Love Island USA Couples: What Happened Next?

Between the cringe-worthy challenges, firepit fallouts, and private (or not-so-private) hideaway moments, it’s easy to forget the Islanders are actually looking for a long-term relationship in the villa. After all, they showed up to find love.

It looks promising for the final few couples, but once they leave the safety net of the villa, it’s usually a different story. Are any Love Island USA couples still together? Let’s find out! We’ll run through the final pairings of Love Island USA, season 4 right through to season 1, and see whether they were make or break.

Are Any of the Love Island USA Couples Still Together?

Honestly? Not many Love Island USA couples made it work in the real world. That said, a few pairs kept their love going even when the cameras turned off. 

Season 4

Group photo of Love Island Season 4 cast

Timmy & Zeta — Winners

Relationship status: Split 💔

Timmy and Zeta bagged the $100k prize as Love Island USA season 4 winners and much-loved favorites. Like you, we had high hopes for the couple. Things seemed to be going well for them, at least until January, 2023. 

Zeta officially announced the couple’s split on Murad Merali’s YouTube channel in late January. Apparently, there were too many red flags for her to continue the relationship. Zeta expressed how Timmy had called her “entitled” several times and left her “on read” for days. Still, they lasted six months, which is almost a record for Love Island USA couples.

Isaiah & Sydney — Runners-Up

Relationship status: Together ❤️

Their relationship inside the villa was rocky, to say the least. Isaiah’s attention was often divided between Sydney, getting to know a new bombshell, or kissing Phoebe at Casa Amor. Yet, the pair surprised us all by sticking it out. They even went all the way to the final as worthy runners-up. 

It seems they’ve surprised us once again because they’re still together. In fact, they’re the only season 4 Love Island USA couple still going strong. Although they live in separate states, they’ve proven long-distance relationships can work. The pair regularly share snaps and Instagram stories of their meet-ups in LA and Florida, with heartfelt captions. Let’s see if they’ll break the Love Island USA curse and stay together for good!

Deb & Jesse 

Relationship status: Split 💔

Deb Chubb quickly became the villa sweetheart with her quick wit and hilarious challenge performances. Fans were over the moon when she finally coupled up with Jesse. Their chemistry was questionable, but their on-screen banter seemed to make up for it.

Sadly, their romance was short-lived. Although Deb moved from Texas to California to be with Jesse, even changing zip codes couldn’t save their romance. In November 2022, Deb announced their split on an Instagram story, explaining they “work better as friends,” and they still “have love and respect for each other.” It seems everything ended amicably at least.

Jeff & Nadjha 

Relationship status: Split 💔

Now this one had some interesting turns. I’m sure you remember Nadjha walking out of the villa after Jeff got heated when another couple was voted out. It stirred an argument between Jeff and Timmy, and ultimately caused the couple to break up. Nadjha claimed she couldn’t see a future with Jeff, so packed her bags and left quickly. 

Despite this dramatic bump in the road, Jeff and Nadjha rekindled their romance shortly after leaving the villa. Snaps surfaced of the pair posing and smooching in September 2022, even though they claimed they were “just friends” at first. Romantic or not, they quickly separated once again. Nadjha found someone new a few weeks later.

Season 3

Headshots of Love Island Season 3 cast with their names

Korey & Olivia — Winners

Relationship status: Split 💔

Korey and Olivia might’ve only started dating a few weeks before the end of the season, but they went on to win the show. It turns out they weren’t a match made in heaven. The couple split in November 2021, just three months after leaving the villa.

Korey shared an emotional Instagram story, where he explained that the challenges of the real world were just too difficult for the pair to overcome. Olivia shared her side of the story on the Whoa! It’s Ryan podcast, blaming outside challenges. She also hinted at Korey’s rumored cheating with fellow contestant Florita, though supposedly the couple was on a break at the time.

Kyra & Will — Runners-Up

Relationship status: Together ❤️

Kyra and Will coupled up on day two and stuck by each other throughout the entire season, so we were as surprised as you when speculation of a split surfaced in November 2021. Kyra announced on Instagram that she was single and “working through the stages of heartbreak.” 

Thankfully, Will came back around to heal Kyra’s broken heart seven months later. They appeared to rekindle their connection in June 2022, when they arrived arm-in-arm at a press event together. Now, they’ve even got a joint Instagram page where you can follow their travels across the world (@kywiadventures in case you want to snoop). Talk about couple goals! 

Bailey & Jeremy 

Relationship status: Split 💔

Bombshell Bailey entered the villa on day 25 of season 3, but she didn’t have her eyes on Jeremy right away. It wasn’t until Korey turned her down that she finally gave Jeremy a chance. 

