The Team

Robert Knapp


Do you know those people who really stand out of the crowd for no particular reason? You just notice them first when you enter a crowded room or on the street during your morning rush to the office.

Such a person is Robert, CyberGhost Co-founder, one of those who manage being imposing and self-confident without being arrogant.

As a leader, Robert always practices what he preaches: growing a great privacy company, a driven and passionate team, and products that help and delight millions of Internet users around the world.

He started his own company when he was 18, and since then he was self-employed, first in music and event - business, later in IT and internet.Since then, he learned everything from his own mistakes and managed to cultivate a love - hate relationship with attorneys and accountants.

For Robert there is no need to separate work from personal life, since he loves what he's doing. In his vision they are one and the same.

He's a sucker for excel sheets with numbers, conversion rates, St. Pauli soccer team, tattoos and Italian coffee.

While he's not in his office, you're most likely to bump into him in a theater or Opera House, or accidentally spill his beer during a concert from 80's punk rock heroes like Social Distortion or Marky Ramone.

Timo Beyel


Timo is responsible for conceptual design, strategy planning, PHP back-end, databases, iOS related things, and product and project management.

He coordinates the development team, and sets the deadlines when necessary.

Among his weaknesses, you can count good food, ice cream, Apple gadgets and skilled, motivated, reliable people like his team.

Timo hardly has any spare time, but when that happens, he'd rather spend it with his wife and his son and daughter. He strongly dislikes these two phrases: "I can't" and "This is not possible!"

Patrick Arns

Head of Software Development

Meet the strong, silent type! Patient and always calm, he seems surrounded by an impenetrable shield. Working with Moritz and Timo, he always plays the role of the conciliator.

It appears that nothing can unsettle him, but just wait until the sunrise, or sunset, and you'll see him pulling out his camera, and taking the most moving and fascinating photos you are ever to see.

Patrick is in charge with CyberGhost client development, CyberGhost back-end development, Computerbild-Cloud client, and database stuff.

When he's not working, he is playing poker with his friends and taking snapshots during the Blue-Hour of the Day.

When asked about his personal bugbears, he mentions unfindable bugs.

Mihaela Neagu

Director of Sales

Mihaela studied International Economic Relations, and she holds a degree in Management of international Affairs. Her job is working on a daily basis with partners and realizing cover mounts.

If you would have to picture a childish girl with a sunny disposition, her looks would pretty much summarize everything. But don’t get fooled by her naïve, innocent appearance (we secretly think she drank at some point from the Fountain of Youth). She can be really tough when it comes to work, or defending her personal point of view on an important matter. Otherwise, she’s very Zen, and always manages to keep a positive attitude.

When Mihaela is not working she enjoys cycling and being a bookworm. I have to mention she’s also an early birdie, but I guess that’s part of the healthy life she has chosen to lead.

When asked about the things she dislikes, she didn’t have to think too much: bullies and self-important pricks.

Barbara Eglseder

Graphic Designer

Barbara is the one who brought Ghostie to life. With just one pencil slide she has the magical power of making Ghostie happy, handsome, angry, or do all sort of fun things, like scuba-dive or eat cake.

While she's not doing the graphics for CyberGhost, you can see her sketching some other things, swimming, spending time with her friends, watching Star Trek, or playing with her German Shephard, whom she describes as being "a big, clumsy monster".

She really hates having no connection to the internet, and last minute changes, after she finished her work.

Codruț Răduț

Front-End Dev

Codruț spends his time in the company designing and implementing websites and user interfaces using the latest web technologies.

He studied Computer Science and attended Film School, from where he left with a fascination for everything that means visual arts.

In the end, he doesn't even know what his pet-peeves are, since he is focusing so much on the things that he likes, he completely forgets about the ones that annoy him.

Silvia Andrei

Cleaning Lady

One of the most hard-working people in the CyberGhost team, Silvia manages to stay positive at all times.

When she's not cleaning after us (we can be real litterbugs sometimes), she spends time with her 15-year old son, and reads a lot, mostly detective novels written by Agatha Christie.

Mircea Poterașu

Web Developer

Mircea is working together with the web developers, business and marketing team members to create an intuitive experience for website visitors and CyberGhost users.

He has his fair share in developing new apps and extending and improving the existing ones. He gathered all his knowledge and experience from years of heavy studying at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Computer Science and Economic Cybernetics.

He's spending most of his time outside the working hours travelling, reading, waching movies.


Video Producer

Ciprian is in charge with Photo and Video materials. The newest CyberGhost videos, photos and tutorials are a result of his outstanding creativity and good taste.

