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Covert Channel

What is a Covert Channel?

A covert channel is a type of communication method that transfers information in ways that are not intended for information transfer. Essentially, it’s a hidden pathway through which data can be transmitted without being detected. This concept is rooted in computer security and is crucial for understanding how unauthorized data transmissions occur.

The Origin of Covert Channels

The concept of covert channels was first introduced in the 1970s, emerging from the field of computer security. It was initially identified as a potential threat to secure systems, especially in the context of military and government operations. The discovery of covert channels marked a significant advancement in understanding how secure systems can be compromised.

Practical Application of Covert Channels

One practical application of covert channels is in the realm of cybersecurity, particularly for securely transmitting sensitive information. For instance, in corporate environments, covert channels can be used to bypass network monitoring systems to send confidential data. While this can be beneficial for protecting sensitive information, it also poses a risk as it can be exploited by malicious entities.

Benefits of Covert Channels

Covert channels are valuable in scenarios where secure and undetectable communication is necessary. They provide a means to transmit data without alerting surveillance systems, ensuring privacy and security. In environments where communication monitoring is stringent, such as in certain corporate or government settings, covert channels offer an alternative path for information transfer.


The legality of covert channels depends on their use. While they can be used for legitimate purposes like secure communication, their misuse for unauthorized data transmission or in cyberattacks is certainly illegal.

Detecting covert channels is challenging due to their concealed nature. However, advanced cybersecurity measures, such as network behavior analysis and anomaly detection, can help in identifying unusual patterns indicative of covert channel usage.

Completely eliminating covert channels is extremely difficult due to the complex nature of systems and networks. The focus is more on detection and mitigation rather than total elimination.


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