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Protect Your Identity & Location With a uTorrent VPN

A VPN for uTorrent prevents third parties from stealing your info when you torrent with friends.

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How to Download Files with uTorrent with CyberGhost VPN in 3 Simple Steps

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Download Torrents Safely [and Quickly] with CyberGhost VPN for uTorrent

Nothing is better than torrenting to share files with friends, but it isn’t anonymous. uTorrent is a P2P network, so anybody connected can see your IP address. That’s why you need a VPN!

CyberGhost VPN routes your data through a secure server. The technology encrypts your data and gives you a new IP address. Our VPN keeps your data and location hidden from prying eyes.

Furthermore, CyberGhost VPN has servers optimized for torrenting. This means no slow speeds...ever. You can torrent as much as you want without worrying about slow speeds. End speed struggles and hide your IP now with a VPN for uTorrent.
Note: While torrenting isn’t illegal by itself, we never condone using torrents to access copyrighted material with or without a VPN.

Torrenting is in a legal gray-area in much of the world. Torrenting protocols aren’t illegal, but some laws restrict their usage since you can use them to get copyright material. That said, you should keep yourself and your data safe from everyone.

Your best option? CyberGhost VPN. To top our world class encryption, we also have a strict No Logs policy. That means we’ll never record what you do while using our servers. We’re headquartered in privacy-friendly Romania, so nobody–including your government–can force us to turn over any facts about you.

Our strict No Logs policy gives you absolute online anonymity, even from us! Reach out to our 24/7 customer support team if you have any questions about our policies.

CyberGhost VPN has a no logs policy

Strict No-Logs Policy

Torrenting-Optimized Servers

You’ll need a uTorrent VPN with fast speeds or your downloads will be way too slow. Along with fast speeds, you’ll need a large server network. Get instant access to loads of IP addresses to become a true digital ghost.

CyberGhost VPN has torrenting-optimized servers to give you the speeds you need. Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN and get access to our massive server network across 100 countries. That gives you many options to hide your IP address while you torrent.

Switzerland, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, and Canada all have torrenting-favorable laws. We have plenty of servers in these locations! Choose one of these servers to give yourself complete torrenting freedom with CyberGhost VPN.

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Dedicated IP Location

Multi-Platform VPN

All your devices have an IP address that can give away your location. If your uTorrent VPN only covers a few devices, third parties can track and steal your unsecured data.

We want you protected no matter what.

Download CyberGhost VPN on any operating system—Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android. Use our app on your smartphone, desktop, tablet, and more. You can even install the CyberGhost app on your router to protect all your devices at once.

Don’t let your friends on the P2P network expose their locations. CyberGhost VPN lets you connect on 7 devices simultaneously. That way everybody on the network can stay secure with a VPN for uTorrent. Torrent freely on any device with CyberGhost VPN!

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Cybercriminals lurk all over the internet and target torrenting clients. Everything is up for grabs without iron-clad encryption—your personal information, location, and more.

Get CyberGhost VPN and get military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Connect to any server and automatically encrypt your data, making it unreadable to third parties. Customize your protection with OpenVPN, IKEv2, or WireGuard® protocols.

If cybercrooks can’t read your information, they can’t steal it. Our protection mechanisms would take millions of years to break. That means even the most clever cybercriminals are out of luck.
Secure your digital life no matter which network you use or which files you download with CyberGhost VPN.

Get online protection with CyberGhost VPN

Iron-Clad Encryption

Cyberghost VPN offers complete digital security

Ultimate Leak Prevention

Somebody’s always watching on the internet. Data leaks are a nightmare for any internet user, and it’s critical to plug leaks if you’re torrenting. Otherwise, your ISP (internet service provider) and other third parties will know what you download.

When you use the internet your information gets recorded on your ISP’s DNS (Domain Name System) servers. This allows your ISP to see what you’re doing, even if you’re taking all the possible security steps.

CyberGhost VPN is the best way to plug leaks. Unlike other VPNs, we have our own DNS servers, so your history never gets shared with your ISP. When you use our VPN, we’ll hide your data completely. Check out our quarterly Transparency Report to see the steps we take to keep you safe.

Get CyberGhost VPN for uTorrent and lose the worries about data leaks!

Sometimes when you start a torrent, you’ll watch the estimated time jump from a few hours to a few days, to even more! Sound familiar? Torrenting can be slow, and a VPN without fast speeds will make it even worse.

