Reimaginating Risk Management with Centraleyes

With more and more companies investing in digital transformation, dealing with security issues and cyberattacks have to be a priority for any organization. That’s why a platform that offers integrated risk management and automates how to deal with cyber risk and compliance has enormous value.

We talked with Yair Solow, founder and CEO of Centraleyes, to know more about the platform, how Centraleyes differs from other solutions in the market and how companies and individuals can navigate with more security and protection these days.

Please present Centraleyes to our audience

Centraleyes is a fully automated, serverless cyber risk management platform that uses cutting-edge cloud technology to give organizations a real-time snapshot into their governance, risk and compliance.

Our robust platform enables internal risk management, compliance management and vendor risk management at scale with access to 50+ pre-loaded frameworks, smart questionnaires, dedicated APIs, AI-powered remediation planning and enhanced data analytics. Centraleyes provides multiple solutions, including 1st-Party internal risk, 3rd-Party vendor risk, Boardview executive reporting and a top multi-tenant layer.

With the Centraleyes cyber risk management platform, companies can streamline internal risk management or gauge and manage risk across a portfolio of companies. Centraleyes allows any company to rapidly collect data, measure performance through customizable scoring, track compliance against recognized frameworks, develop data benchmarks and generate the actionable insights needed to improve compliance and cyber visibility across the organization.

What differentiates your solution from others in the market?

Centraleyes is the only cyber risk management platform on the market that provides a company with a real-time snapshot into their GRC program performance. We designed Centraleyes to be an agile, intuitive and collaborative cyber risk management solution that streamlines the implementation and onboarding, data collection, analysis and reporting processes.

Centraleyes stays up to date with the latest frameworks, industry-specific threats and other cybersecurity trends. This gives companies a powerful, all-in-one solution that automates and orchestrates every aspect of risk management.

Our cyber risk dashboard provides interactive data that quantifies risk across an organization. From risk scoring, one-click integrations with popular cybersecurity solutions, built-in training, smart questionnaires and control mapping, historical data, automated remediation planning and deep insights into impact, prioritization and other metrics for both internal and external risk management—there’s no shortage of functionality available.

What are the main risks that companies face nowadays? Is it ransomware, phishing attacks?

The biggest threats companies face today are the ones they don’t know about. It’s no secret that virtually every industry is susceptible to cyber threats—the real challenge is what we don’t know—the unknown.

Many companies take a reactive approach to risk and compliance management. When things go wrong, they look to implement a fancy cyber solution, patch potential vulnerabilities and react to incidents as they happen.

This approach doesn’t work in the dynamic cyber world we live in today. Companies need to take a proactive approach that’s flexible and can adapt to change as needed. Accomplishing this requires adapting standardized frameworks to your specific use cases, which is exactly what Centraleyes provides.

Which tools a regular user or a small company can use to better secure its data and business?

There are several tools a smaller company can use to better protect their business. Here are a few of my recommendations:

          • Password manager: They offer a simple, but effective way to manage passwords in a secure way. I recommend something like LastPass.
          • Anti-malware: Malware is a problem for any business, regardless of its size. AVAST Security provides reliable coverage that small businesses can rely on.
          • Email filter for phishing and spam: Phishing attacks are still one of the easiest ways for cyber criminals to breach a business. Any of the recognized email filters will improve your protection.
          • Disk encryption: Encrypting your files adds another layer of security. I recommend BitLocker for Windows and FileVault for Mac.
          • Link and media scanners: Don’t underestimate the risks associated with links and media. A reliable scanner like Virustotal can help you quickly verify whether a link is safe to click.
          • VPN for connections: You also need to ensure the network you use is safe and secure. A simple VPN like NordVPN ensures your connections are being filtered through a defined location.

What is the most common misconception that people have about online privacy that is wrong? Do you see online privacy as something that we can’t achieve anymore?

Most people don’t realize how exposed their data is. They also know very little about their digital rights and how easily they are signing them away.

The world as we know it is going through a transition. Today, more policy is focusing on these exact issues. We’ve seen various state-level data privacy laws passed in the US alone.

The takeaway is clear. Companies are becoming more privacy-conscious due to push back from consumers and policymakers. We are more aware than ever before about data privacy, what these companies have been collecting, and how they are using that data to profit. This has led to a significant change in the relationship between companies, their users and their data.

Where do you believe your industry and Centraleyes will go in the next couple of years?

The world will continue to move to a more automated risk management approach. Centraleyes is well positioned to take the lead in this regard.

Our next-gen, cloud-native solution is heavily focused on being agile, providing companies with a platform that’s 10x faster and 10x better than what’s on the market today. We are empowering companies to break down cybersecurity silos as they work to take a more centralized and orchestrated approach to cyber risk management and overall cybersecurity that leverages integration, robust cyber risk dashboards and the power of real-time data.

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