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How to Watch All Seasons of Peaky Blinders from Anywhere

If you haven’t watched Peaky Blinders since the series finale was released, you might be due for anther fix. No other show brings together historical drama, crime, and a twist of fun quite like this one. Not to mention Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Helen McCrory in some of their best roles.

If you’re not sure where to watch the series in 2024, don’t sweat it. We’ve researched all the streaming options so you don’t have to. In this article, you’ll find all the places you can watch all 6 seasons of the show.

And if you’re planning a trip abroad, you don’t have to leave the show behind. With CyberGhost VPN, you can connect to a server in your home country and access your favorite streaming platforms from anywhere.

Quick Guide: How to Watch Peaky Blinders with CyberGhost VPN

Follow these simple steps to access Peaky Blinders securely from anywhere.

  1. Sign up for CyberGhost VPN. It’s quick and easy!
  2. Connect to a VPN server. In the UK, choose our streaming-optimized server for BBC iPlayer.
  3. Watch every episode of Peaky Blinders!

Can I Use a VPN to Watch Peaky Blinders from a Different Country?

Some VPN users may connect to a server in the UK to watch Peaky Blinders from outside the country, but this is against our terms of service and is not acceptable.

CyberGhost is a privacy-forward no-logs VPN, meaning we can't view your online activity and we never share your browsing data. While we don't know what you're doing online, you should always comply with your streaming service’s terms of use, our terms of service, and any applicable law, including copyright.

What Is Peaky Blinders About?

What Is Peaky Blinders About?

Peaky Blinders follows the Shelby family's rise to power in the gritty streets of Birmingham in the UK after World War I. Led by the ambitious and cunning Tommy Shelby, the family navigates a world of crime, politics, and fierce rivalries.

The show blends historical events with fictional drama, offering a captivating portrayal of early 20th-century Britain. Peaky Blinders has garnered a massive global following with its stylish cinematography, intense action, and a hauntingly good soundtrack.

Each season delves deeper into the Shelby empire, exploring their struggles and conflicts. Whether it's dealing with rival gangs or political conspiracies, the series will keep you on the edge of your seat with its unpredictable twists.

Who’s in the Cast of Peaky Blinders?

Meet the actors who bring the intense world of Peaky Blinders to life. Each character adds depth and drama, creating a captivating and realistic story.

  • Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby: The charismatic and ruthless leader of the Shelby family, navigating power and peril with unyielding determination.
  • Helen McCrory as Polly Gray: The formidable matriarch and Tommy's aunt, wielding sharp intelligence and fierce loyalty to protect her family.
  • Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby: Tommy's volatile older brother and official head of the family, scarred by war and struggling with his inner demons.
  • Sophie Rundle as Ada Shelby: The strong-willed sister who challenges family traditions and seeks her own path amidst the chaos.
  • Joe Cole as John Shelby: The fiery and impulsive younger brother who struggles to balance his warmth with his uncontrolled rage.
  • Tom Hardy as Alfie Solomons: The unpredictable and menacing Jewish gang leader, whose alliances with the Shelbys are as volatile as his temper.

Where to Stream Peaky Blinders for Free in the UK

If you're in the UK, you can stream Peaky Blinders for free on BBC iPlayer. The platform offers all 6 seasons, so you can enjoy all of the Shelby family's adventures without spending a penny.

If you have an active Netflix subscription, you may be interested to know the show is also available on Netflix UK.

Worried about losing access when traveling abroad? With CyberGhost VPN, you can continue streaming on your favorite UK platforms from anywhere. Just connect to one of our VPN servers in the UK and continue watching Peaky Blinders, no matter where your travels take you. We have streaming-optimized servers for BBC iPlayer and Netflix UK, so you’ll always get reliable access to the platforms.

Where to Stream Peaky Blinders in the US

You can watch all 6 seasons of Peaky Blinders on Netflix in the US. Subscriptions start at $6.99/month, giving you access to the entire series, plus thousands of other titles.

