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Wi-Fi hotspots are hotbeds for cybercriminals waiting to pounce on your sensitive information. This includes your banking details, social security numbers, and anything else they can use to their advantage. Before you connect to public Wi-Fi to book your Uber or check your mails, secure your connection with CyberGhost, the Wi-Fi VPN!

CyberGhost VPN sets up a secure, encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. This keeps “the man in the middle” from spying on you and intercepting your data when you’re on public Wi-Fi.

With CyberGhost VPN, your data is safe behind 256-bit AES encryption. Our strict No Logs policy ensures absolutely no one can track your online activities or get ahold of personal information while you’re connected to our VPN.

Enjoy free public Wi-Fi, worry-free, with CyberGhost VPN.

World’s Largest Server Network

Sometimes you may have to connect to an unsecured hotspot. Connect to CyberGhost VPN before you do! We’ve optimized our servers to give you the best Wi-Fi experience with unbreakable security, blazing speed, and unlimited bandwidth, all while shielding you from snoopers.

We’ve got the world’s largest network with servers in 100 countries, so you can enjoy a high-speed VPN connection wherever you are.

Don't venture onto public Wi-Fi alone. Take CyberGhost VPN along with you!

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A Wi-Fi VPN for Your Devices

You’re in the hotel lobby and need to book a cab on your phone, or you’re in the public library and want to check the news on your laptop. Don’t do a thing before switching on CyberGhost VPN!

We have dedicated apps for most devices and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Android TV, and many others.

With just 1 CyberGhost VPN subscription you’ll be able to protect your digital life and secure your devices. We allow you to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. That means you’ll have connections to spare to protect your friends and family on public Wi-Fi too!

Want to learn more? Reach out to our 24/7 live chat support.

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Fail-Safe Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi has lax security levels that let in all sorts of cybercreeps. Once they’re in, they can snoop on your activity or steal your data.

Connect to CyberGhost VPN to encrypt your connection, so your data stays private. This way you’re protected from most cyber threats, no matter what network you’re connected to.

If your VPN connection ever drops, our automatic Kill Switch will kick in instantly to ensure you’re never exposed. You also get DNS leak protection to prevent any data breaches.

For more details, check out our extensive guide on how to secure your data over Wi-Fi!

Like public parks, public Wi-Fi zones are a playground for all sorts of shady characters. Proceed with caution!

We’ve based CyberGhost VPN in Romania, a country known for strong privacy protection laws. Here, privacy is your constitutional right! We operate under a strict No Logs policy, meaning we never monitor, store, or share information about your internet activity with anyone.

We aren’t a member of any Eyes Alliance. Your ISP, law enforcement, even the government can’t force us to hand over your data for any reason. Even if someone tried, we wouldn’t have anything to share.

See for yourself how many data requests we receive and ignore in our Quarterly Transparency Reports.

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Waiting longer for a page to load than for the waiter to bring your latte? It could be that the cafe’s Wi-Fi provider is throttling you. Connect to CyberGhost VPN and bypass any throttling and data caps.

Fast VPN protocols, world-class server technology, and unlimited data transfers mean your connection is always strong and stable.

Downloading large files? No problem. Looking for your next cheap flight? We’ve got you! With CyberGhost VPN, you’ll be switching between tabs and getting things done like you’ve just downed three double espressos.

Put our VPN speeds to the test with our 45-day money back guarantee!


You certainly can and you definitely should! Wi-Fi networks - especially public ones - are notorious for being overrun by cybercriminals. Anyone accessing such networks without VPN protection can fall prey to man-in-the-middle attacks. In these types of attacks, a cybercriminal intercepts and reads all the data you transmit while connected to that unsecured network. So, if you’ve logged in to your email, or worse, you’ve made a banking transaction, that cybercriminal will capture your password and banking details.

Everything you do while connected to that Wi-Fi can be seen and monitored by the Wi-Fi provider. The best way to secure your privacy is to use a VPN. To make sure you never forget to establish a VPN connection when connected to an unsecured network, CyberGhost VPN has an Automatic Wi-Fi Protection feature that can establish a secure VPN tunnel between you and the internet every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi. This way you can make sure your privacy is never at risk.

Yes! Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks such as those found in hotels, restaurants, or airports give cybercriminals the perfect environment to steal private data such as banking details, social security numbers, and other types of personal information that should never fall into anyone's hands. This is why using a VPN is essential in such circumstances.

Of course. A VPN serves many other purposes other than keeping you safe against cybercriminals. To enjoy the benefits of hiding your online activity from your ISP, spoofing your geo-location, streaming your favorite online content, or finding better deals online, you still need to have a Wi-Fi VPN for your home as well. One of the most convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of a VPN on all your devices while you’re at home is to set up a VPN on your router

A VPNs main purpose is to secure your data anonymity and online privacy – and, unfortunately, free VPN services are simply not doing that. Using a free virtual private network to look after your most critical personal information while connected to some of the most vulnerable networks is not something we can give a green light on.

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With a first-class fleet of servers in 100 countries, we give you blazing fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. No more buffering, throttling from your Internet Service Provider or proxy errors with our VPN connection!

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Everything You Need in a VPN

  • VPN servers in 100 countries worldwide
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocols
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Fast VPN speeds
  • Up to 7 devices protected simultaneously
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS & more
  • 24/7 live Customer Support service
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

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