How to Watch Harry Potter on Netflix in 2023

If you’re a Potterhead, you’re probably wondering how you’ll watch the movies if they’re not on Netflix. You can always use your dust-covered old box set, but who uses DVDs anymore? This is why streaming is the obvious choice here!

Well, get your butterbeer and cauldron cakes ready for your Harry Potter marathon with CyberGhost VPN. Harry Potter is only available on Netflix in some countries. Don’t panic if your country isn’t one of them because we’ve got you! Luckily, you don’t have to scour the Hogwarts library for a charm that’ll unlock Harry Potter on Netflix – all you need is a VPN!

Quick Guide – How to Watch Harry Potter on Netflix in 3 Steps

  1. Sign up to CyberGhost VPN. With fast speeds and no interruptions, you can enjoy your favorite Harry Potter movies.
  2. Select a German or Turkish Server. Harry Potter is (currently) only available on Netflix in Germany, Austria, and Turkey, so you’ll have to choose a server in one of those regions.
  3. Start Watching Harry Potter on Netflix.

Is Harry Potter on Netflix?

Harry Potter and his friends make regular appearances on the Netflix library, but it mainly depends on where you live. The Harry Potter movies are available on Netflix and other streaming services right now, but may not be available in your country. That’s constantly changing too, based on Netflix’s broadcasting deals in every region.

You could have seen Harry Potter on your Netflix list in the past, only for them to remove the movies in the meantime. For example, Netflix Australia added the franchise in 2019, then removed it in 2020, re-added it again in 2021, and now removed it again in January 2022. That makes it difficult to accurately keep track of where the movies are available, especially because Netflix doesn’t provide a full list of titles for each of its libraries.

Screenshot of a Netflix error page displaying a still from the Lost in Space series

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Netflix

Netflix monitors the IP addresses of all their users to show them libraries based on their countries. This is why you can only access the library of the country you’re in, regardless of where you created your account. That means you can’t access the library of your regular Netflix account when traveling. The streaming platform might also be blocked if you’re using public Wi-Fi or a restrictive network like at school or work.

A VPN is your only way around this. Move your wand and change your IP address to make Netflix magically think you’re in a different country.

A VPN also encrypts your internet traffic before rerouting it through a secure remote server of your choice. Once encrypted, your ISP, network administrator, and Netflix can’t see your IP address or everything you do online. If you choose a VPN server located in the UK, for example, you’ll get an IP address based in that country. It’s simple to do once you’ve downloaded the VPN app and selected a server.

Get CyberGhost VPN to secure your connection and start watching Harry Potter immediately.

While it’s completely legal to use a VPN while streaming Netflix, unblocking content or creating an account outside the country where it’s licensed may violate copyright laws. CyberGhost VPN doesn’t recommend breaking any agreements or laws with or without a VPN.

Why Choose CyberGhost as the Best VPN for Netflix

Watch Harry Potter on All Your Devices

CyberGhost VPN has dedicated apps for every platform that supports Netflix. You can watch in comfort on your Android or iOS phone, Windows, macOS, or Linux PC, SmartTV, and even your Xbox or PlayStation console. You don’t have to be a Weasley and share anything because one CyberGhost VPN connects you to 7 devices simultaneously.

Whether you’re biting your nails at the chess battle scene on the bus or enjoying Christmas at Hogwarts in your PJs on the couch, CyberGhost VPN has got you. Download CyberGhost VPN and watch the movies however and whenever you like.

Access Servers Worldwide

We fully believe access to the web should be unrestricted. This is why CyberGhost VPN backs you up with thousands of servers worldwide to use whenever you want.

Regardless of where you live or if you’re traveling, you should always be able to find a server where you want one. We’re big fans of streaming too, so we optimize our servers specifically for streaming on all the major platforms, including Netflix. Save the floo powder and stream in 4K with no restrictions.

Skip Bandwidth Restrictions

If you want to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in one big marathon session, not even the Death Eaters can stop you. Well, CyberGhost VPN certainly won’t.

CyberGhost doesn’t limit your bandwidth or deliberately slow down your connection. We also don’t impose data caps. Our big network infrastructure can handle any data spells you want to throw at it. Test out all the features you get with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Keep Your Fast Connection Speeds

Nothing will ruin your movie marathon like buffering and poor connections. Some VPNs, especially free ones, can’t handle the load of high-bandwidth activities like streaming. They also have too few servers that get congested with too many users. Connecting to our massive server network means you won’t have to face long distances or congested servers that slow down your speeds.

CyberGhost VPN finds you a nearby server, no matter where you are. We also support faster encryption protocols like WireGuard® which is well-known to balance powerful safety features with incredible performance. Get CyberGhost VPN and keep your connection secure without slowing down.

