How to Watch Station 19 (Season 7) from Anywhere

Are you ready to feel the heat with the latest adventures of Station 19? Season 7 of this gripping drama brings more action, emotion, and thrilling rescues that fans have been waiting for. Whether you’re a long-time follower or thinking of jumping in, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

But where can you watch Station 19, especially if you’re not snug on your couch at home? We’ve got you covered. From streaming platforms in the US to free viewing options in Canada, finding your perfect watch spot is easier than ever.

If you’re traveling abroad and can’t access your streaming service, or you want to sneak in an episode during a break at work or school but the network restricts streaming, CyberGhost VPN is your go-to solution. Not only does it offer a secure way to enjoy your favorite shows, but it also ensures that you won’t miss a single moment of Station 19, no matter where you are in the world.

Quick Guide: How to Watch Station 19 with CyberGhost VPN

Follow our simple steps to continue streaming Station 19 while you’re traveling abroad.

  1. Sign up for CyberGhost VPN. It’s quick and easy!
  2. Download the CyberGhost VPN for your device.
  3. Connect to a VPN server. If you’re in the US, choose our streaming-optimized server for Hulu.
  4. Start streaming the thrills of Station 19.

Can I Use a VPN to Watch Station 19 from a Different Country?

Some VPN users may connect to a server in the US to watch Station 19 from outside the country, but this is against our terms of service and is not acceptable.

CyberGhost is a privacy-forward No Logs VPN, meaning we can’t view your online activity and we never share your browsing data. While we don’t know what you’re doing online, you should always comply with your streaming service’s terms of use, our terms of service, and any applicable law, including copyright.

What Is Station 19 About?

Station 19 is a gripping series that dives into the unpredictable world of firefighters at Seattle Fire Station 19. The show stands out with its unique blend of personal drama and high-stakes emergency rescues. It showcases the lives, relationships, and challenging careers of those who put everything on the line to save others.

At the heart of Station 19 are its characters, each with their own compelling backstories and complex relationships. These firefighters do more than just battle blazes; they navigate through personal and professional trials, forming a tight-knit family. The show balances intense fire fighting scenes with moments of human emotion.

Since its debut, Station 19 has been applauded for its diverse cast and commitment to addressing contemporary issues. This engaging mix of action and emotion keeps fans eagerly anticipating each new season, making it a must-watch for those who love drama.

Who’s In the Cast of Station 19?

The dynamic cast of Station 19 brings the series to life through the thrilling and emotional stories of firefighters and paramedics. Each character contributes to the show’s captivating blend of drama and action. 

    • Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera: A fearless and dedicated firefighter, Andy’s leadership and resilience shine as she navigates the challenges of her profession and personal life.
    • Jason George as Ben Warren: Originally a surgeon on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Ben’s switch to firefighting adds depth to his character, showcasing his courage and commitment to saving lives.
    • Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan: The Battalion Chief of Station 19, whose strict professionalism and complex past add layers to the team dynamics and his relationships.
    • Grey Damon as Jack Gibson: A lieutenant at the station, Jack’s charm and bravery mask a troubled past, making him a complex and intriguing character.
    • Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes: Known for her spirited and compassionate nature, Victoria brings warmth and kindness to the station, balancing the intensity of their daily rescues.
    • Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery: A heartwarming and moral center of the team, Travis’s openness and humor provide relief amidst the high-stakes environment.
    • Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop: The highly competitive and incredibly skilled captain, Maya’s struggles with leadership and personal life offer a compelling narrative.
    • Stefania Spampinato as Carina DeLuca: A crossover character from “Grey’s Anatomy,” Carina’s relationship with Maya and her medical expertise bring a unique perspective to the team.

Where to Stream Station 19 for Free in Canada

Viewers in Canada can catch Season 7 of Station 19 completely free on CTV. Episodes are available on the platform for the first seven days after they air, but after that they’re removed.

Disney+ presents a paid option, charging $11.99/month, for viewers who prefer the flexibility of on-demand streaming. This platform allows you to delve into the show at your own pace, ensuring you never miss a minute.

If you’re planning a trip abroad during the release, get CyberGhost VPN to maintain access to these platforms. Our ultra-fast VPN servers ensure a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Where to Stream Station 19 in the US

In the US, Season 7 of Station 19 is available on ABC with a TV provider subscription for traditional viewing. Cord cutters have options like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV STREAM, and fubo, starting around $69.99/month. Hulu also offers a more affordable on-demand service at $7.99/month.

