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What is a DNS and How Does it Work?

DNS is the foundation of how the internet works. Without the DNS, you wouldn’t be able to visit your favorite websites, check your email, or fall down any browsing rabbit holes. (We’ve all been there.)

What is a DNS?

How does it work? It turns an easily remembered domain name into a string of numbers called an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Put simply, to get to Google, you’d type ‘’, you wouldn’t type - Google’s IP address.

No one wants to recall a seemingly random string of numbers, so each IP address is given a domain name to make surfing the web much simpler.

What is a DNS Leak?

A DNS leak is a security risk that exposes your online habits. Your computer network usually connects through a DNS server your ISP supplies. So, your ISP can access all your online communication. Your privacy is threatened and your best option is to elicit the help of a VPN.

A VPN is a great way to protect your privacy since it encrypts all your communication. So even if your ISP snoops in, all they’ll see is jumble. But sometimes you’re at risk of a DNS leak or being exposed to your ISP again, even with a VPN.

A leak can happen if your operating system, for example, restores the system’s default settings. If that happens your internet traffic returns to the ISP route versus the encrypted VPN route it should go through. Or your VPN could be doing a lousy job protecting you.

A DNS leak should always be taken seriously. The good news is that checking for DNS leaks is just one click away.

Run a DNS Leak Test

Why is a DNS Leak Dangerous?

A DNS leak exposes you to your ISP and allows them to see everything you are doing online. Your ISP can then sell data like your browsing history, physical location, and name to third-parties for a profit. In some countries ISPs are even legally obliged to record your internet traffic and share it on request with government agencies.

Cybercriminals also benefit from DNS leaks. They can target you with phishing emails or track websites you’ve visited to send you obnoxious malware ads. Cyber attackers can even monitor you on social media, trying to crack your login credentials.

Scary, no? It’s about time you start protecting your valuable information!

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How Does CyberGhost VPN Prevent DNS Leaks?

CyberGhost VPN is here to plug any DNS leaks and it’s simple - just activate the app’s DNS leak protection feature.

CyberGhost VPN also integrated an automatic kill switch triggered if your VPN connection shuts down. The kill switch cuts internet traffic to zero until your VPN connection is restored, keeping your IP address, location, and all your information private.

We also have an unbreakable No Logs policy. That means we don’t record any of your online moves, habits, or communications.

If you’re using CyberGhost VPN and the DNS leak test shows you’re exposed, we’ve got you covered! Contact our support team through live chat or leave them a request. They’re available 24/7 to help you fix this.

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Enjoy DNS Leak Protection with Zero Risk

We’re a leading VPN provider with over 10 years’ experience, 36+ million users worldwide, and we’re committed to protecting your online privacy.

That’s why we have a strict No-Logs policy. We’re headquartered in Romania where the legal framework strongly supports privacy protection. The country doesn’t force VPN providers to keep logs and isn't a member of any data-sharing alliance. So, we can confidently say we have a policy we can fully adhere to.

We do our best to keep our customers happy. That’s why we extend a 45-day money-back guarantee to all new Ghosties. It’s the longest guarantee period you’ll find, so you’ll have ample time to put our strict privacy measures to the test. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you’ll get a full refund. No-fuss, no risk. And no questions asked.

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There are three potential causes of a DNS leak:

  1. Your network’s DNS settings are improperly configured.
  2. Your ISP uses unencrypted DNS servers.
  3. While connected to a VPN, your system fails to send your online requests to the VPN server.

Often you won’t know you have a DNS leak. Go ahead and run CyberGhost VPN’s DNS leak test to check.

You can run our DNS leak test or go to and check your IP address. Do this with your VPN connection turned both on and off. If you get the same IP address either way, you’ve got a DNS leak and your VPN isn’t protecting your data.

Start using a VPN that includes DNS leak protection. Activate the ‘Prevent DNS leak’ feature in your CyberGhost VPN app. You can also change your system’s DNS servers manually. Go ahead and change your router’s DNS servers while you’re at it. That way you’re back on a secure DNS server.

A VPN with built-in DNS leak protection should protect you from any data exposure. But sometimes a VPN doesn’t provide 100% security against DNS leaks. To be sure you’re protected, perform a DNS leak test regularly.

Most likely, no. Free VPNs have few security features and configurations in place. And they usually keep data logs, so they don’t fully provide the online privacy they claim. Plus, many free VPNs share and sell your data to third parties for profit.

You should trust a premium VPN, like CyberGhost VPN. We constantly improve and add new security elements to boost your digital anonymity.

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