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Windows App 6.0.8

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Get the Microsoft Windows app and access our worldwide servers with full speed.

How to install and use CyberGhost VPN for Windows:

Step 1

CyberGhost VPN client is free to download and easy to use. Once you access this page, the download should start automatically *. You only need to decide where to save the file.

Step 2

Then, close all open programs and double click on the file. A setup wizard will initiate to quickly take you through the installation process.

Step 3

After CyberGhost has been installed, it will launch immediately. Choose the service you want to use and start browsing freely, privately and anonymously!

Discover all that CyberGhost free VPN is capable of from the tutorial below!

Key features explained

Military Grade Encryption

Military Grade Encryption

All your online traffic is fully anonymized thanks to our software’s 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, the strongest one on the market.

Advanced Server Filters

Advanced Server Filters

You can either let us choose your server automatically or you can opt for the VPN servers with the fewest/largest number of users, the fastest servers or those optimized for gaming or torrenting.

Automatic Behavior for Wi-Fi Hotspots

Automatic Behavior for Wi-Fi Hotspots

Set and forget the WiFi networks you wish to be protected on, CyberGhost will handle the rest.

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

With the CyberGhost software, you get instant feedback regarding your new IP, VPN server location, ads, online tracking and blocked malware.

Other devices and platforms






It’s not enough to protect only one device when surfing online, since your digital fingerprint is present on all the gadgets that you use, be they desktop or mobile, personal or work-related.