How to Get a Netherlands IP Address in 3 Steps (Works in 2024)

Leaving home and don’t want to leave your favorite local websites behind? You don’t have to. 

The quickest and safest way to get a Netherlands IP address is through a VPN. Don’t worry if you’ve never used one before – it’s as simple as downloading an app. In just a few steps, you’ll get back to watching Netflix Netherlands and Viaplay in no time. 

We’ll show you how, and why CyberGhost is the best VPN for getting a Netherlands IP address. You’ll get everything you need in one subscription to safely start browsing Dutch content in 4K!

How to Get a Netherlands IP in 3 Steps

  1. Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN – it’s fast & easy
  2. Download and install the app on any device. 
  3. Select a server in the Netherlands and start watching NPO.

A VPN is a network of servers spread across different countries. When you connect to a server, it encrypts your connection and replaces your real IP address with the server’s IP. This makes your internet traffic private, so no one can track you online. When you connect to a server in the Netherlands you’ll get a Dutch IP address so you can safely visit Dutch websites.

Why Should You Use a VPN to Get a Netherlands IP Address?

Visit Local Websites Normally

Some websites and online services are only available to users in a specific region. You’ll lose access to your favorite Dutch sites and streaming services if you leave the Netherlands.

When you connect to CyberGhost VPN, you can get a Netherlands IP address. Simply pick a server in the Netherlands, and we’ll change your IP address to one located in Amsterdam. 

Access Dutch news, banking websites, online stores, and streaming services like you would from home. Don’t let technology make your travels frustrating! Get CyberGhost VPN and take your favorite content with you wherever you go.

Access Restricted Websites

Many schools and workplaces block entertainment sites, messaging apps, and social media platforms. Your lunch break can get boring if you can’t watch your favorite show while enjoying your sandwich. 

Use CyberGhost VPN to reroute your traffic through a private server, so you can bypass these local network restrictions and access your favorte sites securely. CyberGhost VPN encrypts your data, so whoever tries to read it will only see gibberish. Restrictive networks can’t see the sites you visit, and in turn, won’t block you when you reroute your internet traffic.

Connect to any Netherlands server and enjoy unrestricted surfing with CyberGhost VPN. 

Bypass ISP Throttling

Some ISPs slow down your connection if you use a lot of data when you’re streaming, gaming, or downloading files. They reduce your bandwidth in order to avoid network congestion or force you to use their partner sites. 

CyberGhost VPN encrypts your online traffic, turning you into a digital ghost. If your ISP can’t see what you’re doing, they won’t throttle you. When you connect to one of our servers, your ISP can’t read your internet traffic and won’t dictate what you get to do on the internet anymore. 

Stream, browse, and play games to your heart’s content at the fast connection speeds you pay for. Connect to a premium VPN like CyberGhost, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do online!

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Every time you join an unsecured Wi-Fi network, you’re putting your privacy at risk. Simply checking your email or doing your online banking will leave your password and other details open to snoopers and cybercriminals on the same network.

CyberGhost VPN keeps you safe on public networks. We hide your activity so prying eyes can’t see what you’re doing. Our Automatic Wi-Fi Protection feature starts up whenever you connect to a new network and you can configure it fit to your needs. 

We also have an automatic Kill Switch feature that cuts off your Wi-Fi connection if the VPN connection ever fails. This keeps you safe from accidental data leaks. Get peace of mind whenever you connect to a new Wi-Fi network as cybercriminals can’t access your data anymore.

Surf the web while CyberGhost VPN keeps you safe from cybercrime.

What Do You Get When You Install CyberGhost VPN?

Fast Servers Worldwide

Some sites recognize your foreign IP address and deny access if you aren’t in the Netherlands. Some people turn to free VPNs to solve that problem, but they have limited and poorly-configured servers that can get overcrowded quickly, which will slow down your connection to a crawl.

CyberGhost VPN offers ultra-fast servers in the Netherlands.. More servers in each location decrease the risk of server overload. If a server becomes crowded and you get slowed down, just switch to a different one.

If our servers in the Netherlands aren’t enough, we have a global network that spans 91 different countries – take your pick! Enjoy the worldwide internet at the tip of your finger.

Stream Your Favorite Shows in 4K

Local streaming services like NPO start and Ziggo require that you have a Netherlands IP address. If you’re abroad or at a place with public Wi-Fi that blocks streaming services, you might miss out on your favorite Dutch shows. 

Get CyberGhost VPN and connect to a Netherlands server and never miss out on the latest shows again. You can also access 35+ streaming services, including Netflix, HBO, and Disney+. We have streaming-optimized servers too so you can continue having the best streaming experience!

Watch Dutch shows with superior privacy with a Netherlands IP address from CyberGhost VPN!

Improved Online Privacy

It’s no secret that websites, search engines, and apps track your every move online. Some even sell this information to advertisers and third parties. 

When you connect to CyberGhost VPN, we hide your real IP address, so you can browse with enhanced privacy. We also have a strict No Logs policy, meaning we don’t store or record any of your online activity. To top those privacy guarantees, we’re headquartered in privacy-friendly Romania, which doesn’t have any data-gathering laws. 