His pastime activities include: riding his bike and relaxing through music.

When it comes to learning, he always prefers the first hand experiences, putting quite an effort into traveling and interacting with people he considers to be of interest.

Ciprian's motto is Simple is the new complicated and it perfectly reflects in his work, along with his passion for minimal and clean things.

He hates cops, had quite awful experiences with taxi drivers and is not particular keen on rainy days.

Radu Armaziu

Head of Operations

An attentive listener by nature, Radu is the missing link between you, our beloved client and us, the Internet freedom fighters at CyberGhost.

In order to achieve this, Radu makes sure the team has all the necessary tools for a job well done and the best VPN service is delivered your way.

A passionate photographer, Radu enjoys taking pictures of all the fascinating aspects of the theater of life. Speaking of which, this Ghostie has quite an artistic side to discover, since in his free time, he enjoys writing scripts and making movies.

Very important aspect: if you ever think of dropping Radu a line, please mind autocorrect! One of his main pet peeves is reading "your" instead of "you're".

Ștefan Iacob

Head of Business Intelligence

If you need to know anything about figures related to CyberGhost’s recent or past evolution, Ștefan is your go-to guy.

However, few people are aware of his background in film production, so if you’re ever in need of a good movie recommendation, you know who to ask. Books are also a topic of interest and a pretext for long conversations.

Yet we wouldn’t recommend bringing politics up, because that’s Achilles’ heel for Ștefan. Who knows, after talking to him, you might think about starting a new revolution.

Silvana Demeter

PR & Communication Director

Tech enthusiast, cybersecurity fan, PR professional, dog person, wanderlust sufferer and daydreamer.

Regrets, she had a few. The biggest one is not choosing a tech education. Painting with words, Silvana seeks stories in all the wrong places - eventually finds them.

Efficiently combining top notch security software promotion with the fight against censorship and freedom of the Internet, Silvana is open to any smart idea. So, bring it on and let's make the Internet a better place, where people feel safe, have their privacy protected and are free.

Andrei Ouatu

Head of IT

Modest by nature, Andrei enjoys referring to himself as the Master of the Universe.

This job title hardly does him any justice though, as, besides poking servers back into submission, he also takes care of general office IT management. Just make sure not to bug him very early in the morning, unless you want to discuss airsoft, gaming or motorcycles.

Silviu Gurlea

Tech Support Engineer

A dedicated Technical Support Representative, Silviu enjoys a job well done. Each case is a challenge to him, to which he always comes up with a great solution.

Poor customer service is his worst enemy and just the thought of it makes him cringe.

However, when Silviu wants to take it easy, blonde beer is his fuel, but black will do too in case of emergency.

Andrei Rusu

Strategic Partnerships Manager

A freakishly straightforward, yet good-humored Ghostie, Andrei always manages to surprise us with a witty remark.

For example, he insisted we include this cheeky motto in his description, so here it goes, Andrei: I will punish you with pleasure. And pleasure you with pain.

On a more serious note, Andrei's work responsibilities include channel development of partnership strategies for CyberGhost services, as well as looking for new business opportunities in international environments.

Outside office hours, Andrei dedicates most of his time to his “mini-me” (his adorable son, whom we wish he brought more often to work). Otherwise, music, astronomy, movies, traveling and, of course, sports are his preferred escape from reality, without which this world would probably be a lot more dull.

Andreea - Emilia Panciu

Infrastructure Development Specialist

A fresh graduate of the Polytechnics University of Bucharest and one of the youngest Ghosties, Andreea always manages to impress us through her enthusiasm and amazing ability to bring order into chaos.

When she is not keeping track of invoices, answering e-mails or blocking naughty IPs, our diligent colleague unwinds by taking trips with her friends, watching movies, reading, going to the gym and cycling.

Daniel Sava

BI DevOps

Daniel's job involves taking care of the IT infrastructure, purchasing various pieces of equipment and sometimes even correcting peoples' finger position towards the timesheet devices.

No worries, though, when he has Bob Marley in his earphones, everything's gonna be alright! It gets even better when Daniel gets down to more relaxing activities, as gaming, partying and watching TV shows.

Dragoș Velcea

Senior DevOps Engineer

An experienced IT professional, Dragoş is also a master of programming and scripting languages, such as C, JavaScript, Python or Ruby.

But when he is not using such complicated words, Dragoş likes to compensate the hours spent at the office through numerous outdoor activities as driving, walking, dancing, rollerblading, skating, biking or by enjoying his favorite music and movies.

