Your truly anonymous Dedicated IP is here!

Ghosties, we have some exciting news to share with you.

Get ready for smooth access to IP-restricted networks without sacrificing any of your privacy and security because the unrivaled CyberGhost VPN Dedicated IP system is here!

Our innovative token system

Normally, when you get a Dedicated IP, your VPN provider knows what static IP address they assign you. But complete privacy and security can’t be achieved as long as this happens. We believe it’s time to retire the old and outdated practice.

So, here at CyberGhost VPN, we’re setting new standards for Dedicated IPs.

To remove any ties between your CyberGhost VPN account and your Dedicated IP, we use an innovative token system. This way, we have no records of what’s your Dedicated IP address! Your static IP can’t lead back to you, your email, or your CyberGhost VPN account.

Take it from our Chief Technology Officer:

We’re excited to launch our new, innovative Dedicated IPs. Through our Zero-Knowledge System and the use of individual authorization tokens, users can now request and use a Dedicated IP address without revealing any information about themselves. This sets a new standard in the VPN industry and challenges the status quo.
Timo Beyel, CTO, CyberGhost VPN

Stay fully anonymous with our Dedicated IPs

When you use a Dedicated IP from CyberGhost VPN, you get all the privacy and security you’ve come to expect from shared IP addresses:

✅ Your IP address is hidden.

✅ Your connection is encrypted with secure, modern protocols.

✅ You’re always protected by our strict No-logs policy.

✅ Your digital footprint doesn’t lead back to you.

But, in just one click, you can switch between your Dedicated IP and a shared IP address. This way, we cater to your every need online.

Whether you need a dynamic or a static IP address depends entirely on what you do online. But we’re happy to report that, at CyberGhost VPN, neither is inherently better. They both give you the same levels of privacy and security.

Get your Dedicated IP

If you want to get your Dedicated IP from CyberGhost VPN, the process is fast, easy, and convenient.

  1. Get the add-on. Add a Dedicated IP to your subscription.
  2. Choose your location. Redeem your token in My Account.
  3. Enjoy your Dedicated IP! Validate your token in your CyberGhost VPN apps.

You can choose between Dedicated IPs located in the US, Germany, France, UK, or Canada. There are no complicated how-to guides to follow, and you can do it all yourself.

Your fully anonymous Dedicated IP will be up and running in just a couple of clicks!


So, what do you think about our fully anonymous Dedicated IP add-on?

Let us know in the comments below. ⬇️

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