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Session Cookie

Definition of Session Cookie

A session cookie, also known as a transient cookie, is a type of cookie that is temporarily stored in a user's browser memory during a browsing session. Unlike persistent cookies, which are stored on a user's device for a specified duration, session cookies are automatically deleted once the browser session ends, such as when the user closes the browser window or navigates away from the website.

Origin of Session Cookie

Session cookies were introduced to facilitate and enhance the user experience on websites. They serve as a means for websites to temporarily store information about a user's interactions during a browsing session. This information can include login credentials, user preferences, shopping cart contents, and other session-specific data.

Practical Application of Session Cookie

One practical application of session cookies is in the realm of e-commerce websites. When a user adds items to their shopping cart on an online store, the website utilizes session cookies to keep track of the selected items throughout the browsing session. This allows users to continue shopping, review their cart contents, and proceed to checkout seamlessly without losing their selections.

Benefits of Session Cookie

Session cookies offer several benefits for both website owners and users:

1. Enhanced User Experience: By temporarily storing user data, session cookies enable websites to personalize content and streamline the browsing experience, leading to increased user satisfaction.

2. Improved Website Performance: Since session cookies reduce the need to repeatedly request information from the server, they contribute to faster page loading times and overall website performance.

3. Secure Data Handling: Session cookies typically do not contain sensitive information and are stored temporarily, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to user data. Additionally, their automatic deletion after the browsing session mitigates privacy concerns.

4. Facilitated Website Functionality: Many website features, such as online shopping carts, user authentication systems, and personalized settings, rely on session cookies to maintain continuity and functionality across multiple pages.


No, session cookies differ from persistent cookies in that they are temporary and are deleted once the browsing session ends, whereas persistent cookies remain on the user's device for a specified duration.

Session cookies typically do not contain personally identifiable information and are used for temporary data storage, reducing privacy risks. However, users should be cautious when browsing on public or shared devices to prevent unauthorized access to their session data.

While users can generally disable cookies in their browser settings, doing so may affect the functionality and user experience of certain websites, particularly those that rely on session cookies for essential features like user authentication and shopping carts.


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