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Definition of Sharking

Sharking, in the context of online gaming and streaming, refers to the practice of experienced players or viewers deliberately seeking out and targeting inexperienced or unsuspecting players or streamers for various purposes, such as gaining an advantage in the game or disrupting the streaming experience.

Origin of Sharking

The term "sharking" originates from the predatory behavior of sharks in the animal kingdom. Just as sharks prey on weaker or vulnerable creatures, sharking in online gaming involves skilled individuals exploiting the weaknesses or lack of knowledge of others to their advantage. The term gained popularity within gaming communities as online gaming and streaming platforms became more prevalent.

Practical Application of Sharking

In online gaming, sharking can manifest in various forms, including: Exploiting loopholes in game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage. Targeting novice players for easy victories or to boost one's own ranking. Engaging in deceptive tactics to trick opponents into making mistakes. In streaming, sharking may involve trolling or harassing streamers to provoke reactions or disrupt their content.

Benefits of Sharking

While sharking may seem unethical at first glance, it serves several purposes within the gaming community:

Skill Development: Facing skilled opponents challenges players to improve their own skills and strategies.

Community Engagement: Sharking can spark discussions and debates within gaming communities about fair play and sportsmanship.

Entertainment: In the realm of streaming, encountering sharking behavior can add excitement and unpredictability to viewers' experiences.

Risk Awareness: Experiencing sharking firsthand educates players and streamers about potential pitfalls and scams in the online gaming landscape.


While sharking can be seen as unethical when used to exploit or harass others, in some contexts, such as organized competitive gaming, it's considered a legitimate strategy to test and improve skills.

Stay informed about common sharking tactics, remain vigilant during online interactions, and report any suspicious or harassing behavior to platform moderators or administrators.

It depends on the context. While some may argue that sharking adds excitement and depth to gaming culture, it's essential to prioritize fair play, respect, and inclusivity to maintain a positive gaming community.


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