Introducing CyberGhost’s Bug Bounty for VPN Vulnerabilities

Data security is paramount in today’s digital space. We need to stay ahead in the game of digital surveillance and online threats, and build the right tools for you to stay safe online. Our mission doesn’t come without challenges but it’s what emboldens us to push for more transparency, better network improvements, and superior VPN features. Just recently, we’ve had our server network and management system reviewed in an independent audit. But we don’t plan on stopping here.

We’ve been in the cybersecurity industry for over a decade now. Our apps and features have changed over the years but one thing remained consistent: how much we value your feedback.

Your feedback is how we improved our service to become the industry-leading VPN it is today. 

And we always tried making it easier to centralize your suggestions and criticisms. We started with a vulnerability disclosure program, which allowed cybersecurity experts to report any potential security vulnerabilities. Now, we’re rolling out a bug bounty program to the wider public. 

Not only will you be able to report bugs without any administrative overhead, but it will enable us to reward you for your time and effort. There are 4 bounty scopes and based on those, you can expect a reward for up to $1250 for your findings.

We’re looking forward to seeing your knowledge and skills in action. 

Bug Bounty Program: All You Need to Know

If this is your first time hearing about a bug bounty program or you’d like to refresh your memory, let’s backtrack a bit. I’ll start with a short definition.

What Is a Bug Bounty Program?

Bug bounty programs allow security researchers to legally report vulnerabilities to a company or organization, and in turn receive a financial compensation. Basically, ethical hackers try to find bugs that permit unauthorized access to a company’s digital assets. This can include anything from apps and databases to servers and cloud accounts.

Afterwards, they submit their findings, often through a dedicated form. TechOps engineers use that information to patch any vulnerabilities and adjust security settings accordingly.

That said, bug bounty programs aren’t the best choice for every company. These programs are best suited for systems that already have a strong security foundation and effective vulnerability management processes in place. Think of bug bounties as another expert verification, not as a basic security feature.

Why CyberGhost VPN Introduced a Bug Bounty Program

We’ve always valued our Ghosties’ feedback, and this time we want to take it a step further. We want to reward anyone who informs us of a vulnerability in our systems. 

We have a security team that rigorously performs consistent, scheduled check-ups to ensure the highest safety standards, but at the end of the day we are humans. And humans are prone to fall into a routine. Our testing methodology is a sound one but it can lead our engineers to get too comfortable. This is why we want you to test for bugs. We need someone with a fresh perspective.

We’ll use a ticketing system to allow you to submit your bug report and findings. Our security team will check all reports, and analyze them for valid submissions. 

Any Ghosties that have good knowledge in cryptographic failures, server-side request forgery, or any other security misconfiguration exploits can participate. We’re confident that our bug bounty program will help us receive strong security assurance from skilled independent testers and researchers.

The Benefits of a Bug Bounty Program

Bug bounty programs are nothing new. Major companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook offer rewards for uncovering vulnerabilities for some time now. We feel CyberGhost VPN has reached the cybersecurity maturity which can benefit from bug bounties. Here’s why.

          • We’re opening ourselves up to diverse cybersecurity talent who bring their own tools and methodologies to the table.
          • We can define the scope of the bug bounty assets, to optimize researchers’ time management. 
          • You can help us identify areas of weakness, and we can start deploying patches or extra security measures.
          • We can reward your findings up to $1250.

How to Win the Bug Bounty Award

Keep in mind that not all bugs are eligible for our Bug Bounty Award. To win the award, you’ll have to submit one of the following security issues:

          • Unauthorized access to a VPN server
          • Remote code execution
          • Vulnerabilities in our VPN servers that result in leaking user data
          • Vulnerabilities in our VPN servers that allow traffic monitoring

The first person to report a valid vulnerability will be entitled to the award.

We Cut No Corners to Ensure Your Online Security

Malware and other online threats are mutating to become more vicious and dangerous. Our mission to provide a safe and open internet is far from over.

We’re committed to securing your digital footprint, and we’re working hard to improve our services as these threats evolve. We’re keeping busy, and always striving to release new features, add more servers, or improve our network. In the past few months, we’ve made some notable developments.

          • We underwent an independent audit. Deloitte inspected our server network and our management systems and found that they’re in line with our strict No Logs policy.
          • We’ve rolled out 10-Gbps servers to ensure you get faster and more reliable speeds with CyberGhost VPN. Get top-notch performance while securing your internet traffic.
          • We added more locations available to purchase a dedicated IP from. Get a static IP address from Australia, Singapore, and many more!
          • We’re bringing you security-related news in more languages. We’ve released the Privacy Hub in German, French, and Spanish so you can keep up with all news-worthy incidents and security guides more comfortably. 

And we have more plans in store for the near future. Behind the scenes, we’re planning and organizing our resources to make CyberGhost VPN the best version of itself. You can keep up with us and our updates with us right here on the Privacy Hub.

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