At CyberGhost VPN, we’re constantly upgrading our infrastructure with cutting-edge VPN protocols to give you lightning-fast speeds. We’ve even optimized our servers for torrenting. That way you can download without taking a performance cut.

Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN to get fast speeds and stable connections. Our servers aren’t just torrent optimized—they’re also streaming and gaming optimized!

Connect to CyberGhost VPN in just one click

Lightning-Fast Download Speeds

CyberGhost VPN comes with a killswitch

Automatic Kill Switch

The internet is finicky. You can randomly have systems or applications cut out. If you’re using a VPN and it cuts out, your info will be instantly exposed to whoever’s watching. While torrenting, that’s a huge problem.

CyberGhost’s servers have a built-in Kill Switch, a critical uTorrent VPN setting. If the VPN connection ever stops, our Kill Switch will automatically disconnect your internet connection. This blocks any connection and prevents your identity from leaking out.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our Kill Switch will secure your traffic, even during a software error. Experience complete anonymity with our risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee.

Lesser VPNs like to impose bandwidth caps, limiting how much you can stream or download through their servers. A bandwidth cap for a uTorrent VPN won't work since torrent files can be huge. CyberGhost VPN gives you the ultimate torrenting tool kit.

Don’t let your VPN make the rules for you. Enjoy unlimited downloads with no bandwidth limits or data caps. Download whatever you want, whenever you want without worrying about an arbitrary restriction holding you back.

Unlimited bandwidth also means you can stream or game as much as you want. Become a Ghostie and leave the restrictions behind!

Download files safely and anonymously with CyberGhost VPN

No Bandwidth Caps

Proxy vs. VPN: Which Is More Secure?

Proxies are often suggested as an alternative to a VPN. A proxy is an intermediate server between users and content access. Like a VPN, proxy servers change your IP address. This allows you to access content in different countries and hide your location.

That’s where the similarities end. Proxies don’t have encryption, so even though your IP address is different, your data isn’t secured. Proxies are also less flexible. They’re more difficult to set up and have only one server. You won’t get access to thousands of servers like you will with a VPN.

Overall, a VPN is just better.

Hides your IP address ✔️✔️
Encrypts your data ✔️
Has multiple servers ✔️
Optimized for torrenting ✔️

Should I Get a Dedicated IP for Torrenting?

Looking for ultimate internet security? A dedicated IP address is for you.
CyberGhost VPN servers are absolutely secure. That said, when you connect to a server, you’ll share the same IP address as any other user. This can be a security concern.
Add a dedicated IP address to your CyberGhost VPN subscription and you’ll get a unique IP address only you can use.
You won’t need a dedicated IP address in most cases. Sometimes, having one is the right move if you’re torrenting a lot, using your computer as a virtual work machine, or a journalist protecting your sources.
It’s simple enough. Invest in a dedicated IP address from CyberGhost VPN if you want extra safety measures!


No, as long as you aren’t downloading copyright material. Torrenting is just a way to exchange files between peers. If you use it to illegally download copyright material, you’ll break local laws. Reach out to our 24/7 customer support team for further questions about using CyberGhost as your uTorrent VPN.

Yes! Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN to get the best torrenting tool kit. CyberGhost VPN’s servers automatically encrypt your traffic and change your IP address. Nobody on the P2P network will know where you are or be able to access your data. That said, ensure to scan any files you torrent for malware. We can protect you while downloading the files but can’t ensure the safety of the files themselves.

No, using a free VPN is a bad idea. Free VPNs don’t have strong security. They can’t encrypt your data, leaving you open to cybercriminals. They also won’t have a No-Logs policy and will collect your information while you use their servers. Download CyberGhost VPN for ultimate torrent safety, and enjoy our strict No Logs policy. We’ll never record what you do on our servers.

uTorrent has apps for any Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android device. uTorrent isn’t currently available on iOS. CyberGhost VPN has apps for each of these devices to keep you safe while torrenting. See how much you can download with our risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee.

Yes! OpenVPN gives you an extra security layer when you use uTorrent. CyberGhost VPN lets you customize your protection with OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard® protocols. Combined with our iron-clad encryption, you’ll have cutting-edge protection while torrenting.

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With a first-class fleet of servers in 100 countries, we give you blazing-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. No more buffering, ISP throttling, or proxy errors with our VPN connection.

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  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocols
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Fast VPN speeds
  • Up to 7 devices protected simultaneously
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