If you find Netflix is blocked on your school or workplace network, CyberGhost VPN can help. Our strong VPN encryption hides your online activity from the network, letting you bypass restrictions and unblock streaming platforms easily.

Where to Stream Peaky Blinders in Canada

In Canada, you can catch all seasons of Peaky Blinders on Netflix, with subscription plans starting at CAD $9.99/month.

Streaming on public Wi-Fi is a great way to save mobile data, but it can expose you to data thieves and other cybercrooks. CyberGhost VPN keeps your data safe from prying eyes, even when you connect to an unsecured network. Our app can also auto-connect when you join an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can always stream safely and securely.

Why CyberGhost Is the Best VPN for Streaming

Why CyberGhost Is the Best VPN for Streaming

When it comes to streaming, CyberGhost VPN stands out as number 1. We have servers in 100 countries, you'll have no trouble finding a connection where you need one. We have streaming-optimized servers for popular platforms, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and many more. We check these servers regularly to ensure they can access the platforms without error messages or other issues.

A fast VPN connection is essential for streaming, and CyberGhost VPN excels in this area. Our high-speed network features 10-Gbps servers in key locations, ensuring you get a lightning-fast connection every time, so you can watch in flawless UHD.

Cyberghost’s strong VPN encryption keeps your online activity private, even on public Wi-Fi. If your school or workplace network blocks streaming platforms, our VPN can help you bypass these restrictions. It also stops your ISP monitoring your activity, helping you avoid content-based throttling and associated buffering.

Getting started with CyberGhost VPN is easy and requires no tech knowledge. Download VPN apps for most major devices and connect on up to 7 devices simultaneously per subscription. That’s enough to keep the whole family watching, together or separately.

Want to be sure CyberGhost VPN is right for you? Use our 45-day money-back guarantee to try it risk-free.


Why is a VPN good for streaming?

A VPN encrypts your connection, which can help you unblock streaming sites on restricted networks at school or the office. It also changes your IP address, which can help you access your regular streaming platforms when you travel abroad. If you’re streaming on unsecured public Wi-Fi, a VPN can protect you from cybercrooks out to steal your passwords and other personal data.

What’s the best VPN for streaming TV shows?

CyberGhost is the best VPN for streaming TV shows. We have servers in 100 countries, so you’ll always find an IP address where you need one. We also have streaming-optimized servers for popular platforms which we check regularly to ensure they can access the services. We also give you ultra-fast VPN speeds for seamless streaming, even in 4K. It’s risk-free to try with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Where can I watch all seasons of Peaky Blinders?

You can watch all 6 seasons of Peaky Blinders for free on BBC iPlayer in the UK, or with a subscription to Netflix in the UK, the US, or Canada. Both platforms offer the complete series, so you can binge from start to finish.

How can I watch Peaky Blinders without Netflix?

In the UK, you can watch all 6 seasons of Peaky Blinders for free on BBC iPlayer.

Traveling abroad and don’t want to lose access to the show? Use CyberGhost VPN to keep watching. Our streaming-optimized server for BBC iPlayer will make sure you always get error-free access.

Is Peaky Blinders only on Netflix?

Peaky Blinders is only available on Netflix in the US and Canada, but in the UK it’s also available on BBC iPlayer – for free!

If you’re a UK resident planning a trip abroad, there’s an easy way to keep watching BBC iPlayer. Connect to CyberGhost VPN’s streaming-optimized server for the platform and watch from anywhere.

Why did they cancel Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders was originally intended to be a 7-season show, but the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted its production schedule, which caused the show’s creators to make season 6 the final one. A movie continuation is in development to further explore the story.

Is Peaky Blinders based on a true story?

The Peaky Blinders series is inspired by a real gang called the Peaky Blinders, which operated in Birmingham, UK in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While the show takes creative liberties, it reflects on the history and some true events.

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