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Where to Watch Love Is Blind

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Where to Watch Love Is Blind

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What Is Love Is Blind About?

Love Is Blind is a reality dating series where single men and women date each other in pods, but the biggest rule is that they can’t see one another.

Hoping for a romantic connection, Love Is Blind is the social experiment where personality matters — not looks, race, background, or income. But can you fall in love sight unseen? With the singles not being able to meet until they get engaged, everyone is wondering if love is really blind.

Romance is put to the test when the couples meet, to see whether they’ll survive in the real world. Everything hinges on them saying “I do” at the altar. You’ll want to see how this is going to turn out!

Who Is in the 2024 Love Is Blind Cast?

Season 5 welcomed 28 new men and women to the show.
Meet the singletons before joining them on their romantic adventure in the heart of Texas.


  • Aaliyah, 29: ICU travel nurse
  • Erica, 27: Marketing manager
  • Estefania, 30: Teacher/dancer
  • Johnie, 32: Lawyer
  • Linda, 32: Talent acquisition recruiter
  • Lydia, 32: Geologist
  • Maris, 30: HR specialist
  • Mayra, 25: Minister
  • Miriam, 32: Scientist
  • Paige, 32: Stylist
  • Renee, 32: Veterinarian
  • Shondra, 32: Flight attendant
  • Stacy, 34: Director of operations
  • Taylor, 26: Teacher


  • Carter, 30: Construction
  • Chris, 28: Project manager for commercial & retail development
  • Connor, 31: Geoscientist
  • Efrain, 27: Software sales
  • Enoch, 27: Financial advisor
  • Ernesto, 32: Supply chain manager
  • Izzy, 31: Sales
  • Jared, 32: Firefighter
  • Jarred, 34: University director
  • Josh, 32: Sales representative
  • Justice, 28: Personal trainer
  • Milton, 25: Petroleum engineer
  • Robert, 30: Special education teacher
  • Uche, 34: Lawyer/entrepreneur

When Will Love Is Blind Premiere in 2024?

Season 5 of the social experiment premiered on September 22nd, 2023, with new episodes being released every Friday for four weeks. You can watch all 5 seasons in full HD on Netflix.

Where to Watch Love Is Blind Online

Watch Love Is Blind on Netflix

Love Is Blind is exclusive to Netflix, and season 5 is available in HD. The platform’s accepted payment methods are credit and debit cards and PayPal. You can choose a plan with or without ads, and you can always swap your plan later if you change your mind.

In addition to the new season, you can catch up on seasons 1-4 on Netflix.

Don’t worry if your school or workplace network blocks access to Netflix. Just connect to one of CyberGhost VPN’s streaming-optimized servers for Netflix to watch the new season in HD.

Watch Love Is Blind on Netflix


You need a paid Netflix subscription to stream Love Is Blind, but you can choose an ad-supported plan to keep your fees low. Enjoy all 5 seasons in HD when you subscribe to any Netflix plan.

Get CyberGhost VPN and connect streaming-optimized servers for Netflix. We reserve these servers for the streaming platform, so you can watch with ultra-fast connection speeds and no buffering.

Love Is Blind is available worldwide on Netflix. Log into your account from any device to stream all 5 seasons.

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According to the creator, none of Love Is Blind is staged. The show is completely unscripted, so much so even the producer says he was surprised with some of the outcomes. From dating to weddings, every romantic connection is unrehearsed.

That said, like any reality TV show, the episodes you watch are heavily edited. It’s always possible the producers left out certain encounters, or that conversations on the show are different from how they took place in reality.

As of now, 7 couples have remained together from seasons 1-4 of Love Is Blind. Season 2 was the weakest with 0 lasting marriages, but season 4 currently has 3 of its connections still going strong. It’s time to see what season 5 has to offer!

No, Love Is Blind is exclusive to Netflix. There is a reality dating series on Amazon Prime Video with the same title, but it’s completely unrelated to the Netflix show. You can watch every episode of Love Is Blind, including the new season, with any Netflix plan.

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