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Play Escape from Tarkov with a VPN

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How to Use a VPN for Escape from Tarkov in 3 Simple Steps:

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Why You Need a VPN for Escape from Tarkov

Why You Need a VPN for Escape from Tarkov

You need a VPN because Tarkov is well known for having less-than-perfect security, and more than its fair share of cheaters. Now, a VPN won’t stop a cheater from seeing you through walls and stealing your in-game loot. However, it can protect you from DDoS attacks, help you stay anonymous, and protect you from bad guys on unsecured networks.

A VPN does this in two ways: First, it routes your PC traffic through the VPN server of your choice, which is what changes your IP address. This means that attackers can’t find you directly if they get your IP from outside the game.

Second, a VPN encrypts all traffic between your PC and the VPN server. This is what protects you from data thieves on public Wi-Fi and nosy network admins at work or school, and stops your ISP from throttling your connection based on your activity.

CyberGhost’s Global Network Helps You Land Headshots

Gaming with a VPN can stabilize and improve your connection, which helps with getting enemy players before you get got. Just connect to a VPN server that is as close as possible to the game server you’re playing on, for best results.

CyberGhost VPN makes this easy by having server locations in 100 countries, and even having multiple locations in some of the bigger countries. No matter where your nearest Tarkov server happens to be, CyberGhost VPN can get you a better connection to it and even improve your ping.


Download a VPN for Escape from Tarkov on Any Gaming Device

Presently, Escape from Tarkov is still a PC-only game. CyberGhost VPN has a great native VPN app for PC to get you up and running. And, if Tarkov ever starts running properly on Linux and Mac, there are native apps for those as well.

Our Windows app gives you exclusive access to our gaming-optimized servers, which we’ve configured for lower latency. These servers are located in New York, London, Frankfurt, and Paris.

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How Can a VPN Reduce Ping?

How Can a VPN Reduce Ping?

It works like this: the signal between your PC and the game server doesn’t always take the fastest route available. This can be because of bad ISP configuration, full networks along the way, and other problems.

A good VPN will automatically look for the fastest connection between your PC and the VPN server you’ve chosen. This can help you bypass all of those issues and give you a smooth, stable connection to the game, which means lower latency and better performance.

Why CyberGhost Is the Best VPN for
Escape from Tarkov

CyberGhost VPN can help you be like a ghost in the game and in real life, at least in the digital sense:

Tarkov tends to be a slow-paced game right up until it’s not, and then every millisecond matters. You want a connection that lets you react to enemies fast enough to survive, take their stuff, and extract with your hard-earned loot. And we have good news for you there: CyberGhost’s VPN servers are just that fast.

In fact, they’re designed to let you play Tarkov, download your next favorite game, watch all the streaming shows you want, and yell directions at your squadmates on voice chat all at once. Enjoy your game with no lag or disconnects.

Servers Fast Enough for Your Reflexes

Servers Fast Enough for Your Reflexes

Keep DDoS Attacks Away from Your Hideout

Keep DDoS Attacks Away from Your Hideout

Tarkov is known for having a community of players willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. That includes DDoS attacks. The game itself doesn’t reveal your IP… by design. But even if all the security holes that allowed IPs to leak in the past have been patched, there are several ways that bad actors can get yours. This opens you up to DDoS attacks.

Routing your traffic through CyberGhost VPN changes your IP address, so you can’t be targeted directly. Even better, the servers have DDoS mitigation built-in; you won’t even feel it.

Unscrupulous players aren’t the only thing to worry about when gaming online. On public Wi-Fi networks, you’ve got people trying to steal your data. At work or school, you have people with too many opinions about how you spend your break time. CyberGhost VPN can fix that.

Our VPN encryption can get you past local network blocks on games, and keep network admins from seeing what you do online. Even your ISP won’t know. The same goes for anyone trying to steal your game account or financial information on that handy free public Wi-Fi.

Stalk the Land on Any Wi-Fi Network

Stalk the Land on Any Wi-Fi Network


Absolutely. In fact, it’s highly recommended to help you improve your anonymity, protect yourself from DDoS attacks, and generally get yourself a better connection. VPNs aren’t disallowed by the TOS, and not even mentioned at all, so as long as you’re playing normally, you won’t face any repercussions for using one. Just connect and play!

CyberGhost makes a fantastic Tarkov VPN because it has everything you need: our VPN servers are fast, and we even have special gaming-optimized servers for PC. There are no logs and no data caps, and our customer support is available 24/7 via live chat.

This is a bit complicated. If you have the EU version, you can pretty much play anywhere; change the region in the launcher, and go. However, if you buy any other version for any other region, you won’t even be able to open the game if you’re outside that region. But, if you have an Asian IP, you’re locked to Asia no matter what. You can use CyberGhost VPN to change your IP address and get around these issues.

The answer really should be “yes, definitely,” but in reality, it’s a coin toss. Escape from Tarkov’s reputation as a haven for cheaters is no joke, but cheating is technically against the rules. It’s gotten so bad that the PVE mode – which only comes with the two most expensive editions of the game – is already wildly popular. Still, cheat at your own risk.

This is usually caused by one of two issues: the first is regular bad luck. Connect to another VPN server and try again. The second is using a free VPN, or a paid one with a bad reputation. It might be time for a new VPN: Try CyberGhost risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

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