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We Consider Privacy a Basic Human Right

It's what we're fighting to protect, and it’s why we keep no user logs.

We Honor Our No Logs Policy

We’ve always operated under a strict No Logs policy. We don’t monitor, collect, or store any data. We don’t know what you do online when you connect to our servers. It’s none of our business.

Because of this, we’re unable to comply with any requests we receive to disclose user data like IP addresses, activity logs, and other personally identifiable data. Since we’re based in Bucharest, Romania, we’re not legally obligated to keep connection or activity logs. This means we’re unable to comply with requests, even if they are legally binding.

CyberGhost VPN unlocks websites
CyberGhost VPN unlocks websites

We Underwent an Independent Audit

Trust is important for us. We want to be as transparent as possible with our service. In September 2022, we invited Deloitte to review our VPN server network and management systems in an independent audit. Deloitte also reviewed our No Logs policy and its implementation.

After a thorough review, Deloitte concluded that our privacy policy matches our existing server configurations. Auditors found no data that could trace user activity back to a specific CyberGhost VPN account.

We Offer Truly Private Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IPs come with one major drawback: the VPN provider knows which static IP address they assign to you. At CyberGhost VPN, we’ve set new standards for Dedicated IPs.

Our innovative token-based system is a first in the VPN industry, and grants our Ghosties full anonymity with all the benefits they've come to expect from shared IP addresses. Our tokens remove any ties between CyberGhost VPN accounts and Dedicated IPs, so we have no records of IP ownership.

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Breaking Down the Data

To give you an idea of our judicial landscape, here are the 3 major types of legal demands we receive.

DMCA Complaints

We usually receive Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaints from various law firms representing production companies. Most often, they indicate that copyrighted material was illegally shared via a CyberGhost IP. We're also provided with details like the timestamp of a torrent or the port used.

Malicious Activity Flags

The complaints grouped in this category usually come from website owners or app developers and have to do with DDoS, botnets, scams, log-in attempts, or automated emails being sent from CyberGhost IPs. Sometimes, data centers we work with around the world forward us complaints.

Police Requests

Various law enforcement agencies or police departments can request logs or more information about an IP linked to an investigation or a case. These inquiries usually reach our data center collaborators first, and then get forwarded to us.

DMCA ComplaintsMalicious Activity FlagsPolice Requests

Pushing for More Transparency

After publishing Transparency Reports for years, in 2019 we decided to put a spin on the frequency, and publish quarterly editions of our Transparency Reports.

For more detailed numbers, take a look at the last year’s editions:

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Tackling Abuse on Our End

Over the years, we’ve taken our own measures to reduce the number of violations committed on CyberGhost VPN servers. For example, we started analyzing ports often used for P2P downloads, and blocking them in countries where specific laws are in place. This turned out to be efficient in mitigating abuse.

In the case of malicious activities, most complaints we receive specify the source of the attack, as well as the victim’s IP address. We resort to blocking access to the attacked IP address, making further exploits impossible.
For all the above, we have a not-so-gentle reminder from our Legal Team: by using our VPN, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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