Speaking of driving, if you're ever in traffic and feel the urge to tell Dragoş something by slowing down while you're in front of him, maybe consider calling instead. Hitting the breaks in front of him is one of his pet peeves!

Alex Dănăilă

QA Engineer

Just like Bear Grylls, Alex enjoys fighting bugs with his bare hands, thus making sure that the quality of the CyberGhost apps is always top-notch.

Otherwise, he likes to compensate his love for gourmet food with some “relaxing” outdoor activities, as snowboarding, skateboarding, biking.

All in all, if you're ever in trouble, remember: "One Alex a day keeps the bugs away!".

Sorin "Berceni" Tuță

Head of QA

A dedicated and efficient bug fighter by day, Sorin has a sacred mission at CyberGhost and sticks to it no matter what.

Few know, however, of Sorin's background as a professional gamer, who has taken part in several major competitions across Europe. But when he's not taking his passions very seriously, he unwinds by going to stand-up comedy shows.

George Alexandru

Product Manager

George's job is to constantly check that our software stays in tip-top shape and that is why he always has an incorporated and efficient bug spray at hand.

However, when he is not making sure that the CyberGhost products don't go off the rails, he has a passion for everything running on rails.

As a graduate of the Rail Transport Vehicles section of the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, he takes a special liking to trains. But he also enjoys travelling by car, walking and hanging out with friends. What he doesn't like is fighting bugs while still sleepy and that is why we randomly throw coffee at him from time to time.

Costa Hilohi

Head of Support

A veteran of old-school tech support in the field of Internet Security, Costa is here to help users enjoy a flawless CyberGhost experience.

With a background in fine arts, he can turn the most tedious of conversations into philosophical debates. Just ask him to join you for a beer and see for yourself!

He also loves keeping up to date with gaming news and pop-culture, and why not, taking the occasional trip to the gym. All things related to tech and gaming spark his interest and he also confesses to have seen an absurd number of movies.

Dragoș Zirbo

Head of Infrastructure Development

We often like to think of engineers as computer doctors. Well, Dragoş is living proof of that, since he's both a Med School and a Tech University graduate.

A problem solver by definition, with an extensive experience in IT infrastructure, Dragoş is here to coordinate the development and optimize release cycles of all infrastructure platforms based on business impact, among many other things.

But when he's not dealing with the inner mechanics of CyberGhost, Dragoş knows how to relax. He makes sure not to miss the city's most important events together with his friends, goes hiking, running and snowboarding.

Definitely a cat person.

Alexandra Macri

Social Media Manager

An experienced social media connoisseur, Alexandra is here to inform digital freedom lovers around the world and across a multitude of channels about the latest developments in online privacy.

Some of her other fields of interest include SEO, brand awareness and generation of inbound traffic.

The mother of a delightful little boy, whom we would love to have as a full-time mini Ghostie, Alexandra enjoys disconnecting from social media in her spare time. Her family and friends are always there when she needs to unwind and the seaside is her favorite getaway, where the waves play her favorite music.

If you want to get to know her better, you could run into Alexandra at a dance festival. Coffee could be a great conversation starter here, but whatever you do, please don't answer any of her questions with “yes, but”. That's one of her biggest pet peeves! However, maybe she'll forgive you if you ask for pictures about her Jack Russell Terrier.

Vladimir Corduneanu

Front-End Developer

Vlad is here to make life easier for CyberGhost users, by creating and implementing smart and user-friendly UIs aka User Interfaces.

Although he is currently studying Computer Science and speaks many of the magical languages of programming, he is not all about computers and gadgets. That is why he enjoys spending his free time reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, riding motorcycles and cooking. Yes, you read right – cooking. However, we, his colleagues, need some evidence of this pastime and would love to try some of his kitchen experiments. No pressure, Vlad!

We promise to even properly squeeze all the toothpaste tubes in your vicinity properly (surely not from the middle, because we know how much you hate that), if you organize a tasting session anytime soon.

Octavian Vasii

Assistant Manager

A well-organized Ghostie with an eye for detail, Octavian is responsible with the financial aspects of CyberGhost: paying suppliers on time, as well as storing and archiving invoices and payment orders.

So thanks to him, the administrative stuff is taken care of and digital freedom can be delivered all around the world!

However, we bet he's extra well-calculated with the amount of paper he uses when handling all this paper work, since he got his degree in Environmental Law at Bioterra University.

A rocker with an eco-friendly attitude, Octavian loves going to the gym and biking. Also, just like any other respectable Ghostie, Octavian has a soft spot for everything technology-related.

