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Watch Cricket From Any Location in the World

Traveling abroad this T20 World Cup season? Your go-to cricket streaming service may not work there. Don’t leave anything to chance and get CyberGhost VPN.

We swap your IP address with one of our servers in another country. Connect to our Pakistani servers to catch PSL and T20 World Cup on PTV Sports live for free (that’s right!).

Switch to our virtual India servers to stream IPL on Hotstar, or to our UK servers to catch The Hundred or the NatWest Series on Sky Sports.

Never miss a cricket fixture. Live stream cricket on any platform anywhere!

Massive Server Fleet

Can't stand to miss Mr 360’s sixes, but your favorite leagues don’t stream in your country? Your love for cricket knows no borders and neither does our server coverage.

We have 9308 ultra-fast servers in 91 countries, so you never miss your idol’s shots no matter where they’re playing.

Thinking about cheering your homeboy from the stands next time? Buy your tickets connected to our NoSpy servers for extra secure transactions.

Not sure what to do with your life during the off-season? Connect to our gaming servers to play Big Bash Cricket with low ping and no lag. Howzat?!


Stream on Any Device

True enthusiasts know that test cricket is the real deal. That said, you simply can’t sit in front of your big screens for 5-day test matches. Take along your cricket stream on your way to work or while running errands with CyberGhost VPN.

We have dedicated apps for all devices like your smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We cover all the leading operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and even Linux.

1 subscription lets you stream on up to 7 devices at once. Hook your partner to a new binge-worthy show from the 35+ streaming platforms we support.

Now pick your screen and catch that match without ruining your relationship!

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CyberGhost VPN comes with a killswitch

Infinite Bandwidth for Endless Streaming

You’ll exceed any bandwidth limits watching two matches every day during the T20 ICC Worldcup. That’s why CyberGhost VPN doesn’t impose any.

We don’t fixate a third umpire to track your bandwidth consumption thanks to our No Logs policy. We also don’t record your IP address or monitor your traffic. We don’t know if you’re a Pakistani following Kohli or an Indian replaying Azam’s shots. We’re all for peace.

Don’t ration your data consumption! Watch all matches from the toss right until the prize distribution ceremony. Follow up with expert analysis from the studios without ever running out of bandwidth.

You saw the bowler pitching the ball. Next thing you know, the stumps are already down! Poor video quality, lag, and buffering suck the fun out of cricket.

We have streaming-optimized servers that support best-in-class hardware and the fastest VPN protocol, WireGuard®. Our Smart DNS feature for smart TVs skips traffic encryption and gives you even better speed and a quality boost.

Contact our 24/7 Customer Support to learn more about our app features and VPN protocols, or skip the details and simply subscribe. Enjoy a cricket stream smoother than McGrath’s bowling action!

Connect to CyberGhost VPN in just one click

Ultra-Fast 4K Streaming

Get online protection with CyberGhost VPN

End Bandwidth Throttling

It’s all fun and games until the ball’s up in the air and… your live stream freezes. Feel like smashing your TV screen? It’s not your TV, it’s your ISP!

Your ISP monitors you online and throttles your internet connection if you’re exhausting bandwidth during peak hours.

Turn on CyberGhost VPN. We redirect your traffic through our secure, private tunnel, away from all prying eyes. This way, no one can see how much bandwidth you’re consuming and they can’t slow you down.

Try us out risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee and never miss a game changing moment to ISP throttling.

Where to Watch Cricket

You’ve got quite a few options for live streaming ICC cricket fixtures, but they’re somewhat limited when it comes to streaming domestic cricket and regional leagues. Some local channels like PTV Sports live stream cricket for free, but only for their local audience.

Check out these premium cricket streaming services to find the best option for you:

Streaming Service Country With AccessPriceFree Trial
Disney+ Hotstar IndiaFrom INR 499/year 30 days
PTV Sports PakistanFree-
SkySports UK£18/month 7 days
Kayo Sports Australia$25 AUD/month 14 days
ESPN+ US$7/month -
Willow TV US$9.99/month -

CyberGhost VPN has a fleet of dedicated streaming servers in all of these countries, including Pakistan and virtual India locations. Connect to one of our servers in a country where your preferred live cricket streaming service is available, and enjoy a premium streaming experience no matter where you are.


Cricket is available in most countries. That said, not all fixtures will be available to stream in any single country. You’ll need a little VPN magic if you want to watch ‘em all.

Connect to CyberGhost VPN and choose a server in Pakistan to stream international ICC fixtures for free. Alternatively, you can choose one of our servers in the US and UK, or virtual locations in India, and access paid services that live stream regional cricket.

You’ll find many streaming services that live stream cricket outside India. Choose Sky Go if you’re in the UK, Willow TV in the US, and Kayo Sports in Australia. PTV Sports streams most matches and fixtures for free in Pakistan. That said, no single service will stream all cricket events.

That means you’ll need a premium VPN like CyberGhost VPN if you’re in a country where the cricket event you’re interested in isn’t streaming. We’ll hide your IP and give you a new one from a country where the match is streaming live.

Contact our 24/7 Customer Support team for further questions. They can satisfy your queries in English, French, German, and Romanian.

CyberGhost VPN has dedicated apps for pretty much all internet-connected devices including Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, gaming consoles, and portable devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. Use your CyberGhost VPN subscription to enjoy cricket and much more on 7 devices simultaneously.

It’s perfectly legal to stream cricket using a VPN in most countries. CyberGhost VPN will give you ultimate security and privacy over the internet. Continue using CyberGhost VPN without any worries as long as you’re not doing anything illegal like cyberbullying, infringing copyrights, or making illegal purchases on the dark web.

You can’t watch all cricket matches and series, especially regional and domestic ones, in every country. For instance, IPL doesn’t always stream in Pakistan, and PSL doesn’t stream in India. Series like NatWest and The Hundred are also not available everywhere.

Use CyberGhost VPN to get an IP address from a country where the series you’re interested in is available, and never miss a fixture just because of your location.

Besides giving you unrestricted access to your favorite game, a VPN hides your IP address to protect your digital identity online. It encrypts your traffic so no one can spy on you.

Use your CyberGhost VPN subscription to make secure online transactions, play games with complete DDoS protection, explore full content libraries of 35+ streaming services, and get discount deals exclusively available in a particular country.

Never use a free VPN for anything. At best, free VPNs will slow down your internet connection and ruin the game for you. At worst, they’ll share your data with third-party advertisers to make a quick buck.

If you care about getting a premium cricket streaming experience without jeopardizing your privacy, try out CyberGhost VPN and get a whopping 45-day money-back guarantee.

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With 9308 servers in 91 countries, we give you blazing-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. No more buffering, ISP throttling, or proxy errors with our VPN connection.

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