If streaming platforms are blocked by your school or work network, CyberGhost VPN is a great solution. Our strong VPN encryption hides your online traffic, so you can access streaming services without limitations, and stream the latest Season of Station 19. We have streaming-optimized servers for Hulu and YouTube TV, so you can be sure you’ll get an IP that works.

Where to Stream Station 19 in the UK

Fans in the UK can stream Season 7 of Station 19 exclusively on Disney+ for a monthly subscription starting at £4.99. This platform offers episodes live and on-demand, so you can enjoy the series at your leisure. You can also stream on the go, with apps available for a wide range of devices. If you’re traveling abroad, make CyberGhost your streaming VPN and access your favorite shows on Disney+ as if you were still home. 

Where to Stream Station 19 in Australia

Disney+ is also the go-to streaming platform for viewers in Australia fans looking to catch Season 7 of Station 19, with its subscription priced at $13.99/month. Traveling abroad? You can access your Disney+ account by connecting to one of CyberGhost’s VPN servers. The thrills of Station 19 never have to pause, no matter where you are in the world.

Why CyberGhost Is the Best VPN for Streaming

When it comes to streaming your favorite shows, CyberGhost VPN shines as the go-to choice. It’s not just about the ability to connect to your streaming services from abroad; CyberGhost has lightning-fast speeds that make buffering a thing of the past. Imagine diving into the latest episode without a single hiccup, even while you’re on the go.

But that’s not all. With a fleet of servers in 100 countries, and streaming-optimized servers available for popular platforms, you’re guaranteed a smooth connection and an IP that works first time.

Let’s not forget the ease of use. CyberGhost VPN is like a trusty remote control that works everywhere, with apps for all your devices. Whether you’re catching up on Station 19 on your phone, tablet, or smart TV, CyberGhost ensures you’re only a click away from the next episode. 


Why do you need a VPN for streaming?

Using CyberGhost VPN when you travel abroad is a great way to stay in touch with your favorite shows. If you struggle to access streaming platforms at school or work, use CyberGhost as your streaming VPN, encrypt your online traffic, and bypass these restrictions. It also keeps your viewing secure and private, perfect for the times you use public Wi-Fi.

What’s the best VPN for streaming TV shows?

CyberGhost is the best VPN for streaming TV shows. With lightning-fast speeds, a global network of servers, and user-friendly apps for all devices, it ensures smooth access to your must-watch series, keeping buffering at bay. We even have streaming-optimized servers for popular streaming platforms, checked regularly by our team, so we know the IPs work.

Where can I watch all seasons of Station 19?

All seasons of Station 19 can be found on platforms like Disney+ in certain regions, and platforms that carry ABC in the US. Availability may vary, so be sure to check your local listings or streaming services.

Is Station 19 on Netflix or Prime Video?

Station 19 isn’t typically available on Netflix or Prime Video. Instead, look towards US streaming platforms that carry ABC, like Hulu, YouTube TV, DIRECTV STREAM, and fubo. If you’re in the UK or Australia, head to Disney+ for the latest seasons.

Where can I watch Station 19 in the UK?

In the UK, Station 19 is available on Disney+. You can catch the latest season there, streaming episodes at your convenience. You can download the Disney+ app for your smartphone or tablet, to keep up with the drama on the go, and even stream previous seasons to refresh your memory. If you’re traveling outside the UK, use CyberGhost as your UK VPN to carry on streaming.

Is Station 19 on Disney Plus?

Yes, Station 19 is available on Disney+ in the UK and Australia. Episodes are available live, on demand, and even on the go when you download the Disney+ app.

Where can I watch season 5 and 6 of Station 19?

Seasons 5 and 6 of Station 19 are available on various streaming services worldwide, such as Disney+ in countries like the UK and Australia, or platforms that carry ABC in the US. Availability might vary, so it’s a good idea to verify on your preferred platform.

Did they take Station 19 off of Hulu?

All seasons of Station 19 are currently available on Hulu, including the new and upcoming Season 7. The platform carries ABC, which is the official broadcaster for the show in the US.

Where can I watch missed episodes of Station 19?

Missed episodes of Station 19 can often be found online via your streaming platform’s website. For instance, you can use streaming services like Hulu and Disney+, depending on your region, to find and watch the season you’re looking for.

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