Or Amitai

Strategic Business Development

Or is in charge of affiliate marketing and of building close relationships with our affiliates. His main goal is to attract more users and convince them to confidently use CyberGhost.

One of the most energetic persons from the CyberGhost team, Or is always in the mood for a good joke and always eager to enrich his Romanian vocabulary. You can also challenge him for a ping pong match at any time and don’t be surprised if you see him wandering around the office and singing: he’s just taking a break.

A huge dog lover, Or sometimes brings Toto at work, his lovely dog, who likes to check if everyone is doing their job right.

Valentin Stănescu

Tech Support Engineer

Although Valentin completed a degree in humanities and social sciences, most of his previous jobs were in the IT field.

His job at CyberGhost is to provide technical support to customers, addressing their questions and concerns and mainly, making sure they are happy when using our apps.

Valentin’s hobbies include video games and fighting sports, but he also finds some time to watch David Attenborough’s nature documentaries.

Valentin ticks off when he hears people claiming to be gurus in various fields and hates the so-called fancy bars that are nothing but gin mills.

Robert Wamsidel

Tech Support Engineer

After more than 10 years in the IT field throughout various positions, Robert joined the CyberGhost Tech Support team in 2017.

Since then, he’s managed to stand out through his excellent German skills, as well as through his unique choice of Halloween costumes. Let us put it like this: if you want to know more about ladies’ Victorian fashion, you know who to ask.

However, apart from his exquisite taste in vintage apparel, Robert also has other passions. He would gladly reboot after solving so-many tech-related issued through a soccer game and, afterwards, some Cuba Libre.

Mihaela Olivia Mondoc


They say an accountant is someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. You could say they’re magicians.

Well, at CyberGhost, Mihaela is responsible for all the magic tricks regarding accounting activities: invoicing, analyzing and preparing accounting records, as well as bank reconciliations.

When she’s not checking the numbers, she likes to spend time with her family and each year, she dedicates a special period for an unforgettable holiday.

Cristina Jderu

Graphic & UI/UX Designer

One of Cristina’s favorite sayings is: Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some are made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine…

Referring to herself maybe? You’ll have to find out on your own. What is sure though is that she loves long hiking trips, but also enjoys the seaside and if it were possible, she would travel the whole world.

Cristina studied Computer Science but fell in love with graphic design, so she decided to take this path. Currently, she is responsible for creating fun and user-friendly graphics, thus helping all departments communicate ideas through visual design and concepts. Cristina also makes sure users have the best possible experience when using the CyberGhost apps.

Andrei Pătrănescu

Infrastructure Development Specialist

Andrei believes everyone has a sense of humour so he likes to try out a new joke every day, even if it's a bad one.

So don’t take it personally if the next joke is on you, especially since he knows when to stop and when to start taking things seriously.

His job at CyberGhost combines technical tasks with administrative duties, making sure all servers function properly while handling the infrastructure and security technologies. Otherwise, Andrei is an outdoor person and he likes to go out and grab a beer with his friends, and discover new and interesting places when he travels.

Ionuț Orzoi

IT Support

Just like any IT expert, Ionut likes to stay up to date on the latest technology trends so he's always following the news on this topic.

Speaking of news, don’t start a conversation with him about local politics because this is something he’s not interested in at all.

At CyberGhost, Ionut’s job is to make sure all IT equipment is in perfect order and some of his duties include monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks, as well as configuring computer systems and applications. He is willing to help his colleagues in any IT-related situation though.When he’s not in front of the computer, he likes to do sports and generally, he makes sure he maintains a healthy life.

Bogdan Văcaru

Tech Support Engineer

Bogdan finished a degree in civil and industrial engineering at Technical University of Engineering in Bucharest. But somehow, he managed to pave his way towards the IT field.

At CyberGhost, Bogdan’s role is to answer users’ technical questions and provide them detailed support and advice. He diagnoses and troubleshoots technical issues such as account setup or helps customers install the application.

You can always chat with Bogdan (work-related or not), but it would probably be best not to ramble too much or else, you’ll lose him along the way and he’ll probably avoid you next time.

Alin Vlad


Working as a Customer Support Technician for a long time, Alin started to truly understand customer needs.

This was the trigger that led him to an important discovery: he wanted to make a career in marketing. Interestingly enough, before CyberGhost, he worked in various marketing positions for companies that run internet security activities, an experience which makes him just the right fit for CyberGhost.

Marketing became his passion so much so that he constantly reads books about business, marketing strategies and growth hacking. His goal at CyberGhost is to ensure all marketing efforts are successful enough to amplify the business growth and outperform the competition.