Fans weren’t sure the connection was strong enough, even when they bagged third place in the final. People were right to be suspicious — they’d barely stepped foot outside the villa before they announced their breakup. Bailey explained on Instagram that they’d parted ways after Jeremy “seemed very distant.” Apparently, he’d confessed feelings for someone else. Ouch!

Alana & Charlie 

Relationship status: Split 💔

Alana and Charlie called it quits in September 2021. This one didn’t come as much of a surprise, though, after Charlie openly admitted he wished he’d chosen Cashay instead. The pair discussed their communication issues on After the Island and said they had a lot to work through. 

Clearly, they couldn’t overcome their challenges. Alana also spoke about Charlie’s frequent appearances in nightclubs with girls, which was too much for her to continue their “situationship.”

Josh & Shannon 

Relationship status: Together ❤️ 

Unlike many couples leaving the Love Island villa, Josh and Shannon’s relationship lasted more than a few months. Maybe it had something to do with them making it fully official inside the villa. Who knows. But at the 10-month mark, they went through a small hiccup and broke up. Supposedly, geography was to blame — Shannon wanted to move back to Pennslyvania, while Josh wanted to stay in Florida.  

The couple got their happy ending, though. They reconciled four months later, confirming their rekindled romance in a joint TikTok video. They’re 100% still together — just one glance at their Instagram handles confirms it.

Season 2

Group photo of Love Island Season 2 cast split between men and women

Caleb & Justine — Winners

Relationship status: Split 💔

Fans loved Justine from the get-go, and they were ecstatic when she found love with Caleb. Their relationship seemed to grow stronger each day, even during the Casa Amor drama. 

In a shocking twist of events, Caleb and Justine announced their split in January 2021. Justine appeared to take the breakup hard, and her emotional Instagram story confirmed it. She respectfully asked fans for space and time as she “continued to go through the process of heartbreak and healing as this has all been very hard.” Her loyal fan base was quick to support her, and many also raised suspicions about Caleb’s behavior. Some suggested he was in a relationship before Love Island USA, while others speculated he’d cheated.

Cely & Johnny — Runners-Up

Relationship status: Split 💔

At first, fans thought Cely and Johnny might be crowned winners of this season. Then Casa Amor happened. How could we forget when Johnny enjoyed that little fling with Mercades Schell? Johnny soon realized the error of his ways and, much to fans’ dismay, Cely forgave him. 

Their relationship blossomed outside the villa, though only for a few months. Cely and Johnny made it through the fall before splitting in January 2021. Cely shared a statement on Twitter explaining they’d gone their separate ways, but with no bad blood between them.

Calvin & Moira 

Relationship status: Split 💔

For Calvin and Moira, it was another life outside the villa scenario. They both claimed they were looking forward to carrying on their romance in the real world, but it broke them in the end. They announced their split in November 2020. Moira dished about their short relationship, explaining how their busy schedules didn’t align and life just got in the way. What a shame!

Carrington & Laurel 

Relationship status: Split 💔

Laurel was the Casa Amor bombshell Carrington was hoping for. After making it to fourth place in the final (with a few hiccups along the way), the couple committed to a long-distance relationship in the real world. 

By December 2020, they’d both dropped each other from Instagram, leaving fans worried they’d broken up. Unfortunately, the split rumors were true. Carrington opened up during an Instagram live stream, even claiming the pair was never official in the first place

Connor & Mackenzie 

Relationship status: Split 💔

As far as Love Island couples go, Connor and Mackenzie were fairly successful. Even though Mackenzie was dumped from the villa before her beau Connor, they still managed to rekindle their flame. Their romance lasted all the way to spring 2021 before they called it off due to long-distance struggles. Of course, Mackenzie later headed back into the villa during season 4 for a second chance at love. It didn’t end well — she walked out after just five days.

Season 1

Group photo of Love Island Season 1 cast

Elizabeth & Zac — Winners

Relationship status: Split 💔

As the first-crowned winners of Love Island USA, fans were rooting for Elizabeth and Zac’s relationship. Unfortunately, it only lasted a couple of months. Zac took to Instagram first, explaining how their split was friendly and a mutual decision. Elizabeth confirmed his take, mentioning how she “wished things had turned out differently.” According to Zac, the pair simply wanted different things. Fair enough.

Alexandra & Dylan — Runners-Up

Relationship status: Split 💔

The sun had just about set on the villa when runners-up Alexandra and Dylan went their separate ways. They posted together on socials a few times, but things stopped in October 2019. A month later, both announced their split on Instagram saying how things just didn’t work out. To be honest, fans probably saw this one coming.

