, connect to a streaming server, fire up the streaming app, and start watching!

How to Use a Kodi VPN on Windows

  1. Download the CyberGhost VPN app for Windows.
  2. Expand the app and connect to a server from our For streaming tab.
  3. Open the Kodi app.
  4. Start streaming!

How to Use a Kodi VPN on Linux

  1. Download the CyberGhost VPN CLI app for Linux (See compatible distros).
  2. Open a Terminal window.
  3. Type in cyberghostvpn –streaming –country-code.
  4. Connect to the server you want.
  5. Open the Kodi app.
  6. Start watching your favorites!

How to Use a Kodi VPN on an Android Box

  1. Download the CyberGhost VPN app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Go to the For streaming section.
  3. Connect to a streaming server suited to your needs.
  4. Open the Kodi app.
  5. Stream the best shows!

How to Use a Kodi VPN on Fire Stick

  1. Download the CyberGhost VPN app from the Amazon Store.
  2. Go to the For streaming section.
  3. Connect to a streaming-optimized server.
  4. Open the Kodi app.
  5. Stream your favorites!

Why CyberGhost VPN Is the Best Choice for Kodi

Don’t cut corners–get the best Kodi VPN on the market. Here’s why CyberGhost VPN suits all your needs.

More Than a Kodi VPN

CyberGhost VPN is easily compatible with Kodi, but it’s also simple to use with all your devices. It’s got dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Linux. You can also use our Smart DNS feature for streaming on your Apple TV, Samsung TV, or even gaming consoles. A single CyberGhost VPN subscription lets you connect up to 7 devices simultaneously, so you’ll never miss a show.

Streaming-Optimized Servers

A VPN with a small server fleet leaves you switching servers in hopes of finding the best one for fast speeds and a stable connection. CyberGhost VPN has a fleet of 116 server locations in 91 countries, so overcrowding is out of the question.

Better yet, we have streaming-optimized servers, so you’ll quickly connect to a server that’ll give you the best specs for watching your favorite shows! Stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many others. Our international streaming servers let you access content even on local networks that try to block streaming altogether.

No Bandwidth Restrictions

Some VPN services out there restrict how much you can watch online to prevent network congestion. As avid movie connoisseurs ourselves, we don’t believe screen time should be limited by bandwidth restrictions. That’s why CyberGhost VPN gives you unlimited bandwidth on all our servers, and we never cap your data

We have a strict No Logs policy in place, so we never monitor how long you’ve stayed connected to our servers or what you’ve been doing. Stream completely uninterrupted with CyberGhost VPN!

Ultra-HD Quality

There’s nothing worse than having your movie buffer or blur right at the most climactic scenes. With CyberGhost VPN you’ll never miss a frame again. We’ve built ultra-fast VPN servers to give you an uninterrupted streaming experience. They’re also fine-tuned for UHD quality, so you’ll never have to put up with subpar video again. Use CyberGhost VPN for the best Kodi streaming! 

No More ISP Throttling

Here’s a lesser-known fact: your ISP can intentionally slow your speeds when you’re streaming to save bandwidth. It’s called throttling, and it’s why you’ll notice your speeds are often bad during peak hours, or when you’re accessing sites for data-heavy activities like streaming. 

CyberGhost VPN encrypts your data and redirects it through a secure tunnel – away from your ISP’s prying eyes. That means your ISP won’t be able to see what you do online, so you’ll escape content-based throttling. You’ll be free to watch the movies you want, when you want!

Watch Kodi Securely with CyberGhost VPN

Streaming with Kodi is great – but it’s not very safe. Since many plug-ins stream copyrighted material illegally, companies strictly monitor Kodi users. Kodi add-ons publicly show your IP address, which means these companies can easily see all your browsing activity.

You don’t have to give up all the great shows Kodi has to offer. Use CyberGhost VPN for an optimal streaming experience, fortified security, and unrivaled privacy standards. That way you get to stream all you want on Kodi without anyone monitoring your activity.


Should I use a free VPN with Kodi?

No, you should avoid free VPNs, as they’re not a good choice for streaming. Most free VPNs have slow and overcrowded servers, so you’ll frequently experience buffering, poor frame rate, and interruptions. 
Even worse, many free VPNs make a profit by monitoring and selling your data to advertising agencies and government authorities. 
If you want a smooth streaming experience without giving up your privacy, get CyberGhost VPN. We’ve got a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it completely risk-free!

How do I install a VPN on Kodi?

It’s easy if you have a multi-platform VPN like CyberGhost. CyberGhost VPN has dedicated apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS computers and devices, and more. You just need to: 
– Install CyberGhost VPN on your device.
– Connect to a streaming server.
– Open Kodi.
– Start streaming as you normally would.
That’s all it takes to use a VPN with Kodi. Feel free to check out our step-by-step guide for more information on installing Kodi. 

How do I put VPN on my Kodi Fire Stick? 

Start by searching for CyberGhost VPN on the Amazon Store. Download and install the app, then connect to a streaming-optimized server. Afterward just open Kodi and start watching your favorite content. It’s that easy to install the best VPN for Kodi on your Fire Stick. 
If you want any help getting set up, no worries. Our 24/7 Customer Support team is ready to answer your every question. 

How do I install a VPN on Kodi Android box?

First you need to find a VPN compatible with Android boxes. CyberGhost VPN is a safe bet, since it has an app for Android TV, which shares the same software architecture. 
Simply download CyberGhost VPN from the Google Play Store, and the installation process will run by itself. Afterward, just connect to one of our streaming-optimized servers

What is the best VPN for streaming?

CyberGhost VPN is the top-rated VPN for streaming. We’ve got everything you need, from streaming-optimized servers that enable quick and easy access, to stable VPN connections for buffer-free viewing in UHD. Watch shows from a variety of platforms including, but not limited to, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, ESPN+, and Hotstar!

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