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Generate, manage, and keep your passwords in complete privacy with CyberGhost Password Manager

Life's better with a password manager

Passwords. They're important! Yet, how many times did you reuse your main password? Or slightly altered it to meet requirements, ending up with countless versions and not knowing which is which? If you want to protect your digital life, this is not enough. And a better way of managing your credentials is available for you.

With CyberGhost Password Manager, you no longer have to try and remember your account passwords anymore. Instead of going through the painstaking process of coming up with strong and unique passwords you're guaranteed to forget in 5 minutes, you can now automatically generate, manage, and store them in an encrypted vault.

You need next-level password security

Keep all your passwords protected in your secure vault and enjoy the convenience of the automatic fill-in feature across devices.

Secure authentication

Passwords are your first line of defense against cybercriminals and snoopers, so you never want them falling into the wrong hands. But protecting you is our specialty.

We combined two-factor authentication with SRP 6A, a cryptographically strong authentication protocol to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to your passwords and info.

Unrivaled encryption duo

To give you 360° protection, CyberGhost Password Manager uses a powerful encryption duo.

We combine AES-256 symmetric encryption, the strongest available, with RSA-4096 asymmetric encryption to guarantee your data is secure at all times and you’re the only one who can access it.

Unlimited password storage

Go for the best in password security, storage, and management without having to worry about limitations. CyberGhost Password Manager can store all your credentials for you.

It’s all much easier when your information is neatly organized, and you can find anything in your vault in the blink of an eye!

Robust password generation

Are you tired of using and remembering different combinations of the same password for all your accounts? It’s time to let the pros handle your password generation!

With CyberGhost Password Manager, you can instantly generate passwords that meet all security requirements and then add them to your vault.

Convenient autofills

Save precious time and spare yourself the irritation caused by typos or memory lapses. Let the CyberGhost Password Manager simplify it all for you.

Our autofill feature inserts the right username and password for the online accounts you securely store in your password manager vault.

Cross-platform protection

CyberGhost Password Manager syncs and fills in your credentials and personal details wherever you need them.

Your usernames and passwords are available across Android and iOS devices and browsers like Google Chrome (and any other Chromium-based platform), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Brave.

How to get started with CyberGhost Password Manager

1. Add CyberGhost Password Manager to your VPN subscription.

2. Create your CyberGhost Password Manager account.

3. Handle all your credentials the safe and easy way.

CyberGhost Password Manager is available on a wide range of platforms

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