Probably during his extensive experience as a marketer, he realized that he truly dislikes shallow people and those who use fear as an excuse for not overcoming obstacles.

Dana Vioreanu

Content Specialist

Dana is in charge of all kinds of tasks related to content, such as writing articles, taking care of landing pages or getting involved in all sort of promotional activities.

Basically, just spreading good words about CyberGhost in the online world.

Even though her degree is in Sociology, which technically has nothing to do with writing, all her previous jobs implied working for websites, taking care of content and writing articles. By the way, if you’re interested in studying abroad, feel free to ask her for a few pointers, because for about two years and a half, she learned almost everything there is to know about international studies.

When she’s not spending time with her daughter (which is 90% of her free time), she enjoys reading a good book, seeing a play or watching a movie. And of course, she never misses a Disney or Pixar animation movie.

What really annoys her is The-Know-It-Alls people. Surely, you’ve met at least one, the type of people you’ve only just met and already start giving you advice about anything, although you never asked for it.

Filip Apostol

Infrastructure Development Specialist

Since he is a politics lover, Filip is great at communicating with people.

However, unlike many of the world’s politicians, our colleague spends most of his time finding solutions for absolutely anyone who requires his (technical) assistance, so that everyone gets to enjoy and use CyberGhost at its true potential.

With an eye for photography and a taste for Czech beer, Filip is a self-proclaimed full-time introvert, passionate about extremes as it seems, since he loves both very shiny as well as very matte objects.

It’s this appetency for the visual arts that makes him blend perfectly into the rest of the CyberGhost team, since there are a lot of undercover photographers among us (you know who you are, guys!).

Erez Tamir

Head of Finance

At CyberGhost, Erez handles a tricky business: he manages the finances of the company, operates the overall cash flow and makes all important financial decisions.

More commonly, the CyberGhost team knows him as the man you have to talk to when you need money for any business project.

Outside work, Erez is a true family guy; he likes to spend quality time with his 2 sons. And, although she is not a pastry chef, we all know his wife makes some excellent cookies. We appreciate them whenever he brings some for us at the office (no pressure).

He also enjoys practicing sports and travelling to a beach destination each summer.

If you want to hear his life story and how he decided to move from Cyprus to Romania, he will gladly tell you all about it over a glass of whisky.

Oana Popescu

Tech Support Engineer

Part of the Technical Support team, mainly for French speaking users, Oana is the feminine voice – part of an environment filled with men.

Enjoying everything new and challenging, CyberGhost is the best place for her, as it perfectly suits her "safety" of speech beliefs.

Although she deals with technical details at the office, Oana has an artistic side judging by her passion for fashion. Her favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and just like the lead character of the movie, she loves cats, especially her own black cat which she believes brings her good luck.

An active person, Oana goes to the gym at least 3 times a week. But she also likes to unwind in the middle of nature. Oana would never say no to a trip to the mountains as she thinks nothing is more relaxing than the sound of the forest.

Matei Georgian

Tech Support Engineer

Georgian is an IT graduate, but he continues to develop his skills, so he always learns new programming languages.

As a support engineer, he deals with troubleshooting issues. However, during the first contact with users, Georgian offers them additional information about CyberGhost, technical related or not.

You could describe Georgian as a cheerful nostalgic. Why? Because outside working hours, he enjoys everything that is retro (old movies, music, video games) and engaging in any activity that will make him have a good laugh.

Horațiu Popovici

Tech Support Engineer

Very patient by nature, Horatiu handles various and complex technical issues CyberGhost users encounter.

He grew accustomed to the CyberGhost work environment quite fast, especially since his previous jobs in the IT field also involved customer support tasks.

After he successfully clarifies customer needs, he either hangs out with his friends over a beer or spends his spare time indoors watching a movie or listening to music. Pretty ordinary, right? Well, Horatiu also enjoys hitting the gym and, interestingly enough, likes boxing from time to time. But don’t worry; he’s not trying to release his anger, it’s just another method of staying fit.

Mihai Pătrăscioiu

Tech Support Engineer

After working for various IT corporations, Mihai arrived at CyberGhost, looking forward to a more loosened up work atmosphere. And he is really glad he found it!

Mihai assists CyberGhost users with troubleshooting issues, or how he likes to say: he’s guiding them towards the knowledge path. The customer support job did not come by accident, as one of his qualities is to help out people and he also considers himself quite an empath.

A big fan of the white sport, Mihai watches all important tennis matches and he even plays tennis, but not as often as he wants to. He is grateful though that he gets to play ping pong in our relaxation area at the office.

