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System feeling sluggish? Could be time for a spring clean…

Every time you surf the web, your browser saves bits of information in its cache and cookies. This can slow down your browser and threaten your privacy and security.

Clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history quickly and easily with our free cookie cleaner. Free up space on your hard drive, boost your browser’s performance, and stay anonymous online.

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The CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner

CyberGhost VPN offers complete digital security

Why Are Cookies So Harmful to Your Computer?

Websites store tiny bits of code called cookies on your browser. They use this data to make pages load faster and store information so you don’t need to re-enter it.

You have very little control over how websites use cookies. If you want to access a site, you have to click “accept” on that annoying little pop-up. What you gain in ease-of-use, you lose in privacy.

Cookies accumulate and slow your system down over time. Marketers also use them to generate a profile of your activity so they can serve you personalized ads.

If you leave a trail of cookies on a public machine, the next person to use the device could see exactly what you’ve been doing online.

Scarier still, cybercriminals may hack cookies to retrieve personal information and gain access to your private accounts.

Keep control of your private information with CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner.

6 Benefits of the CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner

CyberGhost VPN has a no logs policy

Wipe Your Tracks Now

Experts tell you to clear your cookies regularly. Like many small, but annoying, tasks, it’s all too easy to put it off for another day, month, or year.

CyberGhost’s Cookie Cleaner is a one-click solution that makes cleaning your browser a cinch.

Some cookie cleaners only get rid of cookies. We wipe the lot, including cached images and files. Just hit the Ghostie in your browser bar to get a clean slate.

Take The Driver’s Seat

You’ve no clue who can access your cookies, or to what end. Cookies that store site preferences are one thing, but you don’t want cybercriminals tracking your every move.

Take control of your data in a couple of clicks.

Choose what data to delete and when in CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner’s user-friendly menu. Clear your current tab or your entire browser–it’s up to you.

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CyberGhost VPN comes with a killswitch

Decide What Stays

Some cookies are useful. You don’t want to have to re-enter your login details every time you do an online shop.

With CyberGhost’s flexible cookie cleaner, you select what stays and what goes. Want to keep cookies on a specific website? Add that site to your whitelist.

Get the perfect balance of convenience and privacy with the CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner.

Grab Your Anonymity Cloak

Data-mining companies want your data. Delete your browsing history to avoid being an easy target.

That’s not all. Cookies also reveal clues about your location and income level which could set you up for unfair price fixing.

Download the CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner and stay anonymous online. With one click you can stop advertisers stalking you around the web.

Stay anonymous online with CyberGhost VPN
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Boost Your Browsing Speed

Slow computer? Your web browser accumulates cookies and other cached data over time. This slows your browser down and may cause it to freeze up or crash.

Bin the excess baggage with CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner.

Click on the Ghostie in your browser bar to lose the junk files and get back to rocket speed in no time.

Make Space For Fun Stuff

Most cookies are tiny, but collectively, they can take up 10% of your system space!

Clear the clutter and make room for the really important stuff with the CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner. Choose Clear Browser and set the time frame to All Time to do a complete cleanup.

Keep your computer lean and clean and say goodbye to sluggish performance.

Advantage of CyberGhost VPN


No, it’s not. Internet Explorer is being retired. Protect your privacy on Chrome and Firefox with CyberGhost’s Cookie Cleaner extension. You can also run the Chrome extension on Microsoft Edge.

You can, but it takes a few extra steps. CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner clears your entire browser in one click so you can get back to work. The little Ghostie icon on your browser is a useful reminder to do it!

Take our privacy test to make sure you’re not exposing sensitive data right now!

When you clear your cookies, websites no longer remember you. You won’t get chased around by targeted ads or get price-fixed results when you shop online. You’re also less likely to be a victim of cookie hijacking.

For complete peace of mind and all-in-one cybersecurity protection, try the CyberGhost Security Suite for Windows.

Websites save cookies to your browser to improve the user experience. Cookies help pages to load faster and mean you don’t have to re-enter login details.

Though not harmful in themselves, cookies can carry sensitive information, so you should only enable them on sites you trust.

CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner makes it easy to control which cookies to bin and which to keep for the best, most secure browsing experience.

Deleting your cookies is just one way to protect your digital identity. Upgrade to CyberGhost VPN for complete online protection. Get your free trial today.

You can, but the problem with Incognito mode is you don’t have any control over what gets deleted. When you close an incognito window, everything gets deleted.

CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner lets you choose which websites you want to keep data cached for. This can make browsing faster and easier while still protecting your privacy.

If you have any issues, CyberGhost’s customer support team is available 24/7 via email or live chat.

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