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Stream the Best of Italian TV With a RaiPlay VPN

  • Get a working IP for RaiPlay
  • Avoid buffering and glitches
  • Easy to set up on any device
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

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Stream the Best of Italian TV With a RaiPlay VPN

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How to Watch RaiPlay with a VPN in 3 Steps:

Stream your favorite Italian shows and films restriction-free on any device.

Become a Ghostie.

It’s fast and easy.

Sign Up for CyberGhost VPN

Connect to our streaming-optimized server for RaiPlay in Italy.

Download files safely and anonymously with CyberGhost VPN

Start streaming the latest sports, movies, and TV shows on RaiPlay.

CyberGhost VPN is quick connect

Can I Use a VPN to Unblock RaiPlay Outside Italy?

Some VPN users connect to a server in Italy to watch RaiPlay from outside the country, but this is against our terms of service and is not acceptable.

CyberGhost is a privacy-forward no-logs VPN, meaning we can't view your online activity and we never share your browsing data. While we don't know what you're doing online, you should always comply with RaiPlay’s terms of use, our terms of service, and any applicable law, including copyright.

Where Is RaiPlay Available?

RaiPlay is only available in Italy.

If you’re traveling abroad, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite content. You can use CyberGhost VPN to get an Italian IP address and access your account as if you were back home.

What’s on RaiPlay?

RaiPlay Originals

RaiPlay Originals

Watch Eppure Cadiamo Felici, Starstruck, and more exclusive programming.



Expand your horizons with shows like Delitti in Damiflia and Ossi Di Seppia.



Follow Ligue 1, Giro d’Italia, Valanga Azzurra, and more live in full HD.



Keep the kids entertained with Il Gruffalo, Il Mondo Di Karma, and more.

Music and Theatre

Music and Theatre

Get your culture fix from the Sanremo Festival, Non ti Pago, and more.



Il dottor Stranamore and La La Land are among the movies waiting for you.

RaiPlay Streaming Subscriptions

RaiPlay is free to stream. All you have to do is create a free account. You can sign up with your email address, or connect your account to your Google, Apple, Facebook, or Twitter account for quick signup.

RaiPlay Streaming Subscriptions
Watch in Top Quality with Ultra-Fast Speeds

Watch in Top Quality with Ultra-Fast Speeds

CyberGhost VPN’s high-speed servers give you blazing-fast connections that help prevent any buffering, pixelation, or dips in video quality. Our network features 10-Gbps servers in popular locations, so you never have to worry about server overcrowding.

You also get unlimited VPN data transfer, so you’ll never get cut off mid-stream, even if you stream in 4K.

CyberGhost VPN uses fast and efficient VPN protocols, so you can get a secure connection without having to compromise your speeds.

Connect to Our Streaming-Optimized Server for RaiPlay

CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers in Italy for RaiPlay. We check these servers regularly to make sure they work with the platform.

If streaming services are blocked on your network at work or school, you can still enjoy an episode or two on your lunch break. CyberGhost VPN encrypts your connection so the network can’t detect your streaming activity. This way, you can bypass any local blocks and stream as much as you like.


Stream RaiPlay on Any Device

Watch RaiPlay on any device you want, whenever you want. CyberGhost VPN has native apps for PC, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire Stick. You can connect up to 7 devices with one subscription, so everyone in your household can stream on their own devices.

If you want to stream RaiPlay on your game console or on another device that doesn’t support VPNs, we’ve got you covered. Simply configure CyberGhost VPN on your router to get an Italy IP address on every device on your network.

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Why Use CyberGhost VPN to
Stream RaiPlay?

Bypass ISP throttling

Bypass ISP throttling

Our VPN encryption prevents your ISP from slowing you down based on your activity.

No Logs Policy

No Logs Policy

We never record or share what you do online, so your internet activity always stays private.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch

If your VPN connection drops, you’ll be disconnected from the internet to prevent data leaks.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Stream movies, sports, shows, or whatever you love on RaiPlay without any VPN data caps.

Can You Use a Free VPN for RaiPlay?

Most free VPNs can’t access RaiPlay. Even if you find one that can, their servers are often overcrowded, meaning you’ll get a sluggish connection and have to deal with low-quality video. Some free VPNs also cap your data and cut you off when you least expect it.

CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers for RaiPlay, so you can always get secure access to the platform. Our network includes 10-Gbps servers in busy locations to prevent overcrowding. We give you unlimited bandwidth, so you can stay connected for as long as you like and stream as much as you want – even in full HD. Try it risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Free VPN vs. CyberGhost VPN

Most Free VPNsCyberGhost VPN
Fast connection speeds for high-quality streaming
Global server network including 10-Gbps servers in popular locations
Specialized streaming-optimized servers
Unlimited data transfer
Up to 7 simultaneous device connections
User-friendly apps for all your devices
Automatic Wi-Fi protection
256-bit AES encryption, Kill Switch, and No Logs policy


RaiPlay is only available in Italy, but if you’re traveling abroad, you can use CyberGhost VPN to get an Italian IP address – just connect to one of our streaming-optimized servers for RaiPlay in Italy.

Worse still, many free VPNs have lax security measures and won’t protect your digital identity. Some even sell your private data to make money.

Italians traveling to the US can use CyberGhost VPN to change their IP address to Italy. CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers for RaiPlay in Italy, so you always get smooth access to the platform, even when you’re on a business trip or on holiday.

Yes, RaiPlay is free. Just provide your email address and you can start your streaming marathon!

Not all VPNs work with RaiPlay – some of them use blocked IP addresses. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting your VPN to see if that helps, or try opening RaiPlay in an incognito window. If all else fails, it might be time for a new VPN. CyberGhost VPN has streaming-optimized servers for RaiPlay, which we check regularly to ensure you won’t run into any IP blocks.

If you travel abroad, you can use CyberGhost VPN to keep watching RaiPlay. Download the right VPN app for your device, and connect to our streaming-optimized server for RaiPlay.

You can get Rai International through many cable and satellite TV providers. In the US, it’s called Raitalia and is available through Verizon, DIRECTV, Xfinity, AT&T, CenturyLink, and many more providers. You can also sign up for Rai International through various providers in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

CyberGhost is the best VPN for RaiPlay. Our streaming-optimized server always gives you an IP address that will work with RaiPlay, and lets you tune in as if you never left home. You also get ultra-fast speeds for buffer-free streaming, unlimited bandwidth for binge-watching and movie marathons, and 24/7 customer support for any VPN-related questions that arise.

CyberGhost is the best VPN for Italy. We have server locations in Rome and Milan, and our network includes special streaming-optimized servers for Netflix IT, Disney+ IT, and RaiPlay. You also get fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and top-notch security.

CyberGhost has VPN servers in Rome and Milan, so you can easily get an Italian IP address. We also have streaming-optimized servers for popular streaming platforms like RaiPlay, Netflix IT, and Amazon Prime IT.

Get CyberGhost VPN. It’s that simple! Download the app for your device, open the app, and choose Italy from the server location list. Hit the connect button, and you’re done! Now you have an Italian IP address, and reliable protection no matter what you do online.

It’s always a good idea to use a VPN, no matter what country you’re in or what you’re doing online. Cyber snoops are always trying to get hold of your private data. A VPN protects your digital identity and personal information from prying eyes, in just a few clicks.

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