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How to Watch MasterChef India Online

Find out where to stream every episode of MasterChef India season 7 online for free.

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How to Watch MasterChef India Online

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Can I Use a VPN to Watch Masterchef India outside India?

Some Masterchef India fans connect to a VPN server in India to watch the show on SonyLIV or YuppTV. While we don't snoop on our users' online activity, this is against our terms of service and is not acceptable.

Rest assured that CyberGhost VPN never logs your browsing data and your activity is always private, but you should always comply with all relevant terms and applicable law, including copyright.

What Is MasterChef India About?

MasterChef India features home cooks who face off against each other — and the clock — to recreate Indian dishes worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Culinary challenges range from cooking with limited ingredients to working with a team during a restaurant takeover.

Professional chefs serve as judges who decide which contestants advance to the next round. Finalists participate in a three-course meal cook-off as they aspire to win the MasterChef title.

Find out if the recipes and techniques of the latest season’s amateur cooks are enough to impress the judges’ sophisticated taste buds!

Who Is in the MasterChef India Cast?

Season 7 has a new set of passionate cooks ready to hit your screen. Here’s the lineup for the top 16 and the judges who decide who makes it to the cook-off:


  • Ranveer Brar: A celebrity chef, restaurateur, and author. He’s a MasterChef veteran, having also judged seasons 4 and 6.
  • Vikas Khanna: The founder of the Michelin-starred restaurant Junoon in New York and has cooked twice for the Obamas at the White House.
  • Garima Arora: Debuts as a co-host for season 7. She was the first female Indian chef to win a Michelin star and runs two Bangkok-based restaurants.

Contestants (Top 16)

  • Priyanka Kundu Biswas: One of India’s top 10 cake artists in 2020. She’s passionate about sharing baking tips with her fans online.
  • Nazia Sultana: A homemaker who loves cooking for her daughter. She wants to put the spotlight on family cooking traditions.
  • Dyuti Banerjee: An energetic lawyer and amateur chef. Bengali cuisine isn’t just her specialty — it’s part of her identity.
  • Avinash Patnaik: Has a doctorate in floriculture. He used to be an agriculture officer, but his love for cooking and nature drew him to horticulture.
  • Nayanjyoti Saikia: Used to do all his cooking in his bedroom. He works for his father’s tea gardening business, but he wishes to open a restaurant one day.
  • Aruna Vijay: An entrepreneur and mom of two kids. She’s interested in researching and documenting micro-cuisines.
  • Deepa Chauhan:. Also an entrepreneur, she wants to introduce Sindhi food to a wider audience to protect its rich culture.
  • Suvarna Bagul: She likes to prepare traditional dishes. This homemaker enjoys delighting others with her cooking rather than eating the food herself.
  • Kamaldeep Kaur: Her love for cooking started after getting married. She likes recreating dishes with healthier ingredients for her family.
  • Sachin Khatwani: Manages a cloud kitchen. He cooks at home and makes his dishes available via delivery.
  • Urmila Jamnadas Asher: Believes passionate cooking knows no age. The 78-year-old shares her recipes on her YouTube channel.
  • Santa Sarmah: Proud to represent Assam. She finds it rewarding to cook traditional Gorkha cuisine with local ingredients sourced from her small village.
  • Gurkirat Singh: This law graduate shares his savory and sweet creations through step-by-step videos on Instagram.
  • Vineet Yadav: Currently a student. He learned to cook when he was 12 out of necessity, but food eventually turned into one of his creative outlets.
  • Yashu Verma: His mother inspired him to cook when he was young. He’s the youngest MasterChef contestant.
  • Priya Vijan: A health buff who likes to concoct plant-based meals. She’s also the author of a recipe book called Slick Belly.

When Will MasterChef India Premiere?

Season 7 of MasterChef India premiered on January 2, 2023, at 9 PM (IST) on SET India. It aired on weekdays until April 07, 2023. All 70 episodes of season 7 are now available on demand on SET India’s YouTube channel, SonyLIV, or YuppTV.

Where to Watch MasterChef India Online

Watch MasterChef India for Free on YouTube

Go to the SET India YouTube channel to watch every episode of season 7. Select the Playlists tab and choose MasterChef India. It’s available worldwide!

Watch MasterChef India for Free on YouTube
Stream MasterChef India on SonyLIV

Stream MasterChef India on SonyLIV

SonyLIV offers all 70 episodes of MasterChef India’s 7th season. A SonyLIV subscription lets you watch the series ad-free and download episodes on your devices for offline viewing.

SonyLIV is available in some parts of South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Subscribe to LIV Premium and pay using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal. You’ll need to enter a billing address when paying by card.

If you’re on a trip abroad, buy CyberGhost VPN and connect to a server located in the country where you subscribed from. You’ll get an IP address from that location, and you can continue watching SonyLIV during your travels.

Stream MasterChef India on YuppTV

You can watch the latest season of MasterChef India on YuppTV when you get the Yupp Hindi Punjabi + SonyLIV package. The streaming service is available in 190+ countries.

Create an account with your email address and mobile number. You’ll need a credit card to pay for your subscription.

Stream MasterChef India on YuppTV


Yes, you can watch MasterChef India season 7 for free on YouTube. Go to the SET India channel and choose the MasterChef India playlist. Full episodes are available worldwide.

Bypass network blocks at school or work when you connect to CyberGhost VPN’s streaming-optimized server for YouTube. The VPN encrypts your online traffic, so your local network can’t see which websites you’re visiting. Access YouTube securely and stream MasterChef India on any network!

Yes! Stream MasterChef India season 7 worldwide for free via SET India’s YouTube channel.

You can also watch season 7 outside India when you subscribe to SonyLIV (LIV Premium Plan) or YuppTV (Yupp Hindi Punjabi + SonyLIV package). Both platforms cater to several countries, but check if your preferred platform offers MasterChef India in your country before you signing up.

If you travel abroad, you may lose access to your streaming subscription. Connect to a CyberGhost VPN server located in your home country to get a local IP address. Log in and continue watching MasterChef India as if you never left.

Stream MasterChef India for free online via SET India’s YouTube channel. You can watch season 7 on demand in any country where you can access YouTube.

You can watch MasterChef India ad-free with a SonyLIV streaming subscription. YuppTV also has season 7 on demand and is available in 190+ countries.

You can watch the latest season of MasterChef India on demand via SET India’s YouTube channel, SonyLIV, or YuppTV. Hotstar has season 1 (episodes 6 to 26 only) available to stream for Canadian residents.

MasterChef India is no longer available on Hotstar India, but you can watch episodes 6 to 26 of season 1 on Hotstar Canada. The good news is, you can watch season 7 online for free on SET India’s YouTube channel. It’s also included with SonyLIV and YuppTV subscriptions.

You can watch select episodes of MasterChef India season 1 on Hotstar Canada. Unfortunately, old seasons of MasterChef India aren’t currently available on other streaming platforms, possibly due to digital rights limitations. However, you can watch the latest season of MasterChef India online via YouTube, SonyLIV, or YuppTV.

No, MasterChef India isn’t on Netflix. It’s only available on YouTube, SonyLIV, and YuppTV. The latest season is on these streaming platforms.

Hotstar Canada offers season 1 (episodes 6 to 26) for MasterChef India fans.

The original UK version of MasterChef is available to watch in the UK (BBC iPlayer or Sky), the US (Tubi), Australia (10Play), and Belgium (GoPlay).

MasterChef Australia, MasterChef India, MasterChef US, and other MasterChef versions are available on their country’s official broadcasters (TV and online). You may also be able to watch shows internationally via select streaming services.

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