That means no law can force us to collect or hand over your data, not even to your government. You can also read our Quarterly Transparency Reports to see how many requests we receive and deny! Get CyberGhost VPN and safely access your favorite Dutch sites worry-free.

Protect All Your Devices

Having a VPN on one device but not the other is counterproductive. Your data can still leak and expose you to cybercrime on unprotected devices. That’s bad news. The good news is that you can use CyberGhost VPN on nearly all devices with an internet connection. 

The best part? You can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously with a single CyberGhost VPN subscription. That way your whole family can get Netherlands IP addresses and secure access for their devices too! 

We have apps forWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, and they work with smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, and more! You can set up CyberGhost VPN on your router for all-in-one protection. We’re all about inclusivity!

Lightning-Fast Connections

Some VPNs give you online privacy at the cost of your connection speed. That’s because the rerouting process that encrypts your data slows everything down.

We prioritize fast connection speeds at CyberGhost VPN so you can watch anything in UHD if your connection allows it. We’re constantly upgrading our server infrastructure to ensure you don’t experience any lag or buffering. We also offer the fastest VPN protocols, like Wireguard®.

On top of that, our massive server network ensures you’ll always have plenty of server options nearby. That shortens the route your connection has to take and cuts down on the time it takes for websites to load.

Get CyberGhost VPN to stream your favorite Dutch content with a Netherlands IP address at super-fast speeds.

Military-Grade Encryption

Staying safe online isn’t just about maintaining your privacy but keeping your data safe from cybercriminals. Sensitive documents, banking passwords, and any other confidential information are all vulnerable without a premium VPN like CyberGhost.

We protect your online data with 256-bit AES encryption — the most secure measure available. The encryption scrambles all of your data and prevents outsiders from reading it even if they can get to it completely. 

It’s like a secret code, but only you have the key to figure out that code! It would take millions of years for anyone to decipher it! Militaries worldwide use it to secure national secrets, so you can trust it to keep your information completely safe.

CyberGhost VPN also offers four different security protocols, including OpenVPN which is considered extremely secure. These determine exactly how your data is protected and sent over any connection.

Final Thoughts

We know how inconvenient it is to pause your favorite shows. We’re also very aware of the privacy risks you face every time you’re online. That’s why we fashioned the best privacy tool to help you get impeccable privacy and a limitless internet experience

Get CyberGhost VPN today, and access your Dutch content and websites without worrying about your privacy. Go about your day with peace of mind that you have increased privacy, super-fast speeds, a wide server network, and the best 24/7 Customer Support team. 

Make CyberGhost VPN your go-to travel buddy, and trust our strict No Logs policy to keep nosey snoopers out of your business.


Can I get a Netherlands IP address on my phone?

Yes, you can. CyberGhost VPN has dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices, so you can get a Netherlands IP address on any phone you use. You can also set up CyberGhost VPN on your router, protecting any device connected to your home Wi-Fi. If you want to know what other devices we support, check out our full device list.

Can I get an IP address from a specific city in the Netherlands?

Yes, you can get an Amsterdam IP address when you sign up for CyberGhost VPN. We’ve got servers in Amsterdam. That means you can easily get a Netherlands IP address without worrying about server congestion or distance. For up-to-date information on all our locations, see our full list of servers worldwide.

If I use a Netherlands IP address, will it hide my online activity from my ISP?

An IP address itself won’t hide your activity, but using a VPN will. As soon as you connect to any of our servers, CyberGhost VPN bypasses your ISP’s network and encrypts your traffic.
That means your ISP can’t see what you’re doing online, since it can’t unscramble your traffic. It’ll just see you’re connected to a VPN server. Our No Logs policy means we don’t track or log any of your online activity either. We have nothing to share with your ISP or government.

Can I use a free VPN to get a Netherlands IP address?

You shouldn’t use free VPNs to get a Netherlands IP address. Free VPNs have limited servers, so it’s unlikely they’ll have many (if any) in the Netherlands. You’ll also struggle with very slow speeds due to congested servers. Some even sell your data to third parties and advertisers to make money.
Don’t risk your privacy for a Netherlands IP! Instead, get CyberGhost VPN. We’ve got ultra-fast servers in the Netherlands, and your connection is safe behind military-grade encryption. You can test out CyberGhost VPN’s features with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Can I use a proxy to get a Netherlands IP address?

Yes, a proxy can provide you with a Netherlands IP address. That said, proxies won’t encrypt your data or prevent ISP tracking. Proxies are unsecure and you’ll still be vulnerable to a range of cyber attacks. Instead, try CyberGhost VPN! You can get a Netherlands IP address but we also protect your privacy and offer you many other advantages!

Can I watch Netflix with a Netherlands IP address?

Yes, a Netherlands IP address will allow you to regain access to Netflix Netherlands and many other Dutch streaming services, like Videoland and NLZiet on work or school Wi-Fi. As a top streaming VPN, CyberGhost VPN also gives you secure access to a long list of streaming services including HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. If you experience any issues connecting to those services, contact our 24/7 Customer Support.

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