Caro & Ray 

Relationship status: Split 💔

Love outside the villa started off well for Caro and Ray, despite the thousands of miles between them. They even went on to film the reality TV series The Amazing Race together. Unfortunately, they broke up midway through their race around the world. Caro confirmed their breakup in the summer of 2020 on her YouTube channel, blaming Ray’s lack of commitment to their relationship. 

Needless to say, they didn’t continue filming for Amazing Race.

Emily & Weston 

Relationship status: Split 💔

Unlike most Love Island couples, Emily and Weston’s split was quiet. Neither of them announced a breakup on socials or even gave fans much reason to speculate they’d gone their separate ways. It wasn’t until Emily posted a Valentine’s Day picture alone that fans finally started asking questions. Emily eventually confirmed a breakup on her YouTube channel in May 2020 but never gave much detail as to why. Your guess is as good as ours!

Kyra & Cash

Relationship status: Split 💔

Kyra and Cash hit it off as soon as she entered the villa on day two of season 1. All was going well until Kyra ditched Cash and decided to recouple with Eric. The love triangle was too much for the villa, and all three contestants left. However, Kyra and Cash decided to give their relationship another go after leaving. 

Scandalous cheating rumors surfaced weeks later, and the couple said their goodbyes. Both Kyra and Cash admitted to hooking up with other people while still together, saying “there was just no coming back from it.” They reunited two years later as teammates while filming The Challenge: USA, but that’s all they were — just teammates.

Are Any Love Island UK Couples Still Together?

Fortunately, Love Island UK has a much better success rate than Love Island USA. Many of the original Love Island UK couples are still together. In fact, some have made things more official than boyfriend and girlfriend. Remember Cara and Nathan from season 2? They’re married with kids. Olivia and Alex (also from season 2) tied the knot in September 2018 and welcomed a baby boy in 2022.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are very much still in love, as are many of season 8 and 9’s couples. Even Millie and Liam couldn’t keep away from each other for long, rekindling their romance in 2023 after a short break.

Where Can I Watch Love Island USA Season 4?

You can stream Love Island USA seasons 1-4 on Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, and ITVX. CBS and Hulu also have seasons 1-3 if you want to relive some juicy Love Island USA moments.

Before you dive into the villa drama, be sure to check whether the streaming service is available in your country. You can only stream Peacock in the US, while ITVX is only accessible in the UK. If you travel abroad, you’ll be locked out of your account — unless you connect to CyberGhost VPN’s servers.

You can connect to a CyberGhost VPN server in your home country to replace your IP address and continue streaming, even when you’re not on your home turf. We also have streaming-optimized servers for Amazon Prime Video, ITV, and Peacock, so you can watch all the love triangles and firepit recouplings without buffering or IP address blocks.

Psst… don’t forget Love Island USA season 5 is coming soon! The next lot of Islanders will be on our screens on July, 19, exclusively on Peacock. This year, they’re heading to Fiji to find love!

Love Island USA Couples — Who’s Next?

It seems not many Love Island USA couples are still together, but the series isn’t over! We’ve likely got plenty of new Love Island USA seasons to look forward to, including season 5 just around the corner.

Which couples will we see next? Who’s head will turn at Casa Amor? Which couple will be first to close off? We’ve got so many questions, and we’re sure you do too! Head back here soon to see which new couples make it last in the real world.


Are any couples from Love Island USA still together?

Yes, some Love Island USA couples are still together, but not many. Isaiah and Sydney from season 4 are still coupled up. Josh and Shannon, plus Will and Kyra from season 3 have also made it last. Everyone else went their separate ways. It’s much different in the UK, though. Many Love Island UK couples are 100% still each other’s type on paper, and some are even married with kids.

Are Will and Kyra still together in 2023?

Yes, they’re still together! Will and Kyra coupled up during season 3, before coming in second place in the final. They went through a small hiccup and broke up for seven months, but found their way back to each other in June 2022. Stream all of season 3 on CBS, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock in the US, and ITVX in the UK. 

Are Kyra and Cash still together?

No, season 1 Islanders Kyra and Cash split up in early 2020 after they both confirmed they’d cheated on one another. Although both left the Love Island USA villa single, they decided to give things another go, but it didn’t last. If you want to go back to where it all started, you can rewatch season 1 on CBS, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Peacock in the US, and ITVX in the UK.

Who is still together from Love Island USA season 4?

Only one of the final few couples is still together from Love Island USA season 4 — and no, it wasn’t the crowned winners. Runners-up Isaiah and Sydney are back together after a short break. You can re-watch all of season 4 on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and ITVX (UK only).

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