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Learn About Our Server Network

Maintaining our VPN service is a complex process, with a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. We can’t get into every nitty-gritty development detail, but we can give you a quick summary of our numbers.

We’ve Upgraded Our Servers to 10Gbps

We’ve begun updating our 1-Gbps servers to 10-Gbps servers starting with our most-used server location. Seeing the recent technological advancements and the push for 5G connectivity, we're ensuring our servers are on par with the latest developments.

Our new 10-Gbps servers transfer data considerably faster, and have better coverage. This is because they have more bandwidth. They handle more traffic and are less prone to congestion and overcrowding. This translates to faster speeds and a smooth VPN experience for all our Ghosties.

CyberGhost VPN unlocks websites

Our Average Bandwidth

2023145 Gbps
2022148 Gbps
2021154 Gbps
2020126 Gbps
2019100 Gbps
201880 Gbps
CyberGhost VPN unlocks websites

We’re Added More Colocated Servers in Our Arsenal

Security is paramount to our service. To maintain the highest security standards, we turned to a hands-on approach with our colocated servers.

We own these servers which means no one but our team can physically access them. On the software side, we have security settings to prevent unwanted authorization. Colocation also makes it easier to upgrade and maintain our servers, as we’re completely in control of the hardware, not just software.

Average Active Connections


Servers with Optimal Performance

Giving our Ghosties the best VPN experience is at the core of our service. This is why we’re always expanding our tech capabilities.

We cut no corners when it comes to our hardware. Our dedicated server team regularly performs updates to better balance traffic, and optimize data transfer.

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Average GB RAM per Physical Server


Average Physical Cores per Physical Server


Ghosties. Ghosties everywhere.

Every day, we protect the digital identities of millions of Ghosties (and climbing). It’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

It’s what drives us to improve our service, support new VPN protocols, push for more transparency, and expand our server fleet. We need a robust network to cater to your every VPN need.

Whether you want to secure your banking details, encrypt your traffic on unsecure Wi-Fi, prevent cyber attacks during online gaming matches, or stream securely, we’re making sure our VPN servers are up to the task.

Expanding Server Fleet

2023Servers in 100 countries
2022Servers in 91 countries
2021Servers in 90 countries
2020Servers in 90 countries
2019Servers in 90 countries
2018Servers in 60 countries
2017Servers in 55 countries

Our Top 5 Countries per Number of Users

20231 US
2 Germany
3 France
4 UK
5 Canada
20221 US
2 France
3 Germany
4 UK
5 Canada
20211 Germany
2 France
3 US
4 UK
5 Canada
20201 US
2 Germany
3 France
4 UK
5 Canada
20191 Germany
2 France
3 US
4 UK
5 Canada
20181 US
2 Germany
3 France
4 Russia
5 UK

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