Cosmin Crețu

Tech Support Engineer

A big part of Cosmin’s life rolls around technology. At CyberGhost, he is part of the technical support team, offering assistance to our customers, but he also reads tech-related books in his free time.

Nevertheless, he has additional interests such as world history, and the secret reality of the human mind (particularly how attention and perception work).

Cosmin always finds time for a glass of wine (old Merlot wine that is) while he’s watching a sci-fi, or comedy TV series.

When he’s not indoors, you’ll find Cosmin taking a walk in the middle of nature, bike riding or roller skating.

Eugen Ciachir

UI Designer

There are so many ways to describe Eugen (not Eugene!): graphic designer, passionate about art, cat lover and ultimate Apple fan!

His passion for design, music, graffiti and technology has allowed him to create websites, applications and games for almost 6 years.

With a strong UI driven background, Eugen is in charge with visuals and graphic design, and he specializes in delivering all kinds of high-end detail oriented digital products through consultation, research, and strategy.

His sumptuous goal is to shape the world with visual products that enrich people’s lives. Now that is grand, but we believe in you Eugen. You can do it!

Mihai Rida

Growth Marketing Specialist

Mihai dreams of one day becoming a business angel. Until then, he wants to become an expert in technical marketing and growth hacking.

Just like any authentic growth hacker, Mihai is creative, curious, comes up with out-of-the box ideas and…never says no to a delicious snack. Just an inside tip if you want to indulge him at one point.

Apart from his obsession for growth, Mihai is passionate about e-sports. So, if you happen to share the same passion, he is the perfect partner for this kind of games.

Anca Barbu

Office Manager

Anca’s biggest fantasy is to travel and discover all the wonders of the world (particularly sunny beach islands).

Since she completed her studies in tourism management, she’ll likely going to live her dream in the future.

Besides going on trips and visiting new places, Anca attends music festivals every time she can.

At CyberGhost, she is taking care of all sorts of administrative tasks, but not before she pours herself a big cup of coffee. The most interesting and challenging part of her job is the fact that no day is the same. And she pays a great deal of attention to organize perfect Happy Fridays and to provide us some of the finest desserts.

Yum! Thank you Anca!

Daniel Gheorghe

Tech Support Engineer

One of our tech support engineers, Daniel sees himself as a master who guides users in the dark.

What he likes most about his job is the fact that there is always something new to learn and finds it very interesting that he gets in touch with people worldwide.

Other things that define Daniel are his passion for traveling and fishing, which is his favorite hobby. That’s his way of finding peace and quiet after a long week. And guess what’s his favorite food: sushi! He doesn’t always enjoy the silence because he also goes out to a night club from time to time.

Dana Ioniță

Data Analyst (BI & Automation)

Dana’s important rule she never disobeys is: never start a day of work without a big cup of coffee.

With a vast experience in reporting, Dana is our talented data analyst who handles a pretty tricky job: optimizes BI (business intelligence) operational reports. That basically means she monitors, measures and forecasts users’ activity on CyberGhost app, such as: sales volumes, trends and improvements as well as customer preferences.

Her overall work helps out our company a lot as her conclusions can lead to important decision-making strategies.

Besides her devotion to numbers, Dana is a huge animal lover; she adores her two pets: Pisu, the cat and Steluța the dog, and she always enjoys watching animal documentaries.

Bianca Darie

Conversion Optimization Specialist

Like any Conversion Optimization Specialist, Bianca is like a Jane-of-all-Trades; she puts many analytical skills into practice, with the ultimate goal to make more visitors fall in love with the CyberGhost VPN app.

What she likes most about her job is the fact that she gets to apply her interest in psychology since she basically studies what users want and what makes them tick.

What few people know is that Bianca is a foodie, so it comes as no surprise that she named her cats Couscous and Sushi. From time to time, she reveals her adventurous side by going snowboarding, hiking or playing basketball.

Octavian Martinică

QA Engineer

Although he likes to day-dream once in a while, Octavian is always wide awake when he’s looking out for bugs.

He is also politically correct at his job, as he believes: ‘all code is guilty until proven innocent’. Like any QA engineer, he is passionate about video games, but reading a good book is also a nice way for Octavian to pass his time.

If you want to have fun with a little Spanish conversation, Octavian is always up for this challenge since he studied Spanish in college.

Octavian goes on a road trip every time he gets a chance and he always chooses scenic routes to admire nature and all its beauty. He is a tolerant and calm person, but FYI: loud people and those who cut in line really tick him off.

Adina Ailoaiei

Tech Support Engineer

Part of the friendly Customer Support team, Adina gladly handles users’ technical issues although her professional background is not IT-related.

