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Being transparent about teams is not common practice in the VPN industry.

But we're leading by example and always reaching higher. And hey, ghosts are supposed to be see-through, right? Read on and find out more about us, the digital freedom fighters behind CyberGhost!

2011 Arrow Down
  • Founded in Bucharest, Romania
  • Off to a great start: 67 servers, 67,000 users
  • Became the first VPN company ever to publish a Transparency Report
2014 Arrow Down
  • Kept on growing, moved to a bigger space
  • Provided 30,000 premium licenses to Turkish citizens
  • Built our own data center through a crowdfunding campaign
2015 Arrow Down
  • Began our affiliation program
  • Launched a business accelerator focusing on cybersecurity startups
  • Threw some fabulous company parties in a penthouse
2016 Arrow Down
  • Held training sessions at a school in Bucharest, educating young minds on internet safety
  • Had yet another legendary Halloween party
  • Went wild at Domeniile Știrbei in a team building
2017 Arrow Down
  • The Bucharest team got even bigger, so we moved offices again
  • Rollo, the basset hound, started coming in every day
  • Outdid ourselves on Halloween, with EVERYONE in full costumes
2018 Arrow Down
  • Added a brand-new support team in beautiful Manila
  • The office basement became FIFA© central for our guys
  • Launched the new suite of CyberGhost 7.0
2019 Arrow Down
  • Expanded & redecorated our offices
  • Had some great pool parties and team buildings
  • Launched our new educational initiative, The Privacy Hub
2020 Arrow Down
  • We celebrated the launch of CyberGhost 8 and took a lot of pride in everything we achieved.
  • Our industry-first token-based Dedicated IP hit the market.
  • We offered free keys to the people of Belarus to fight against internet shutdowns.

44°26’39.0”N 26°06’04.7”E

Panama? Seychelles? Those are just holiday destinations for us.

Incorporated in 2011, we're in the heart of Bucharest, in privacy-friendly Romania. But since we do have German roots, most of our development team works their magic from Aachen in Deutschland.

If you’re ever in need of assistance, you might reach someone from our Romanian office or interact with one of our Customer Support specialists located in Manila.

Stumbled upon an ad of ours? Our excellent team from Tel Aviv, Israel, worked on it.

No ruff days here

We operate from a place of optimism, with a can-do attitude. We're driven, passionate, enjoy our work and always strive to deliver you a top-notch VPN solution.

And anyway, it would be challenging to stay frowny in an office where several dogs come visiting every day. Rollo is our main boy, and he doesn't seem to mind that some of us have pictures of our beloved cats as screen savers.

Other things keeping upbeat around the office? Our seemingly never-ending stream of sweets, Happy Fridays in the basement, ping pong, and FIFA© tournaments.

Hobbies make our world go round

Hearing about finishing a 35 kilometers hike through Norway’s mountains or discussing lazy days spent on a Caribbean beach is not uncommon in our office. We like to step away from our keyboards as often as possible, and we truly enjoy our days off.

Avid travelers | Adrenaline junkies | Major bookworms | Theater buffs | Sneakerheads | Professional gamers | Professional photographers | Movie producers | Med School graduates | Cooks | Professional athletes | Cyclists | Tennis players | Snowboarders | Bikers | Skateboarders

We're all here at CyberGhost, brought together by our love for cybersecurity, united under a common credo: as long you’re online, your privacy should be uncompromised.

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