No ISP Throttling

If you feel like your connection speed got hit with the killing curse while streaming, it might be because your ISP is throttling you. Some ISPs limit your internet speed during bandwidth-heavy activities like streaming and online gaming, especially during peak hours. We can’t help overcome your ISP’s data caps or bandwidth caps, but we can help you overcome your ISP’s content-based bandwidth throttling.

The goblins wish Gringotts was as secure as our 256-bit AES encryption, which prevents your ISP from seeing what you do online. This way, they won’t automatically throttle you. You deserve to get the speeds and bandwidth you paid for with your precious galleons and sickles.

Other Streaming Services that Work with CyberGhost VPN:

No need to limit your magic movie fix to Netflix. CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers for all the big hitters, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer. You also have ample time to try all our streaming servers for yourself with CyberGhost VPN’s generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

Where to Stream Harry Potter

Besides Netflix, you can find Harry Potter on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. You’ll have to sign up for either a Peacock Plus or Peacock Premium subscription, though, as the free option doesn’t include the Harry Potter movies.

You can also buy or rent all 8 movies on Amazon Prime Video, but the movies aren’t part of the regular subscription service. The Fantastic Beasts movies are available in some Netflix libraries too, including Turkey, Switzerland, and Japan.

Harry Potter in Netflix Libraries

You can find the Harry Potter movies on Netflix as indicated in the table below. Netflix has streamed Harry Potter in other countries in the past, but this is where all 8 movies are available right now. Keep in mind this may change at any time. If you’re traveling abroad or using a restricted network, get your VPN ticket for the Hogwarts Express and hop on for the ride.

Harry Potter Movie Available on These Netflix Libraries
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg

How to Sign Up for Netflix

Signing up for Netflix is easier than getting hit in the face by a bludger, but the steps are a bit different depending on whether you’re in a country where Netflix is available or not. Here are the steps for both:

How to Sign up For Netflix From Your Country:

  1. Make sure you’re in a country where Netflix is available. Netflix is currently available in over 190 countries, so there’s a good chance you’re covered.
  2. Head to the Netflix website and create an account. Choose a subscription plan that works for you. Netflix offers several pricing plans starting with Mobile and ending with Premium.
  3. Select a payment method. Netflix accepts several options, including credit and debit cards, virtual cards, prepaid cards, and PayPal.
  4. Log in and start watching! Make sure to switch on CyberGhost VPN on the app of the same device you’re using to find and stream Harry Potter on Netflix.

How to Sign up For Netflix While Traveling Abroad:

  1. Sign up for and download CyberGhost VPN on your device. We have dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and support SmartTVs and both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
  2. Open the CyberGhost VPN app and select a server. Netflix will automatically adapt its library to the country that matches your IP address. Choose a country that supports a payment method you can access. You can select any country that supports Netflix.
  3. Buy a Netflix Gift card. Amazon is available in many countries and may be a good option.
  4. Create an account on the Netflix website. Your IP address should match the country of the payment method you’re using while creating the account.
  5. Enter the gift card code when Netflix asks for a payment method.
  6. Get back to watching Netflix! You can change your IP address with CyberGhost VPN to get back to safely bingeing Harry Potter.

You’d think it would be easier to check in with your favorite magical gang whenever you want, considering that the Harry Potter franchise is so popular. Yet, this world has a little magic of its own, if you know where to look.

Install Cyberghost VPN and watch Harry Potter as much as you like, despite the obstacles. Us Ghosties love to stream movies too, which is why we have secure, well-optimized servers in place to stream in 4K, 24/7 without interruptions.


Where Can You Stream Harry Potter Online?

You can watch Harry Potter on Netflix in select countries, as well as on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. The movies are available on a few local streaming services in some countries as well, like BINGE and Foxtel in Australia.

You can also use Amazon Prime video to buy or rent each of the 8 movies individually. Traveling abroad? Change your IP address with CyberGhost VPN and watch Harry Potter whenever you want on a secure connection.

Our generous 45-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to test out every platform.

Is Harry Potter on Netflix?

Harry Potter is on Netflix in a few countries right now, but this list can change faster than a Boggart changes its shape. Netflix uses your IP address to determine where you are and decide which library you can access.

Don’t worry if the country you’re currently in isn’t on that list, because you can use CyberGhost VPN to magically change your virtual location. Sign up for CyberGhost VPN and choose a server in another country to change your IP address.

How Do You Watch Harry Potter on Netflix?

You can watch Harry Potter on Netflix depending on the country you live in. If you’re traveling abroad, you can use CyberGhost VPN if you need to change your IP address. Since our VPN also encrypts your connection, you’ll also still be able to watch Harry Potter on Netflix if you’re using a network that blocks websites like streaming services.

Get in touch with our awesome 24/7 Customer Support team if you need help setting up everything.

What is the Best VPN for Streaming?

CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers for all the major streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max. That, along with our fast speeds, ensures you can watch in 4K with no buffering.

We also won’t ever limit your bandwidth or impose data caps, giving you the freedom to stream whatever you want non-stop.

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