She also gets involved in the pre-sales part and the fact that she studied philology and linguistics helps her a lot in better communicating with CyberGhost users.

Adina’s hobbies include playing videogames, listening to a lot of music, but she also enjoys reading, especially Sci-Fi books. Quite a complex personality! Try not to mispronounce her family name because she hates that. However, you might be forgiven if you’ll offer her some chocolate. That’s something she never refuses.

Bogdan Biolan

Data Scientist

Bogdan has completed his studies in the queen of science, mathematics.

That is why, ecstatic over numbers and always anxious to unlock the puzzle of data, at CyberGhost, he’s in charge with descriptive statistics and predictive modeling. Or like Einstein said, he’s dealing with the poetry of logical ideas.

Even when he’s not crunching the numbers, Bogdan likes to train his mind, so he plays chess once in a while. He finds some time to relax though by exploring new places when he travels.

Andra Zaharia

MarCom Manager

Andra lives by one simple rule: practice what you preach.

She’s dedicated to helping people realize the importance of data privacy and security and act on it.

As a Ghostie, Andra works to make things simpler and more effective when it comes to all things related to content and PR. Her go-to approach is transparent and value-driven communication, complemented by an always big smile and positive attitude.

Plus, she’s a huge book geek and an even bigger cat lover.

Eduard Bîndilă

Project Manager

Eduard’s vast experience in IT jobs such as web designer, frond end engineer, business analyst or scrum master prepared him for a career in project management.

So CyberGhost grabbed the chance of bringing him in our team.

Like any project manager, Eduard makes sure that things get done perfectly and at the right time. That sounds like he’s a harsh person, but in fact, Eduard has great communication skills; he can inspire any team member to happily get involved in a certain task or project. You could say his work philosophy is: the more you plan, the luckier you get.

Gadgets and tech devices are Eduard’s passion (no surprise here!). He also enjoys traveling with his kids, watching a football match or TV series.

Bogdan Hent

Lead Web Developer

Problem solver. Puzzle aficionado. Aspiring escape room record-breaker.

Bogdan is not only a passionate web developer but he also brings fun and some wildly entertaining jokes to the table.

Bogdan's mission is to deliver user-friendly, intuitive and engaging experiences for all Ghosties. He works with his team to keep things in top shape and is constantly on the lookout for a better way to do things.

He never stops learning and he genuinely cares about the people around him. If you enjoy this website or any other resources by CyberGhost, he most likely had something to do with it.

Ștefania Floareș

Head of HR Department

Along her 10 years of work experience, Stefania flirted with the idea of having a career in sales. However, she decided HR is the right path for her.

Stefania simply loves helping out employees with anything she can to make their lives easier at the job.

By the way, feel free to stop by her office anytime, if only to just say "Hi". She’ll make time for a short or long chat, regardless of maybe having a busy day.

When she’s not at the office, she enjoys the little and nice things in life, such as reading a good book (Oscar Wilde is her favorite) or eating a lava cake (her dessert choice no.1). Additionally, Stefania is always up for a good laugh as she would never say no to a stand-up show.

Andrei Crâșmăreanu

Tech Support Engineer

Andrei describes himself as the biggest sneakers and cars freak out there. Well, that is quite ordinary for a guy in their 20s.

What’s interesting about Andrei though is that he likes to collect uncommon, precious stones. We’d like to see some of them one day; please share!

Andrei studied both ecology and computer science in college, but somehow, he decided tech support would suit him best career wise. As he says, he likes to: "provide knowledgeable info to customers that need professional and prompt service".

If you ever need a favor from Andrei, bring him some chocolate or take him out to a great pizza or burgers place. You know what they say: food is the best way to win someone’s heart.

Răzvan Ungureanu

Tech Support Engineer

Razvan is the perfect man for his job at CyberGhost. Before joining our team, he worked as a tech support engineer for various security software companies.

However, in his spare time, he rather enjoys exploring his artistic side. He likes to paint, make movies or exercise his photography skills. Razvan tried to pursue several college degrees including foreign languages, politics, psychology and journalism. But he never graduated from any of them. Well, highly creative people get easily bored and change their mind a lot.

Some of the most successful people in the world never finished college either. Maybe CyberGhost will be Razvan’s launching platform and who knows where this will lead him?

Alexandra Bideaua

Content Marketing Specialist

Because she’s always up for producing helpful digital content and looking for ways to amplify it, Alexandra is our Content Marketer. Her attention to detail can be scary, but it grows on you.

