Proxy vs VPN – which one’s the best for you?

Learn how to make the best choice for your online security needs

Proxy servers explained

When you browse online, your device connects directly to the website. It sees all your information, namely the IP address you are connecting from. However, when you use a proxy, it makes the connection for you, rerouting your traffic through its server.

Much like its name, a proxy server takes an action on your behalf - it communicates with the website so you don't have to. If you are looking to surf the web anonymously, a proxy will hide your IP address, giving you some added privacy.

CyberGhost offers a unique proxy solution with our dedicated Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

And if you want even more added protection while surfing the internet, our VPN offers the best in ultimate online anonymity and data security.

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Are free proxy servers any good?

There are many free web proxies available on the internet. However, they have plenty of downsides.

For example, 8 out of 10 free proxy servers don’t allow HTTPS connection. But without encryption, anyone can get access to your data. And you wouldn’t want your login details or bank account information to fall into the wrong hands.

What’s more, when using a proxy without HTTPS encryption, you’re trusting that the owners of the service are good guys who won’t sell your personal information to the highest bidder. Remember, operating these proxy servers takes money. And this money needs to be made back somehow.

Are you willing to take the gamble?

Surf online with the best anonymous web proxy

CyberGhost VPN’s proxy extension was designed differently. That’s because we believe your online security is important and should never be jeopardized by shady proxy add-ons.

Our anonymous browsing proxy adds a layer of security over your online activities. And you don’t even need to worry about setting it up. All you have to do is click a button to connect to one of our proxy servers, and you’re ready to surf anonymously online.

With us, there’s no need to enter URLs manually or to get randomly bounced around different servers.

Our extension gives you a stress-free anonymous web surfing experience. If you’re after safely streaming, torrenting, or protecting your entire digital identity online, our VPN solution is here for you.

To get all-round protection, CyberGhost VPN is your safest bet.

Proxy vs. VPN – the key differentiators

There’s one significant difference when it comes to proxies and VPNs. And that’s encryption.

A proxy can only hide your real IP and give you another address to unblock sites or social media platforms, but your internet activity is not anonymous. The reason is simple: there is no encryption in place.

Things are different with a VPN.

With a virtual private network, you hide your IP and swap it for a different one. You’re also protected by an encrypted tunnel connecting you to the web page you want to visit.

And since VPNs also deploy security protocols like IP or DNS leak protection, you’ll be able to access even restricted content from streaming services like as Netflix US, Hulu, Sling and plenty of others.

CyberGhost Proxy vs. CyberGhost VPN

If you’re trying to choose between our proxy and our VPN, here are some more details for you.

With CyberGhost VPN, you get access to a network boasting over 11300 servers spread out across 100+ countries from 6 continents.
And we’re continually growing.

However, our free browser extensions sport less flexibility. They allow you to access 8 servers located in 4 countries.

Features CyberGhost proxy extension CyberGhost VPN
Anonymous browsing checked checked
Block online tracking checked checked
Hidden IP checked checked
Access to geo-restricted websites checked checked
Blocked malicious content checked checked
Secure Wi-Fi connections Only in the browser All around
Access Flash content securely not checked checked
WebRTC leak protection checked checked
Killswitch not checked checked
24/7 live chat support not checked checked
Streaming & downloading sever filter not checked checked
Multiple protocol support not checked checked
Access to 11300+ servers in 100+ countries Access to only 8 servers in 4 countries checked
Smart rules not checked checked
Device limit Available just for Firefox & Chrome Up to 7 devices, no matter the OS


The main difference between a VPN and a proxy is the level of privacy. Since proxies only work on the application level, only traffic coming from that one single app will get rerouted. With a VPN however, your entire traffic is directed through a secure VPN server. Plus, compared to a VPN, a proxy will not encrypt your traffic, leaving you susceptible to online ISP, government surveillance, or website tracking.

A VPN is significantly better than a proxy. It's faster, provides privacy, has lots of security features, and it gives you the possibility to select your desired geographical region.

It is possible to use both a proxy and a VPN at the same time. However, the downside to all this would be a decrease of your internet speed.

Using a VPN is 100% legal in most countries. However, there are places, such as China, North Korea, Russia, Belarus, Iran, or UAE where the use of a VPN is prohibited.
Using a proxy can potentially be dangerous for your online privacy and security. According to a study done by an Austria-based security researcher, Christian Haschek, 79% of the proxies he tested prevent secure HTTPS traffic. As a result, these proxies can potentially steal your login credentials.

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