With a background in Public Relations and Psychology, she used to be a Digital Project Manager, with a soft spot for community development. Looking for the needle in the haystack doesn’t scare this Ghostie.

When she’s not glued to the internet, she loves travelling and taking pictures. As an avid seeker of niceness, Alexandra is all about noticing obscure details and picking up on things most people walk right past. But beware, asking her about Iceland can trap you in a very long conversation.

For fun, adrenaline-inducing flights are her thing. You can often find her at airshows, head in the clouds and all starry-eyed.

In the mood for a joke? Stop by her desk. She’s punstoppable.

Ulrich Brügmann

Manager of Content

Being equipped with years of studying psychology, he's responsible for the text department of CyberGhost: public relations, press communication, basic marketing, online help and content in general.

At times being a soul-destroying perfectionist, he will create countless drafts of a text, changing his mind again and again, until the words fit next to each other like the pieces of a complicated puzzle.

When he's not committing his creativity to paper, you can find him in the company of his family, hanging out in the gym or with friends, or playing with his gadgets, not necessarily in this order.

When asked about his aversions, he will tell you, that he can stand a lot, but not politicians.

Moritz Köchig

Android Software Developer

Moritz is head of the mobile development department and works on the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

He also helps the support with technical questions and issues and is involved in many other things that make CyberGhost such a cool service.

Whenever he gets some time off he's up for traveling with friends, gaming and even cooking. Among the things he likes are: YouTube, going to the movies, cool, nerdy tech stuff and of course CyberGhost.

Tobias Schüler

UI/UX Designer

After a long day of handling Android-development tasks or designing app interfaces, Tobias unwinds by practicing his cooking skills.

When he is not doing any of those or attending University classes, Tobias tunes down by swimming, travelling and watching his favorite TV shows. Just don't make him fill any questionnaires about himself.

Maximilian Frings

Full-Stack Developer

With a background in software development, Maximilian is the go-to guy for our API back-end and administration.

However, when he is not dealing with the tech-side of CyberGhost, Maximilian is all about getting in touch with nature, by taking long, relaxing trips. If you want to invite him over for dinner, be generous with the soy sauce, but refrain from opening bottles of sparkling water in his vicinity.

Christian Wiesenäcker

Android Software Developer

Christian is the calm and quite guy. He is working on libraries and developing the back-end services of our mobile apps.

In his free-time and during the weekend his most favorite activity is watching netflix or cooking meals.

Petre Rodan

Senior Linux System Administrator

Tech-savvy by nature, Petre spends his day at CyberGhost handling IT-related tasks, a job which he often compares to herding penguins.

This makes us believe that most of the time he loves his job, but other times he may find it to be quite a bit of a fuss, because penguins can get really noisy!

Andreas Cristian Hilgers

Senior Front-End Developer

Andreas's job is to work with bits and bytes, as well to make a webpage look and interact like a real desktop application.

He manages to be both polite and spontaneous. You never know what to expect of him, but you can be sure he's going to surprise you in a pleasant way.

You can always spot him in the company of a board; whether it’s a surf-, snow-, skate- or key-board. However, when he's not in the adventure mood, he takes interest in old-school computers and consoles as well as music production, and he's quite skilled in the last one.

Andreas Paland

Trainee Software Developer

With a background in game design, Andreas now aims to become an expert in programming and UX design.

At CyberGhost, he continues developing his skills as his work mostly focuses on developing Windows users interfaces.

Nevertheless, video games remain his passion and sort of became his second job as he works on various game projects in his spare time. He also likes to play tabletop games with his friends or family and he watches plenty of TV-series.

Sorina Dragne

Localisation Specialist

After taking her daily drug, which is always something sweet that includes chocolate, Sorina is ready to start her daily work tasks.

Sorina’s job implies making sure localized products have excellent translation quality and are culturally appropriate for each CyberGhost global market. She’s looking for language experts from different countries, various privacy-related reports and does any kind of research the content team might use.

She didn’t land this job by chance as she really likes Romance languages and she’s particularly passionate about French. In fact, she likes anything that is related to France people and travelling. When she is not studying French, she enjoys a nice cup of coffee, while reading police novels, after a long run.

Tudor Ilie

Tech Support Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Alexandru Cristescu

Senior Business Analyst

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Alina Cristea

HR Specialist

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Bianca Enache

Affiliate Manager

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Ana Călugărescu

Affiliate Manager

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Alex Răducanu

Affiliate Manager

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Cristina Gama

Junior Reporting Specialist

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

Alex Mincu

QA Engineer

No short description yet.

Coming soon :)

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